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  Chef Mimis Magical Soup Kitchen And Charm School
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Children's Story: by
Chef Mimi's Magical Soup Kitchen and Charm School
Children's Story: by
Chapter 1: Walter Meets Chef Mimi.
A low-slung, long black car crept into a dark alley then stopped without a sound.
It was a cold wet night. The rain, fierce at times, pelted the alley hard.
A man, dressed all in black, threw a half-starved old dog out into the cold wet alley.
It was dark in the alley, but the street light shone right where the big black car was parked.
The man had an ugly snarl on his face and his squinty eyes glinted darkly from under his black cap.
The big, black car sped away with a long squeal.
The old dog heard the driver yell "Good riddance!" and then the dog was alone.
The old dog was named Walter.
No one had called him by his name in a long time, but he had often been called a good-for-nothing worthless old mutt.
Walter tried to push himself up to walk, but promptly fell right back down.
He tried to get up again, but he just didn't have the strength to move.
He was hungry and weak; his stomach grumbled.
His low moan turned to a soft sigh as he closed his eyes; he dreamed of happier days.
Back then Lucinda, the maid, would take him for long walks in the park. He would run and chase butterflies. He had fun and Lucinda took good care of him; she would pet him and give him big kisses, but his owner, Jessa Belle, never petted him, instead, she yelled at him and sometimes kicked him.
Jessa Belle was very wealthy. One day, she fired Lucinda because Lucinda was going to the University.
Jessa Belle wanted Lucinda close in case she needed her.
Lucinda asked if she could take Walter; but Jessa Belle just laughed and said no.
That was a sad day for Walter, and Lucinda too.
Walter got older and the hair on his chin turned grey, that's when Jessa Belle wanted to get rid of him. She thought he was worthless. She told her chauffeur to drive the dog to the other side of the city and dump the old flea bag.
He was cold and wet, but he didn't have enough energy to even shiver.
His mean owner hadn't given Walter any food for days; she said it would just be a waste of good food.
What was he to do now? Who would take care of him?
He really missed Lucinda. He sniffed the air, hoping to find some answers to his questions
'What was that?' thought Walter. The old dog opened his eyes and looked all around.
There was nothing there but a big dumpster and some old trash cans.
Then he saw it, it was the biggest and ugliest brown rat he had ever seen. The rat's eyes were a dark red. Walter felt a sudden chill; he noticed that the rat had black wings. . .
'Wait a minute. A red eyed rat with black wings?? I must be dreaming.' thought Walter.
Walter heard the rat say in a raspy voice, "I will be seeing you again Walter."
There was a loud POP! Then the rat disappeared.
He heard another tiny whisper, "Walter, up here, look up here."
The old dog didn't want to look, he was afraid it would be the rat.
But the little voice said again, "Walter, up here, look up here."
Walter finally looked up to find out where that tiny sound was coming from.
The voice surprised him because this was the second time he had heard his name in years.
A little dog with wings was floating just above his head.
At first Walter couldn't believe his eyes. 'What could that be?' he thought.
Even more amazing was what he saw.
It was a tiny brown dog wearing a white chef's hat!
This was no ordinary dog by any means; it also had wings and carried a long handled wooden cooking spoon.
He had never seen anything like it.
'Oh my' thought Walter. Is my life coming to an end? Is this real or am I seeing things? A brown rat with wings and a tiny brown dog with wings, oh my!'
Then he heard a second Pop! Pop!
He looked up just in time to see the little canine fairy disappear.
In its place he saw five tiny blue stars right where the fairy had been.
'Where did the dog in the chef's hat go?' Walter wondered. 'And why are there little stars up above me?'
As if in answer to his question something floated down to him.
At first it looked like a leaf, but it wasn't a leaf. No, it was a business card.
The card read:
Chef Mimi's Magical Soup Kitchen and Charm School.
Where every dog finds his purpose in life.
