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  A Tale Of Three Friends
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Once upon a time there lived three girls in a beautiful kingdom.
The three were orphans and complemented each other well in their life styles.
One girl among them was a great beauty, one was very clever and the other was an extremely brave girl.
They were named Ella, Bertie and Audrey respectively.
Despite their differences all three were kind and good humored.
Ella took care of the household chores, Audrey went hunting for food and Bertie sold the game they caught for a very good price.
Thus they had no problems and their lives were going smoothly.
One day Ella received an invitation from the King to a ball that he was holding to find a wife for his son.
It said that all the great beauties of the Kingdom were welcome to the ball.
Ella threw the invitation away saying that she would never attend a ball to which her friends were not invited and she started to prepare dinner.
The other two girls knew for sure that there is no beauty compared to their friend Ella.
They thought that it was the best chance for their friend to find a good life for herself.
They convinced her to attend the ball, saying that if she became a queen it would be good for all three of them.
With heavy heart Ella agreed.
Bertie tried in every way to make Ella look as beautiful as possible, to make sure she attracted the prince's attention.
Audrey took her to the ball on her horse and waited for her outside.
After a few hours Ella came out very happy and said that the prince wanted to meet her tomorrow at her home.
She said that the prince was a handsome and good natured young man and she fell in love with him immediately.
Both the girls were very happy to hear it and they started to make all the arrangements for the prince's visit.
They were waiting for the prince when a very dirty looking man came to their house.
The girls were shocked but asked him what he wanted.
The man looked around and asked for Ella's hand in marriage.
He threatened that if she refused he would harm himself.
Ella became scared and Audrey angrily tried to chase him away, but Bertie stopped them and asked him what he did for living.
He said that he was a beggar.
Bertie looked him for a moment and said, "You are a weak man, how could you marry a beauty like Ella. What you need is a clever girl who could make a living for you.
So I'll marry you but only if you promise me to stop begging."
The man seemed surprised and looked at Bertie for few minutes and said, "You are not bad, I'll marry you and also promise you that I will stop begging."
"Okay, you can leave for now since we are expecting a Prince.
It wouldn't be nice if he saw a man with us, so please come back tomorrow and I will marry you and can have this kiss as a token," Bertie said and placed a kiss on his cheek.
The man was very happy and left the house singing.
Again they waited for the prince but a terrible looking man came in.
He said that the beautifully decorated house had attracted his attention and he came here to steal from it.
But after seeing a great beauty like Ella, he wanted to marry her.
If she didn't go with him he threatened to burn the whole house down.
Audrey looked at the man, he seemed too big for her to handle so she went close to him and said, "Ella is a very soft girl, she can't run and hide with you if you are chased. So I will marry you, but only if you promise to change your profession to hunting."
"Ah... there, I like a brave girl who volunteers to marry a thug.
You are pretty too so I'll accept your proposal to marry you instead of the beauty, and hunting is not bad either," he said.
Grabbing Audrey he tried to leave the house.
Audrey pushed him aside and said, "It's an important day for my friend so please leave us today. Tomorrow I'll come with you, so have this kiss and leave."
The thug looked satisfied and left the house pledging to come back.
They waited all day long and in the evening there came three handsome looking young men.
Seeing them Ella cried in happiness, she went forward and hugged the man in the middle.
She introduced him to her friends as the prince they were expecting.
The other young men looked at the other two girls and said,
"Were you not surprised to see your lovers, you just today promised to marry us, did you forget?"
The girls were confused and looked at each other.
The elegant looking man then came and took Bertie hands saying, "I'm a Scholar myself and am happy to have a clever, as well as a lovely girl, by my side."
He kissed her hands.
The strong built man then came and hugged Audrey saying, "There there, my sweet looking brave girl. How I longed for a girl to be brave."
Ella laughed and said to the prince, "You certainly keep your promise my dear but I never thought you would fulfill it this soon."
She turned to the still confused girls.
"My dears, how could I leave you alone; marry the prince and go away.
Thus I demanded that I would marry him only if my friends find true love, and he promised he would do all he could."
The prince looked at the girls and said, "I fell completely in love when I looked at Ella and begged her to marry me.
But she insisted on her friends having a good life.
I think you are both very lucky to have a friend like her, but now I know all three of you were lucky and deserve to have a friend like each other, after seeing how you tried to save each other.
These two men are my friends and rulers of nearby nations.
They were both determined not to marry anyone.
When I asked them to help they were reluctant and came here only to play pranks, but never expected they would fall in love."
"How could we not after seeing these rare precious girls," they both said.
Each prince took their loves hand and danced till dawn.
The three girls married their princes, remained friends, and lived happily ever after.

The End

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