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  Detective Snooper And The Case Of The Missing Chicks
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Follow Detective Snooper and his good friend Angus the duck as they try to solve another farmyard mystery.
This time Mrs. Hen's three chicks have gone missing.
Where could they be?
Did some nasty villain take them?
Can the detective duo solve this farmyard puzzle?
If anyone can, it would be Snooper and Angus.
Join them on their adventure as they journey from the farm they live on into dense bush to try and save the baby chicks.
Children's Story: by
There was a shriek from the henhouse that echoed right around the farm.
The loud noise made all the animals on the farm stop what they were doing and look towards the henhouse.
Mrs. Hen came running from her tin shed cackling out, "Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck."
Other animals came racing over to see what was wrong.
When Mrs. Hen regained her breath she cackled loudly, "My babies are missing, my babies are missing; they're gone."
Henry, the wise old mule, listened to Mrs. Hen's sad story.
He hee-hawed, "I think we should send for Detective Snooper."
A lot of other animals nodded their heads in agreement.
Children's Story: by
Just as Henry was about to set off to find Detective Snooper, the famous bloodhound could be seen coming around the corner of the hay shed and trotting down past the cattle yard towards them.
He too, like the other animals, had heard Mrs. Hen's cry of anguish.
It wasn't long before he arrived.
"What's wrong Mrs. Hen?" Snooper barked out.
Mrs. Hen, flapping her wings in great haste squawked, "All my chicks have gone missing.
I tucked them into bed last night and when I woke up this morning they were all gone: my poor babies."
Greta the goat looking at Snooper bleated, "Can you help Mrs. Hen?"
The other animals joined in. "Yes, can you help Detective Snooper?"
"I will see what I can do," replied the great farmyard detective.
"Has anyone seen Angus?"
"I think I know where he is." baaed Tilly the sheep, "I will see if I can find him."
Children's Story: by
Tilly headed off quickly to find Angus.
It wasn't long before she found him; the duck was about to have a morning dip in the pond.
"Quickly, come quickly" called Tilly, "Detective Snooper needs you."
Angus waddled after Tilly as she led him back to the henhouse.
"What's wrong chief?" asked Angus as he arrived at the chook yard.
"Mrs. Hen's chicks have gone missing." replied Snooper.
Angus gasped, "Go and get a canteen of water Angus, we might be gone for a while."
Angus Duck was Detective Snoopers' faithful assistant, he had helped Snooper on many previous cases; he was a trusted and good friend.
When Angus arrived back with the canteen, Detective Snooper was already sniffing the ground. He smelt an unusual scent, one that didn't belong to any of the farm animals.
He started following the scent ever so slowly; his nose so very close to the ground, the end of it was getting dirty.
Angus was watching intently where Snooper was sniffing, suddenly he called out,
"I think I can see fox tracks."
Snooper looked up and agreed, there definitely were fox tracks.
What a combination the duo were, Angus with his keen sight and Snooper with his incredible sense of smell.
The other animals watched as Detective Snooper and Angus slowly moved away into the distance, following the scent and the tracks.
Mrs Hen was being comforted by the other animals on the farm.
She had some hope of getting her chicks back; now that Snooper and Angus were on the case.
For the next half hour the famous farmyard duo followed the trail the fox had left.
They finally stopped, resting for just a couple of minutes and having a drink from the canvas canteen.
Then knew they couldn't stop for long, for they couldn't dilly-dally if they were going to save Mrs. Hen's chicks.
Meanwhile, back at the farm, Mrs. Hen was being looked after by several of the animals. Gloria Goose put her wing around Mrs. Hen and in a consoling voice said,
"I'm sure Detective Snooper and Angus will find your lost chicks Mrs. Hen. I know they will be trying very hard."
"I just hope it's in time." sobbed Mrs. Hen.
After a drink and a short rest Snooper and Angus continued to follow the fox's trail.