Address: Just Across the Street
The old dog was bewildered, he wondered what it meant. He opened his eyes wide so he could see clearer.
Then he noticed the sign just across the street.
With the new bright lights now shining all along the alley Walter could see the sign clearly.
It said: Chef Mimi's Magical Soup Kitchen and Charm School.
"I didn't see that sign before." he mumbled.
The old dog tried to push himself up, but he couldn't. His bones creaked as he fell back down.
The frigid rain drizzled over his frail skinny body.
"I think I'll just lie here for a while," he said. "I'm very tired right now."
Then the tiny voice spoke again, a little louder this time.
"Come on Walter, you can do it, I know you can do it."
He looked up and saw the sign across the street and thought he must be dreaming.
The sign read, Come on Walter you can do it. Come on Walter you can do it.
He put one leg out and then the other as he crawled toward the Soup Kitchen.
The more he crawled, the stronger he felt.
The tiny voice kept saying, "You can do it. You can do it. Not much further. Not much further."
Walter listened. He believed the tiny voice. So he inched his way to the door
...The door opened wide.
Chapter 2: Chef Mimi's Soup Kitchen
"Welcome to Chef Mimi's Soup Kitchen!"
He was welcomed by a white dog wearing a plaid jacket and a bow tie.
Walter sniffed the air; he smelled such wonderful aromas that filled the amazing room.
He spotted many dogs laughing, eating, and playing dominoes.
He had never been to a place like this before; it looked too good to be true.
'Was he dreaming again?' he wondered.
The white dog in the plaid jacket spoke. "My Name is Mister Casper and we have been expecting you.
I know you must be very hungry, but before you eat you must first dry off.
Right now you're dripping water all over my clean floor."
Mister Casper led Walter into the drying room where he quickly dried off.
Then he showed Walter to the dining room where bowls of fresh water lined the wooden table.
There were several other dogs at the table too.
Mister Casper said, "I'm the manager here at Mimi's Soup Kitchen. Eating comes first, then you can get cleaned up. As soon as you finish eating you can take a bath and be groomed. Teri the Terrier will fetch your food now." Mister Casper didn't wait for an answer, he turned on one paw and left.
In less than a minute Teri the Terrier appeared wearing a blue and yellow apron.
She brought Walter a steaming hot bowl of stew; the fragrant aroma was wonderful, just sniffing it made Walter's mouth water.
Jessa Belle had never fed him like this.
There were huge chunks of meaty bones, sweet parsnips, and peas swimming in a rich, thick broth.
'This could be the best place I have ever been.' thought Walter.
Even though his mind was somewhere else he heard Teri the Terrier say, "This hot stew should get the chill out of those old bones of yours."
And you know, it did.
Walter ate and ate. You could hear his slurping throughout the kitchen.
'When was the last time I ate?' Walter thought and thought, but he could not remember.
The stew bowl kept filling up until he was finally so stuffed he thought he might burst.
After he had his fill he met the other dogs at the table.
There was Hubba, a Hound Dog mix.
Hubba had a big head and a wrinkled face, he had big sad eyes. He wore a funny checkered vest with a brown pocket where he carried a big spy glass.
Hubba the Hound dog had been chained to an old wrecked car in his owner's backyard. He was left there without food or water.
When Chef Mimi found him, he was so skinny you could see his bones.
George was a handsome German Shepherd.
He had a long black nose, brown eyes, with large ears that stood straight up. His ears moved around in a circle when you talked to him. When he took a bite of food his jaws reminded Walter of scissors.
Walter wanted George to be his friend; he'd feel safe with George around.
Chef Mimi, the Canine Fairy, rescued George.
He had been left on the side of the road hurt and alone.
A car had hit him and the humans hadn't stopped to help.
Chef Mimi used a little magic, caring, and great food to nurse George the German Shepherd back to health. And now he was as good as new.
Petunia, the Pit Bull mix; Chef Mimi called her Petunia, the pretty pitty; had been in a shelter.
