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  A Picture Book Without Pictures
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As Sarah browsed at the many books that stood upon the shelves of the local library, she noticed an old looking book high on the top shelf. On tip toe she reached up to take it down.
It was strange, for as she began to look at the book she realised that the cover was blank, it had a plain white cover with no title, turning the book over she could see that the back was plain too.
Curiously Sarah opened the book to see inside, on the front page were written the words, 'A picture book without pictures.'
Sarah's first thoughts were, 'how can you have a picture book with no pictures?'
She sat down on the nearby window seat in the library and began to read the curious book that she had found.
Imagine you're standing at the seaside looking out to sea.
There are many people on the beach.
Striped deck chairs and coloured parasols line the golden brown sand. There are children playing ball games and building sand castles, decorating them with the many shells they have found on the beach. Others are running in and out of the surf, some are swimming in the waves of the deep blue sea; it makes a crashing sound as it rolls onto the beach and then that shushing sound as it draws back out again. The sun shines across the ocean, which reflects the light making pretty patterns as it dances across the waves. There is the playful sound of laughter and children screaming and shouting as they enjoy the sun and the sea.
To the left there are donkey rides, there are three, no, four donkeys in a line walking with several paces between them, there are small children riding on their backs smiling and waving to their parents as they watch the donkeys plod past.
Now turn, behind you there is a white painted cafe where there are tables and chairs standing outside, the tables are covered with red clothes and a small vase of flowers on each one for display. Many people are sitting chatting and having refreshments, teas, coffees and soft drinks. There is a faint sound of chinking teacups and murmur of soft voices. One family are tucking into some ice cream cones, it looks like their youngest has got in a bit of a mess as the mother tries to wipe her face. There is an elderly couple having a fresh pot of tea while their little dog sits quietly under the table in the shade out of the hot sun. As you look around you notice the cars driving slowly past, the occupants in these cars bump up and down in their seats as they negotiate the chevron painted speed ramps in the road. They try not to scrape their exhaust pipes in the process. They are driving so slowly pedestrians are able to dodge between them to cross the road.
As you walk further along the Promenade, which is decorated with colourful flags strung from lamp-post to lamp-post, they flap in the sea breeze making a tuneful beating sound.
You then notice the pier; it reaches out to sea on huge stilts, semi submerged with the sea lapping around them.
On the pier is a small fair, there is a carousel all brightly painted, yellow, gold and red. The horses bob up and down in time to the music carrying their riders around and around. They all look happy and wave to their family and friends who are taking photographs as they pass them by. The amusement arcade is buzzing, the noise is deafening; the slot machines are jingling and jangling, the sound of racing cars, sirens, guns and explosions. There are lights flashing all around, the wheels spin and flash on the one armed bandits as the pundits put in their money hoping for a big pay out. In the door way is a laughing policeman puppet who rolls around with laughter every time someone walks past.
Back outside are the small stalls, the coconut shy's and the rifle range, all adorned with cuddly toys waiting for that lucky winner. You can hear the thudding of wooden balls as they hit the back of the stall after a near miss and the ping, ping of the rifle pellets hitting the metal targets.
"Knock down ten and you win a prize." shouts the stallholder.
At the end of the pier there are fishermen fishing for mackerel, their rods all lined up leaning against the railings, waiting in anticipation of that first catch. Some elderly people are sitting quietly just gazing out to sea.
Back on the Promenade stands the Ferris wheel, it is tall and almost touches the sky, as the cradles reach the top and go over they rock making the passengers scream and cheer.
Back on the ground there is a Punch and Judy show going on, its mini theatre with its distinctive red and white stripes housing the puppeteer. Many children are sitting or kneeling, captivated by this wonderful old puppet show, they clap, cheer, laugh and giggle with excitement at Mr. Punch.
Further along the beach you can see a neat line of beach huts, all customized by their owners, all different, brightly painted in summery colours. There are green, red, pink, blue, yellow orange, some are even striped. The proud owners sit outside them in their deck chairs, some laying on rugs, most are picnicking with sandwiches and tea, all enjoying the sun which still shines brightly in the sky.
To the end of the beach is the fish and chip shop, the smell of those fish and chips, it makes you real hungry!
You just have to have fish and chips when you go to the seaside.
There is a queue of people waiting patiently outside in the street, it looks popular, well, I am not surprised.
As the customers come out with their fish and chips, which should always be covered with plenty of salt and vinegar and wrapped in paper, they look for a bench to sit upon to eat their food, nothing better than eating fish and chips out of the paper!
As Sarah turned the next page the story changed somewhat, to another scene.
Imagine you're standing in the middle of a busy city centre.
Just at that point, Sarah heard a quiet voice.
"Excuse me Miss but the library is about to close," said the librarian.
Sarah acknowledged this.
Wanting to continue reading the curious book, she made her way to the exit to show her library card and have the book stamped.
Whilst she was waiting she realised that indeed a picture book without pictures was what she was actually reading, she had pictured the pictures in her own mind whilst reading.
So do you see how you can have a picture book without pictures, Sarah certainly can.
The End


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