They were now into thick scrub and the fox's tracks wandered from side to side.
It was obvious to the detective duo that the fox was trying to make his trail very hard to follow.
Still Snooper and Angus pushed on, but it was very difficult going in the dense, heavy scrub.
Angus was having trouble seeing the tracks; however Snoopers' super sniffer was still able to follow the nasty villain's path.
It had now been half an hour since they had entered the thick scrub.
Angus suddenly tapped Snooper on the shoulder and said, "Look."
When Snooper stood up he could see curling smoke about four hundred metres in front of them. It seemed to be coming from high on a nearby hill.
As the scent they were following seemed to be going in that general direction, Snooper and Angus made a decision to head towards the smoke.
As they came closer to the smoke the dense bush came to an end.
Snooper and Angus stood on the edge of a small clearing. The clearing rose up to a hill and there at the top of the hill was the fox's den.
They could just make out the name on the front door. It said, 'M. T. Fox.'
They had found the fox's hideout.
Angus immediately sprang into action.
He approached the side of the fox's home that didn't have a window; this was so the fox couldn't see him coming.
Snooper did the same, although several meters behind Angus.
At the back of the fox's house Angus found an old blanket.
'This will do very nicely.' thought Angus.
He very quietly climbed up a boulder that was to the side of the fox's house.
He then flapped his wings and flew from the top of the boulder gently landing on the roof.
Snooper had now snuck around to be just outside the front door of the house.
Angus, on top of the roof, started pushing the blanket into the small chimney.
This completely blocked the smoke from escaping, causing the smoke to start filling up the inside of Foxy's home.
Snooper heard much loud coughing coming from inside the house.
'It won't be long now.' thought Detective Snooper. It took about twenty seconds.
Foxy came out of his front door coughing and spluttering.
This was when Snooper sprung onto him.
The great detective pawed him and chopped him.
You see, Snooper knew Dograti, the canine form of karate, and the fox was certainly no match for someone with this ability.
Foxy got knocked about and started tumbling down the steep hill like a runaway watermelon. .
Snooper stood watching the fox roll.
Unluckily for the fox he came to a stop right in the middle of a briar patch.
Now some briar patches have very big prickles and needles and unfortunately for the fox this was one of them.
Three very big needles stuck in to the fox's bottom, as well as hundreds of little prickles sticking all over him.
Foxy started yelping in pain as he tried to make his way out of the briar patch without getting any more prickles and needles in him.
Children's Story: by
As Snooper stood with his paws on his side watching the fox's problems, Angus emerged from the fox's den.
While Snooper had been pawing and chopping the fox Angus had fluttered down from the roof and entered the fox's home.
He had three baby chicks with him; Mrs. Hen's baby chicks.
They were rubbing their eyes and coughing, but other than that they seemed alright.
Foxy had now disappeared in the distance.
Snooper and Angus gave the baby chicks a drink from the canteen.
They also splashed water on their little eyes to try and stop the stinging.
After everyone had a rest for a while they set out for the farmyard.
Snooper carried two of the chicks and Angus the other one.
It took a little over an hour for the returning party to reach the farm.
As they came closer there was a shriek of happiness.
It was Mrs. Hen running straight towards Angus and Snooper.
Her wings were flapping in excitement for she had already spotted her three chicks being carried by the detective duo.
When the other farm animals heard Mrs. Hen they too came running out to greet the chicks and the detective heroes.
All the farm animals had a party that night.
Most of the food was supplied by Mrs. Hen; it was her way of saying thank you for all her friend's support in her desperate time of need.
As for Snooper and Angus, well they stayed at the party for a while but then they left. Snooper had a juicy bone he wanted to have a good gnaw on and Angus remembered he had some fresh snails in his refrigerator.
The two farmyard heroes started eating their favourite foods.
They both had smiles on their faces; not only had they saved the chicks, but as they ate they could hear in the distance Foxy's howls as he pulled the prickles from his tail.

The End
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