She only had three legs so no one wanted to adopt her, but Chef Mimi saw that Petunia was a sweet dog and would make a wonderful companion to a special little girl. Petunia looked like she was smiling all the time and she loved to dress-up. Today she wore an orange and red sundress with a rose on her collar.
'This is quite a group of misfit dogs,' thought Walter. 'I think I am going to like it here.'
He would soon find out that Chef Mimi, the Canine Fairy, had rescued them all, just as she had rescued him. She brought them to the Soup Kitchen and sent them upstairs to get groomed.
From there they'd go to charm school to learn manners; they would also learn their purpose in life.
George was the spokesman for the group.
He said, "Tomorrow we are going to meet our forever families and show them our special talents."
Hubba, the Hound Dog mix spoke next, "I'm a great sniffer. I'd like to work for the Police department to help find missing people by using my nose."
George, the German Shepherd, continued, "I'm loyal and protective, I want to be adopted by a family that needs me to guard their home."
Then there was little Petunia, the pretty pitty; she knew her greatest talent was listening.
"I can listen for hours and hours. I love children, it's fun to just sit and listen while they read."
Little Binky was a young tan and white basset hound puppy with freckles on his nose. He dashed up to the table and tripped over his long floppy velvety ears and hit the table so all the water bowls splashed on the dogs sitting there. Petunia's pretty orange and red dress was soaked and the rose on her collar fell over.
"Watch what you're doing squirt," growled George, the German Shepherd. "You are always making a mess."
Binky blinked back big tears, "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to spill water on everyone."
Petunia said, "It's alright Binky nothing was hurt. It's just water. It will dry."
Binky rubbed his eye with his paw, "I just want a little girl or boy to adopt me, too! I will be the best playmate ever. I can run, jump, and play ball. At night I can snuggle with them, keeping them warm and happy."
"As long as you don't break something." grumbled George the German Shepard.
Binky sniffed and wiped tears from his eyes, "I will try real hard not to break anything or knock something over. I will practice and practice."
Petunia turned to George and said, "Everyone makes mistakes, George, even you."
While Chef Mimi was on patrol flying over a playground she spied a brown grocery bag; the bag was moving. Being a curious fairy she flew down to take a closer look at the bag.
She heard a familiar sound from it; it was a little puppy crying.
She quickly touched the bag with her magic wooden spoon.
The bag became a soft little doggy bed holding a puppy drying his eyes.
The pup had the longest ears she had ever seen.
With the help of her magic spoon Chef Mimi flew back to her soup kitchen with her rescued puppy she named Binky.
Walter listened to all of their stories with amazement.
He wondered if he was too old to be useful to anyone; that made him so sad and a big tear rolled down his face.
Just then Mister Casper appeared at the table. "Walter, it's time for you to go to the grooming area and have a bath. Tomorrow you will go up to the charm school and meet Princess Posy, the Toy Poodle, she will teach you all about manners."
"Is she really a princess?" asked Walter.
"She is to me." smiled Mister Casper; his face turned a bright pink.
After gorging himself at dinner, Walter was full and he felt better.
It was great to have a full tummy, but he had never liked getting a bath.
Reluctantly he followed Mister Casper into the grooming room where he was washed and clipped.
As the attendants dried him off, he wondered why he deserved all of this attention.
The bath had energized him. He felt so good that he zoomed around the room like a rocket that had just been launched. He shook his whole body and proudly swished his bushy tail.
'Boy, this is the life!' thought Walter.
After his bath it was late, so Mister Casper showed Walter to his bedroom.
Blankets were piled high on his bed; he could curl up and keep warm all night; this was not like his old home. He was afraid he was still dreaming; what a wonderful, magical place.
He crawled into bed and fell into a deep restful sleep.
He dreamed of walking in a forest by a beautiful little pond with Lucinda.
There were big trees, squirrels, and brightly coloured birds.
Everything was peaceful and he was happier than he'd been since Lucinda left.
