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  Corey And The Evig
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


On a rainy summer morning Corey popped out of bed with purpose.
His assignment for home economics class was, Make Thimbleberry Pie.
His mother agreed to help; if he provided the ingredients.
Corey usually preferred to stay inside and play video games, but today would be spent in the woods.
He followed a narrow dirt path; he splashed through puddles; he swatted mosquitoes; he ducked under branches.
"Sss" the hissing sound surprised him.
Oh no, rats, as big as cats; they surrounded him.
He waved his arms at them shouting, "Shoo! Scoot! Scram!"
The rats did not retreat and were closing in on Corey, when screeching sounds sent them scurrying for cover.
A Snowy Owl landed on a low branch, "I am Wisac."
"Uh, I am Corey; you talk?"
"You have entered the Fateful Forest, a magical place, a dangerous place.
What brings you here?"
"Thank you for saving me; I am looking for thimbleberries."
Pointing the way with her wing she said, "There's a patch near the end of that winding path; be careful and do not linger."
The path curved through fallen trees and boulders, and across a rickety bridge. Corey felt frustrated and considered giving up, until he rounded a corner and found row after row of thimbleberry bushes.
"Finally." he said.
He filled his two bags with the little red fruit and was about to leave when a ferocious roar filled the forest.
Corey tried to hide behind a clump of barberry bushes.
"I see you little boy; drop the berries and run."
The creature snapped his long lizard tail like a whip.
"I am the Evig!"
The Evig stood ten feet tall, with horns like a bull.
Corey knew he couldn't outrun him, so he leaned into the barberry bushes, hoping to fool the monster.
"I warned you," said the Evig.
The Evig pounced; Corey backed away and fell on his bottom.
The Evig landed short, "Owww!" he screamed, "this stuff is sharp, you tricked me."
'He doesn't seem so scary now,' thought Corey.
"Are you going to help me or what?" demanded the Evig.
Corey knew he would eventually break free, 'Maybe if I help him,' he thought, 'he won't be so mad.'
"Just get me out of here, I hurt all over." complained the Evig.
"I wish I could leap like you; that's so cool." Corey said as he untangled him, but the Evig said nothing, as he stumbled to his feet a bit bloodied but mostly embarrassed.
He hoisted Corey to eye level, "You think we're friends, after what you did do you?"
"You wanted my berries." said Corey.
The Evig set him down. "Who said the berries belong to you, is your name on them?"
On the trek home, Corey mulled over the Evig's comments. "He's right, the berries belong to everybody."
"Danger! Danger! Creeps!" shouted Wisac.
The Crows stormed in like a black cloud, calling, "Caw! Caw! Caw!"
Two Crows squeezed their talons around Corey's belt and took flight.
"Hey, let me go," Corey shouted, still clutching his stash, and struggling to break free.
Wisac flew for help calling, "Hold on, I'm almost there!"
The Evig sprang up and latched onto Corey's legs.
He tickled the bird's bellies with his tail. As the crows loosened their grip he yanked Corey free.
They hit the ground hard, but the Evig injured his ankle and lay in the weeds.
The crafty crows dared not get too close, so they took turns buzzing him to keep him at bay.
"Run!" shouted the Evig, "save yourself, forget about me!"
Corey grabbed the bags and climbed onto a boulder, he slammed the bags against the rock, turning the berries to juice.
Corey's strange actions caused the curious crows to hesitate. He swung the bags around his head and let them fly.
The large group of crows (known as a murder) caught the bags in midair and ripped them apart.
The juice splashed over them and stung their eyes, the big birds squawked as they collided with each other and crashed to the ground.
"Caw! Caw! Caw!" cried the Creeps Commander as she marched her murder to a nearby marsh to wash off the juice.
The Creeps, all shiny again, hovered over them for a moment, as if in a show of respect, and then peeled off in pairs.
"You saved me," said the Evig, "You saved me first," said Corey, "Why?"
The Evig muttered, "You gave me a compliment."
A distant voice, sounding a lot like a certain owl, said, "We dig the Evig."
"Yes, we do," said Corey.
More compliments, if only the Evig could blush!
The Evig collected some crow feathers and floated one to Corey.
"What does this mean?"
"Next time, we pick thimbleberries together."
"Berry buds? Well, that's a start ... I guess."
Corey watched the Evig, using a stick for a cane, limp away.
A thought dawned on him: Evig is give spelled backward.

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