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The sweet and melodious chirping of birds, the splashing sound of river and the idyllic scenery at morning time in the village gives the feeling of heaven.
One starts loving nature by seeing the huge mountains, flowing river and lush greenery everywhere.
A girl named Asma lived happily in her village named Awi.
She was a lovely and courageous girl, about 16 years old.
One day, when she got up early, she saw that all of the leaves on the trees in her garden had turned yellow. All of the trees were desiccated.
She became worried about what was happening this spring.
She went outside and saw that the vision of heaven in her village has changed into hell.
All the villagers were shocked at the sight of the village
But the most shocking thing was that all the children had disappeared from their homes, so all of the parents were very frightened.
Everyone decided that they must do something to solve this problem.
Talking amongst themselves it was decided that they would ask the 'Fairy Man' to help them and give them a solution to this problem.
When Asma heard this she asked about the 'Fairy Man'.
The villagers told her the story about him, 'he is a man who has fairies living and working for him.'
When the Fairy Man came to their village, and saw everything that had happened, he told them that this whole tragedy had happened because of the cruel witches.
A man asked why the witches had taken their children.
The fairy man replied that they wanted to upset the villagers and forcibly make them their slaves.
The words of the Fairy Man did not sound pleasant to Asma.
The Fairy Man also said that the person who would be able to defeat the witches must be brave, courageous, smart and have passion to do something for mankind.
So many people bragged about themselves.
The very next day a group assembled and left for the mountainside where the witches lived.
Five days passed and there was no sign of anyone returning from the territory of the witches.
The women were crying for their loved ones.
At that point Asma felt that she should do something to help the villagers.
She made a decision, that she would make the journey towards the witches and danger.
She did not tell anyone about her decision.
That night, when all the people were sleeping, she left her home and rode her bicycle towards the gigantic mountains.
She was aware that it was not going to be an easy job, but somehow she gathered her courage and the only thing in her mind was that she had to help her villagers and bring greenery back from the evil witches.
It took almost two days to reach the mountainside where the witches lived. When she was on her way, the Fairy Man sent a magical sword and a magical spell for her, delivered by his fairies.
The fairy told her that this magical spell will make her invisible, but it will work only outside the palace of the queen witch.
She read the spell 'Macono-Bagano' and then entered the valley of the witches.
She was amazed by the scenery there.
It was a place with no greenery, one can see darkness everywhere.
Witches were flying around on their brooms, but fortunately Asma was invisible to them.
She cleverly managed to hide from the guard witches.
Then she reached the palace and when she entered, she saw the villagers who left her village five days before her, all were working there like slaves.
In there was a room and when she entered, there was an old lady sitting there.
She told Asma her story, how she was captured by the witches when she was young and still worked as their slave.
Asma told the lady about her mission.
The lady told her that the only way to destroy all the witches and this magical valley is to destroy the green tree which is on the top of the palace. She also said that the witches took greenery from everywhere in order to give it to their tree.
This is because the tree contained the life of the 'Queen Witch' and the life of all the other witches is related to the life of queen witch.
She said that she was not allowed to move out of the room so Asma started her walk to the top of the palace where the tree was.
Unfortunately, the time of the invisible spell was over.
Asma did not remember the spell so she was seen by some guard witches at the top of the stairs.
They moved towards her but she struck them with her sword.
The witches were killed and vanquished by Asma's magical sword.
She then started running towards the top of the palace.
When she reached the top she saw a huge one eyed giant, who was the guard of the green life tree.
She had never seen anything uglier than this giant, and she felt herself as small as an ant in front of him.
When she went towards the tree the creature saw her and attacked her. She was helpless, her sword was not a good weapon to beat the giant.
There was a broom stick laying there so she sat on it and started flying.
She felt great and saw a bow hanging on the wall, so she flew towards it with the giant running after her.
She took the bow from that wall and shot the creature in his eye with her arrow.
She was happy because the giant lost its eye, and without its eye it cannot do anything.
Then Asma moved towards the green tree to destroy it.
When she looked behind her she saw many witches coming towards her with rage in their eyes, but Asma flew towards the tree.
There were only feet between her and the witches, when she hit the tree hard with her magical sword.
The tree started dying. With the desiccation of the tree the witches met their end.
She closed her eyes for a minute, but when she opened them again she saw that she was lying on green grass.
She could now smell the sweet fragrance of flowers and can hear the melodious chirping of birds.
She realised that she has beaten the witches and the magical land.
Because of her, the children and the villagers were back in their village. Everyone was praising her and showing appreciation of her bravery by calling;


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