Chapter 3: An Unwelcome Visitor
Children's Story: by
Today is the 'Meet and Greet' for all the dogs in Princess Posy's graduating class.
They all wanted to find a forever family.
The kitchen was busy with all the preparations.
Chef Mimi ran the kitchen and would be catering all the food for the 'Meet and Greet'.
Her magical wooden spoon danced all over the stove, stirring pots filled with soup and stews, and rolling out dog cookies and making canapés for the humans.
Princess Posy's Charm School graduates would meet their new human families today.
She was so proud of her graduating class; she knew that all the dogs were special and would find their purpose and their forever homes.
Not too long ago Chef Mimi found Princess Posy huddled in a corner in a vacant building, clutching her tiara with all her might, she was dirty and scared.
Chef Mimi brought her back to the soup kitchen, she fed her and cleaned her up.
Princess Posy was a beautiful white toy poodle.
She had perfect manners.
In the past she had been a performer called Princess Posy, the Dancing Dog.
Then her human parent died.
That left her to be cared for by the mean housekeeper and her evil husband.
They took all the money Princess Posy made performing.
They locked her in one room and only let her out to dance for an audience and make money for them.
One night Princess Posy escaped; she ran so far away, she got lost; that is when Chef Mimi found her.
She asked Princess Posy to come and teach at her charm school.
She would teach canines how to have perfect manners and help them find their special talents and purpose in life.
Princess Posy jumped at the chance.
The reception hall for the 'Meet and Greet' was beautifully decorated.
The large table was overflowing with canapés and doggy cookies.
Princess Posy looked at her graduates, she was so proud of them.
She knew she had done a good job teaching them manners, and they all had exceptional talents.
Princess Posy smiled and asked, "Does everyone remember our motto?"
All the graduates puffed up their chests a little bit and replied, "Be kind and considerate to all humans and animals. Never fight and never bite."
The graduates were ready and excited to meet their new human families.
Little Binky, the young basset hound, had a special talent for being a loving companion and playmate.
As always he was so excited he could barely keep still.
He had been practising all of his commands, like sit, shake hands, and stay.
He had big brown eyes, little short legs, and extra-long ears.
Would any child love him?
He hoped a family with a little boy or girl would take him home.
He knew he would be a good dog for them; he would always be faithful, if only he could be adopted.
Princess Posy greeted everyone as they arrived for the 'Meet and Greet'.
The humans walked in and saw all the well-groomed and well behaved dogs.
Princess Posy gave the command to sit, all the dogs obeyed immediately.
Then they offered their paws for the humans to shake.
The humans smiled and laughed.
They oohed and ahhed as they inspected all the well-mannered dogs.
There was a beautiful little girl at the back of the room, she had black curly hair with a bright yellow bow that sat right on top of her head.
When she turned, her big black eyes spotted Binky; she ran right over to him.
His whole body wiggled because he was so happy.
The little girl put her arms around Binky's neck and yelled, "Mommy, mommy, can we please take Binky home? I love him."
Her mother simply said, "We'll see sweetheart. He is a cute dog."
Chef Mimi had told the police department about Hubba the Hound dog's superior sniffing ability.
So Officer DoGood from the K-9 department had come to meet Hubba the Hound Dog.
Everything was going as planned.
Princess Posy went to the middle of the room, straightened her tiara, smiled with pride and said,
"Now is the time for the dogs to show you their manners and their talents."
The room became very quiet; all eyes were on the dogs.
However, no one was prepared for what happened next.
Princess Posy told the dogs to sit, they all sat. Then the strangest thing happened.
The dogs rolled over on their backs and acted like they were running in the air.
"Oh, No!" shrieked Princess Posy, putting her dainty little paws to her face. "What is happening?"
She tried to stay calm and asked the dogs to shake hands.
This time they all barked loudly and ran in circles, chasing their tails.
