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  Coco Loco
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Children's Story: by
Coco loved to dance.
She danced everywhere she went.
Her pretty feet never stopped moving, never, even in her sleep.
Her mother told her to go to the corner store and see Mr. Hernandez, the grocer.
She danced down the street to the store.
All of the old ladies would stop and stare at her.
Children's Story: by
"Is she dancing?" they would ask. "Coco loco".
Coco knew how to move her body and her hands and her feet.
Everyone she met remarked on her ability to move.
"Is she dancing again?" they would ask. "Coco loco".
One night a boy came to her house and asked her to the dance in the town that night.
A big band was coming from out of town, there would be drums and guitars and saxophones and bongos.
Coco said yes, she would love to go to the dance.
Children's Story: by
So they went.
Coco put on her red dress and red shoes, she put a flower in her hair and wore silver bangles on her arms.
When they got to the dance the whole town was there.
Coco began to dance as soon as she heard the music.
The whole town stopped and watched them.
Children's Story: by
"Ah yes, she is good dancer." they said. "Coco loco."
Coco danced and danced until her feet hurt her.
They walked home and she took off her shoes.
They stopped and sat on a park bench in the moonlight.
"I could never get tired of dancing." she said.
"I love the way you dance," he said.
He stole a kiss from her lips.
When she got home her mother was waiting for her.
"Where have you been? Do you know what time it is?"
"I was out dancing." she explained.
"Get in your room. Your father is mad."
Her mother was angry with her.
Coco went into her room and lay on her bed.
She looked up at her wall, at the pictures of all the great dancers she had there.
One day she dreamed of dancing in New York, on a big stage in front of people that would clap for her, with a single spotlight on her.
Her father opened the door. "Conchita, where have you been tonight?"
Children's Story: by
"Papa, I was out dancing,"
"Alright, I know. I know you love to dance but next time call us, we were worried about you. Is that all you were doing?"
"Yes Papa." She sighed.
Her father hugged her.
"Would you be proud of me if I became a professional dancer?"
"Yes, we would be very proud of you." He said.
"OK, because that is what I want to do. I don't want to do anything else in life except dance.
I don't care if I am poor because I will be so happy."
"You must follow your dreams Conchita.
Ever since you were born, you wanted to dance."
"Yes Papa,thank you. I love you."
And so, one day Coco got on a bus and traveled to New York.
Children's Story: by
She got there, alone in the big city and she looked at the lights of Broadway.
Children's Story: by
She had no money so she took off her coat and hat and started to dance on the sidewalk.
Soon crowds of people had formed and were watching her and taking pictures of her with their cell phones.
"Look, she can dance!" they said, and threw money in her hat on the sidewalk.
A few hours later Coco collected all her money and found a small room to stay in. She was here to follow her dream, to dance!
One day she was reading the paper and saw an ad looking for dancers.
She went to see the lady who was holding the audition, it was in an old warehouse off Broadway.
"Is this where the dancers are?' asked Coco.
"Yes, come in and let us have a look at you." said the lady.
Coco came in and stood straight and tall, her long dark hair fell down her back.
"OK, show me what you can do, dance for me now!" the lady said.
Music played and Coco began to dance.
She felt a thumping in her heart, she saw colors and light, she felt one with the world, she felt her feet moving and her arms swaying and her hair flying.
Children's Story: by
"You are hired." said the lady.
That night Coco danced on stage on Broadway and when the crowd saw her they rose to their feet and cried.
"That girl can dance. Bravo Coco!"

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