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  Brittany And The Big Blue Butterfly
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It all began on a bright May morning, when Brittany saw a blue butterfly sitting on a Sunflower.
She moved toward him quietly so as not to scare him off.
"My name is Bufferty, some call me Big Blue."
Brittany stared at the butterfly. "Are you talking to me?"
"Of course."
"Where did you come from?"
"The land of flowers."
"Where is that?"
"It is very close."
"Can people go there?"
"Come, I will take you."
Brittany followed Bufferty through the vine-covered arbor where she became small and he became big.
"Welcome to Forever Flower Land Brittany," said a flower fairy.
"I am Budina, Bufferty's rider, and you are our special guest."
"Hi, Budina, thanks for inviting me, I've never been a guest before."
"Bufferty will escort you around and answer your questions."
"Let's fly," said her winged buddy.
Brittany oohed and aahed at the flower gardens below.
She wished her mother could see the spectacular sights.
They flew low over the Love in a Mist.
"What is their sound?"
"They sound like lutes."
"Do all flowers make sounds?"
"Some flowers are not yet ready for Caretakers."
Bufferty explained how the Butterflies and Fairies became Caretakers to help flowers flourish.
"How do you become a Caretaker?"
"P & C."
"P & C?"
"Yes, passion and commitment."
Instantly Brittany knew she wanted to be a Caretaker.
"Hold on tight!" Bufferty shouted.
The wind blew them straight into the Thistle Stickle.
The thistles bent toward Brittany and Bufferty, and hissed at them.
"Let us go!" said Brittany, "please!"
The thistles pricked them.
"Ouch!" said Brittany.
"Ouch!" said Bufferty.
The hissing grew louder.
"I learned a song about flowers in school."
Bufferty nodded.
She sang, "Little flowers growing tall, smelling sweet you give your all."
The hissing stopped.
She continued, "Your beauty blooms for all to see, perfect flowers wild and free."
The pricking stopped.
One by one the thistles showed off their pink and white blossoms.
"They are ready to flourish," said Bufferty.
"This is incredible, they sound like harps," said Brittany.
A thistle dropped a white puffball in Brittany's hand.
She raised her hand and let the breeze carry the seeds away.
"Avoid the Dandelion Roar," said Bufferty.
"They're upset, too?" asked Brittany.
"Sorry to say they are, see you later."
Brittany skipped down a pebbled path, where fog enveloped her.
Dandelions wrapped themselves around her waist, squeezing and pulling her into the patch, as they growled at her.
"Let go of me, please!"
The dandelions squeezed tighter.
She sang her song again but nothing happened.
The growling grew louder.
'Think! I know most people don't like dandelions.' "You are not weeds to me," she said.
The growling stopped.
Brittany remembered what her mother said to her sunflowers every morning and said, "Your yellow flowers brighten my day."
The squeezing stopped.
One by one, the dandelions showed off their golden-yellow blossoms.
"There you are," said Bufferty, "they are ready to flourish too. I am flabbergasted."
"What is their sound?"
"They sound like lyres."
A dandelion brushed against Brittany's arm. She rubbed the oil on her hands.
Budina greeted their return with a smile.
"Tell me about your adventure."
"Brittany was brilliant," said Bufferty, "the thistles and dandelions opened up to her."
Brittany blushed.
Budina held Brittany's hands. "You have discovered your gift, I am happy for you."
'Maybe caretaking only works here,' thought Brittany.
As if reading her mind Budina said, "You can be a Caretaker anywhere, in this place or another."
"Look," said Budina, "butterfly Riders, thanks to you they can now care for the thistles and dandelions."
The Riders soared by and waved.
"Breathtaking," said Brittany.
"The next time you visit us," said Budina, "you will meet them."
"And by next time, I will try to teach a butterfly to talk."
Budina and Bufferty laughed.
Brittany perked her ear. "I hear Mother calling."
"Only a mother's call can cross worlds." said Budina.
Once airborne Brittany said, "I think the thistles and dandelions need new names."
"Like what?"
She hesitated.
Brittany blurted out, "Thistle Thrill and Dandelion Delight."
They traveled back through the arbor.
Bufferty settled on her hand and said "The Caretakers of Forever Flower Land thank you."
Brittany watched Bufferty flutter away.
"Goodbye, Big Blue."
A few seconds later faint words found her ears: "Thrill...Delight."
Her mother saw her coming.
"Talking to somebody?"
"A butterfly."
Mother understood. "If only they could talk to us."
Brittany and her mother whistled while they weeded and watered the flower bed.
"The flowers look especially healthy today," said her mother.
"Rat a tat, rat a tat, rat a tat tat tat."
"It's coming from those purple flowers," said Brittany.
"The drum sticks," said mother.
"Listen," whispered Brittany.
They heard bluebells ringing, violas bowing, and trumpet flowers tooting.
Open mouthed, her mother sat down.
"They flourish because we are their Caretakers, we have P & C."
"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."
Brittany embraced her. "I'll tell you the whole story later."
"I have never thought of flowers as being happy or sad before," said her mother, "But now, suddenly, they seem very happy."
Brittany knew exactly what she meant.
"We should add some more flowers."
"Like what?"
Brittany giggled.
"Some thistles and dandelions would be dandy."
The End

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