"This is terrible!" Princess Posy shouted, "Stay." But they didn't stay, instead they all scooted across the carpet on their bottoms.
Children's Story: by
"Oh my, this is not polite at all," remarked Princess Posy. "What has happened to the dogs?"
She couldn't understand, they had all been perfectly trained.
Princess Posy was so upset her tiara slipped and was hanging off one ear; she was embarrassed.
Just then she heard a little giggle. "What was that?" she asked.
The little girl's mother grabbed her daughter's hand. "It's time to go," she said "we will find another little dog with better manners."
"No Mommy, I want Binky."
"Come on honey, we have to go now," said the mother.
Then one by one all the humans left; even Officer DoGood of the Police Department shook his head and walked out of the door.
The canine graduates were crushed; they had worked so hard.
Just then Chef Mimi, the little Canine Fairy, floated into the room.
She asked what had happened and Princess Posy told her the sad story.
That gave Chef Mimi an idea; "I bet Flame caused the trouble, she's a naughty feline fairy. Sometimes she does things like this just for fun."
Chef Mimi looked up at the ceiling and called, "Flame, where are you?"
Flame tried to hide, but Chef Mimi saw two yellow eyes peering over the open doorway, then a fluffy orange tail swished.
"Flame, I know where you are, show yourself."
Chef Mimi waved her magic wooden spoon and ....
Poof!! Flame, the Feline Fairy suddenly appeared.
"I was just having a little fun; I didn't mean to run all the humans off. You'd think they would have a better sense of humour." said Flame, pouting a little.
Then she looked down and played with her fluffy orange tail. "I'm sorry." she whispered.
Then Binky started to cry. Chef Mimi fluttered over to Binky. "I know you're disappointed but you will find the perfect family, that's my promise to you.
All the dogs in this room will all find their forever homes, I will see to it. Don't worry about Flame, that naughty feline fairy, she will help you and not cause you any more trouble.
Isn't that right Flaaaaame?"
"I guess so." muttered Flame as she chewed on her tail.
Chapter 4: Walter finds his talent
Upstairs Walter was just getting up.
He had never slept so long or so well; he felt invigorated, he was a new dog.
He looked in the mirror and saw a different dog than the old Walter; he looked sharp.
For the first time in a long time he felt happy to be alive.
He stuck out his chest and marched down to the dining room to have a little breakfast and visit with the other dogs.
Wonderful smells were coming from the kitchen.
Walter couldn't wait, but what he saw when he reached the dining room was a room full of unhappy grumpy dogs.
He sat with Hubba, the Hound dog, George, the German Shepherd, and Petunia, the pretty pitty.
They told him what had happened and that they didn't get adopted.
George said, "All the humans left; it was all that naughty Feline Fairy Flame's fault."
Walter just lowered his head, he felt so sorry for the other dogs.
They had all worked so hard to be the best workers and companions to humans they could be.
Today, Terri the terrier served yummy pancakes with a strawberry sauce for breakfast.
She poured tea into little blue and yellow flower teacups.
Walter ate his pancakes and got strawberry sauce all over his whiskers.
He licked his chin; he didn't want any of that delicious sauce to go to waste.
After breakfast it was time for Walter to go to Princess Posy's Charm school upstairs.
He was excited and worried at the same time, what if he didn't have any talents and what if nobody would ever want him because he was so old? What if? What if?
Could he be any good at anything or any good for anyone?
Princess Posy was still upset over her 'Meet and Greet' the previous morning.
She straightened her tiara, took a big deep breath, and looked at Walter and said,
"Everyone has a purpose Walter, I know you have a special talent, we just have to find it."
Princess Posy started to work on Walters's manners and finding his special talent.
Downstairs Chef Mimi was scolding Flame, "You need to help instead of cause trouble."
Flame said, "I'll do better." as she hung her head and chewed on her bright orange fluffy tail.
"And there is something or someone that has been following me. I tried to use my magic, but my magic didn't work".
Chef Mimi looked worried, something or someone was following Flame the Fairy; that's bad.
Chef Mimi said, "Whatever is following you Flame, is putting all my rescues in danger. This is not good, no not good at all."
Chef Mimi did a security sweep to find out who or what had followed Flame into the Soup Kitchen.
She held her wooden spoon up and gave it a shake, many tiny different coloured stars came out of the magic spoon.
A large broom appeared and swept and twirled through the soup kitchen and it was clean.
There was nothing there.
Then the broom swept and twirled up the stairs to the grooming room, nothing there, the grooming area was clean. Then the broom swept and twirled up to the charm school, there was nothing there.
But in the dining room the broom kept sweeping and twirling and sweeping and twirling in a circle.
Something was in the dining room that shouldn't be there; but who or what could it be?
Walter and Princess Posy came down the stairs.
Posy said she had found Walter's talent, but before she could announce his talent Walter said, "What is that big brown rat with wings doing here?"
There was a swishing noise and a large brown rat with wings appeared in the dining room.
All the rescues cowered under the table.
The tablecloth and dishes clattered to the floor, even the teapot and Chef Mimi's delicate little blue and yellow flower teacups bounced around the room.
There was a loud popping noise and then the brown rat with wings disappeared. All was quiet.
Chef Mimi exclaimed, "That was Bogles, the bad fairy and what a mess he's made."
All the rescues stood around with their eyes wide-open and agreed it was a big mess.
Walter said, "The rat is gone."
Princess Posy said, "Walter's talent is that he can see through the confusion to the truth."
Chef Mimi flew up to Walter and said, "Walter, you have a wonderful gift, thank you for being here. Bogles the bad fairy can't stay where anyone can see him for what he is and that's what you did. You saw him for what he was, that's why he disappeared."
Walter was so happy and very proud; he stuck out his chest and his tail went up like a flag.
Then he marched around the dining room like he was leading a marching band.
Walter knew his talent, now he had to find his purpose.
Chef Mimi said, "We still have to be careful because that was Bogles, a very bad fairy. He now knows how to find us thanks to Flame. He can bring bad people here."
"It's not my fault," said Flame wringing her tail.
They all looked up and Flame, that naughty feline fairy, was sitting on a shelf above the window.
Flame said, "How was I to know it was Bogles the bad fairy?"
Children's Story: by
Chef Mimi shook her head and said, "Flame, if you ever think something or someone is following you blow the magic whistle to alert all the good fairies in the area, they will come to help you.
Never lead bad beings here, it's dangerous for you and for all of us."
Flame hung her head and said, "Okay I promise."
The next few weeks Walter worked hard along with the other dogs.
Walter's manners were now perfect; he was ready to meet his forever family.
He could sit, stay, come, shake, and roll over.
But Walter could do so much more, he could see the truth.
Chapter 5: Finding Forever Homes
The next 'Meet and Greet' day finally came.
All the dogs were practising their manners and showing off their talents.
Chef Mimi had talked to Officer DoGood from the K-9 Department to come back to see Hubba the Hound, the great sniffer.
She asked the little girl with the bright yellow bow and her mother to come back and give Binky one more chance.
Binky jumped up and down, he was so excited he tripped over his big long ears.
Petunia, the pretty pitty, was ready for her forever home.
Chef Mimi had bought Petunia a purple sundress and a big purple bow for her collar.
George, the German Shepherd, was eager to find his forever family; he would keep them safe.
Chef Mimi had given George a vest that read 'GUARD DOG,' certain the perfect family would choose him to be their special protector.
All the dogs went upstairs to the charm school to wait for the humans.
Chef Mimi and her magical wooden spoon set out a beautiful table, doggie cookies, treats and cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches.
Princess Posy dressed in a royal blue outfit with her polished tiara on her head.
This was surely going to be the day when all the dogs would find their forever families.
The dogs were so nervous they all held paws.
There was a loud knock on the charm school's door.
It was Mister Casper, dressed in a black vest, black coat, with a black and white polka-dot bow tie.
His white tail stuck out of his coat like an ostrich feather.
He announced, "The humans have arrived."
Mister Casper stuck out his chest, and with great formality, led the humans into the room.
Princess Posy straightened her tiara and said, "All dogs sit."
The dogs sat.
Then she said, "All dogs shake."
The dogs extended their paws to the human guests.
The dogs' manners were perfect; the humans laughed and clapped.
Officer DoGood walked to the table filled with goodies and grabbed two finger sandwiches and a cupcake.
He took a big bite of the cupcake.
Hubba, the sniffer dog, went over to Officer DoGood, wagged his tail and sat down.
Officer DoGood grinned and scratched Hubba the Hound dog's head dropping cupcake crumbs all over Hubba, who didn't mind it at all.
The little girl with the big yellow bow saw Binky.
She ran over and hugged his neck; little Binky was so happy that he wiggled his whole body.
Two little twin girls dressed in purple sundresses saw Petunia and ran to her and said, "Mama, Mama, look, she is dressed just like us.
Their Momma smiled and petted Petunia. Petunia, the pretty pitty, was happy.
An Ambassador from the government, and his son, came into the room and said they were looking for a dog that would guard his son and his wife while he was travelling to other countries.
George looked up hopefully, but the ambassador frowned. "This dog looks too friendly." he said.
George looked down at his front paws. He was sad.
Then all of a sudden the door banged open and a whirling wind came into the room with a man all dressed in black. He had a black cap and wore dark sunglasses. He was with a woman with lots of diamonds and rings on every finger.
She said "I'm looking for a pretty little dog."
She looked at Princess Posy and sneered; a failed attempt at a smile.
Walter gasped! "Oh no, it's Jessa Belle" his old mean owner.
He tried to hide, but then he saw something out of the corner of his eye and said, "It's a brown rat!" he shouted, "It's Bogles, the bad fairy, and he brought Jessa Belle here!"
Then Jessa Belle pointed her finger at Walter and said, "YOU, how did you get here? Nobody would want to adopt an old flea bag like you!"
The table with all the food started shaking. Then Bogles the Rat disappeared, but Jessa Belle and her chauffeur dressed in black were still eyeing Princess Posy. Jessa Belle had already forgotten about Walter.
All the dogs started whining; they knew something bad was going to happen.
Princess Posy straightened her tiara and tried to gain control of the nervous dogs.
The chauffeur in black started walking towards Princess Posy.
George, the German Shepherd, jumped between them, bared his large teeth, and growled a warning not to move. The Man in black stopped.
Then Jessa Belle said, "We're here to adopt a pretty little poodle and we want that one." She pointed her long ringed finger at Princess Posy.
Chef Mimi fluttered over to Princess Posy and looked at the mean woman and said, "Princess Posy is not up for adoption. She runs our Charm School."
Jessa Belle got very angry, her face turned an angry reddish purple.
"I said I want to adopt that dog." she screamed. She kept pointing her bony finger at Princess Posy.
She turned to the man in black and said. "Just take her."
He went to grab Princess Posy.
George reared up and pushed him into the table, smashing the cupcakes.
The man in black got icing all over his face, hair, and on the seat of his pants.
He looked so funny all the dogs laughed, that made him very mad.
Jessa Belle screamed, "I will have that dog!" then she lunged for Princess Posy.
Binky was so worried that he got in front of the little girl with the bright yellow bow, and her mother, he was ready to protect them.
George the German Shepherd, Officer DoGood, and Hubba, the Hound dog started after Jessa Belle.
Mister Casper jumped in front of Princess Posy to protect her.
Flame, the feline fairy, pounced on Jessa Belle's head, causing Jessa Belle to fall on the table.
Now Jessa Belle had cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches in her hair and icing from the cupcakes on her face and dress.
Flame, the feline fairy, tasted the cream cheese and cucumbers and licked her paws, "Yum, this is good."
Flame swished her long orange tail over Jessa Belle's face.
The mean old woman looked so funny that everyone laughed.
Jessa Belle's face puffed up bigger and turned a bright purple.
Officer DoGood arrested Jessa Belle and her chauffeur for disturbing the peace.
Officer DoGood patted George the German Shepherd, and said, "You will make a fine guard dog for some lucky family."
Then he petted Hubba the Hound dog, and said "Are you ready to be a Police Dog and hunt for missing people?"
Hubba the Hound dog said, "Yes! Yes!"
The Ambassador looked down at his son and said, "Would you like to take George home? I'm sure I can trust George the German Shepherd. He will make a great guard dog; he will look after you and your mother while I'm travelling."
The little boy smiled and ran to George and put his arms around his neck and said, "George, you are a hero and very brave. You will be the best guard dog in the whole world."
George the German Shepherd was a very happy guard dog.
The twins and their mother were holding on to Petunia, the Pretty Pitty with all their might.
"Petunia will come home with us. We will read to you, play dress-up and have tea parties." said the twins.
Petunia was so happy she kissed both the girls.
Then she jumped-up and kissed their mother.
The mother looking at Petunia said, "You are now part of our family forever and ever."
The little girl with the big yellow bow on top of her head looked up at her mother.
She said, "Now can we adopt Binky?"
Binky looked at the little girl and then at her mother; then he closed his eyes hoping she would say yes.
He heard the mother say, "Of course Binky is coming home with us. He is our furry little boy."
And little Binky was so happy he wiggled his whole body. He covered the little girl and her Mama with kisses.
All the dogs but Walter had found their forever homes, Walter was still there all alone and sad.
"I guess I'm too old for a family to want me." he sighed.
Big tears dropped from his eyes.
All of a sudden the door opened and a young woman rushed in.
"Sorry I'm so late, have all the dogs been adopted?"
Then she saw Walter and shouted, "Walter, is that you?"
Walter opened his eyes and saw his dear friend Lucinda.
"OH Walter, I have missed you so. I can't believe I found you, would you like to come home with me and be my dog?"
Walter looked at her with big tears in his eyes; he ran to her and gave her a big kiss.
"Oh yes, I've been dreaming you would come for me."
Lucinda laughed and gave Walter a big hug. "I'm now a private detective and in my business there is always confusion, I look for the truth. Walter, do you think you can help me with my business?"
Princess Posy, Chef Mimi, and Mister Casper all nodded their heads.
"Yes, Walter can help you with your work. He's good at seeing through the confusion to find the truth."
Walter said "This is my purpose; to help Lucinda find the truth."
Lucinda and Walter turned and said goodbye to Chef Mimi, Mister Casper, and Princess Posy.
They all waved back and watched while Walter jumped in the car with Lucinda.
He had as much energy as a young pup; he was a very happy dog.
Chef Mimi said to her staff "We have a lot of work to do and many more dogs to rescue."
Flame, the feline fairy, said, "And I'm going to help you rescue more dogs and maybe some cats too."
Mister Casper made a funny face and looked at Princess Posy.
He said, "Oh no!"
Princess Posy smiled and looked at Mister Casper, she held out her paw and said, "It's going to be all right."
Mister Casper took her paw and his face turned a bright red; he was a mighty happy dog even if he wasn't eager for cats in the house.
Flame, the feline fairy, purred and swished her bushy orange tail.
She licked more cream cheese off her paw.
With an impish grin Flame said, "Oh yes, I'm going to help.
Chef Mimi looked at Flame and gave a big sigh.
Teri the Terrier in her blue and yellow apron came into the room smiling.
She carried a blue and yellow teapot with blue and yellow flower teacups on a tray.
She said, "Anyone for tea?"
Chef Mimi just smiled and said, "Yes, thank you, we would love some tea.
We have so much more work to do.
This is only the beginning not THE END."
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