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Chapter 1
The New Beginning
The Prophecy
Many years ago, in the realm of Dark Matter, the word of a prophecy spread forth. It was told that once every new millennium, a single dragon baby would grow up to be a heroic, bold savior of the dark matter realm. It would fall under reign of an evil Dragon King. The newborn hero would take on a quest to defeat the evil Dragon King, save the realm, but fail to save what matters most in the end...
The time has come for the prophecy to fulfill itself. It is the year 2,000 in the realm of dark matter. The new millennium has begun. A baby dragon is on its way in a family that has yet to discover what their future holds...
A Savior is Born
In the nest of a mother dragon, with the father near by her side, a single shimmering, golden egg was about to crack a tiny crevice in the mystical outer shell. As tension built up, so did the egg's crack. After a minute that felt like an hour, the egg split in two, and thus, a hero was born. "I hereby declare my son's name be Fable!" The father said with pride. They had no idea that their baby dragon would grow up to save the dark matter realm from the clutches of the evil dragon they now bowed to, Thoran the Dragon King. He was a cruel dragon with a swirling black pattern on his black-as-deep-night skin. When Fable was just born, another black egg cracked. Out popped a baby dragon that was very cute. Unfortunately, the other baby dragon was taken and killed by the evil Dragon King, Thoran.
At the age of seven, Fable blew his first fire. "Yay! Mom and Dad! Look! I did it!" Fable said proudly. Sure it wasn't a blazing path of infernos, taking down everything in its path, but it was fire. He was satisfied. At eight, he learned to fly through the skies and soar like a graceful young dragon. Then, devastation struck at his ninth year. His parents were at a ceremony, honoring Thoran the Dragon King, and they forgot to bow at his presence. "You disgraceful runts!" he said with frustration. This act of disgrace was enough to be blasted by fire and unfortunately, die. Fable's life seemed to have spun into a swirling back hole after his parent's death, resulting in depression. He had to feed himself, clean himself, find a new home, and since he couldn't find one, he built one on top of a hill covered in beautiful Dragon Berry Bushes. Luckily... he made a new friend...
Chapter 2
The Scar
A New Friend
On the morning of his third day in his wooden home, Fable was walking outside to pick berries for food, it was hard work. There were only a few bushes left with berries on them so there wasn't really much of a variety. As Fable walked up to a bush, out popped a figure of a dragon just like him. "Hi! my name is Silver!" he said. Silver was a boy, nine years old, could fly, and could breathe fire. They became best friends and lived in the house on the hill. On their ninth day together, they devised a plan to overthrow the Dragon King, Thoran. "Let's teach that meani a lesson!" Silver said. "Yea!" Fable agreed. They kept their plans in a secret box, behind the house. Years passed and the box filled up with ideas and plans. It was age 16 when Fable got the scar...
The Evil Bush
It was a good harvest day for Fable and Silver. The bushes were ripe and appetizing. Yet, there was a cold chill in the air as if the Dragon King had been there... But they weren't that suspicious. After all, their plans were still in the box. They came upon a bush and plucked off the berries. They came to another and did the same thing. On bush five, there was something strange. It was a different color and the berries were not plentiful. Fable reached out to pick a berry when it happened. *WHOMP!* the bush reached out and scared Fable right next to his eye! The bush had been enchanted with dark magic! It must've been the work of Thoran! (Dramatic music plays A.K.A Beethoven)
After Fable was scared, Silver put a healing spell on Fable which Silver always carried just in case. The wound healed up and sealed off, relieving the pain. Fable then realized that Silver was a true friend. "You're my best friend." Fable said. They came up with even more plans to defeat the Dragon king, Thoran, as revenge for Fable's pain and suffering. The Dragon King would fall. Fable was sure of it.
Chapter 3
Fable's Revenge
The Quest
Fable and his bold friend Silver set out on a quest to take revenge on the devastating Dragon King. They were about to embark on their epic journey. Together they flew and soared through the night sky. They were gaining on the palace of the Dragon King. Past the sleeping guards they flew, seeking the drawbridge entrance. The palace was shimmering in the moonlight, casting a beautiful glow on all around it. Now, to get inside...
Inside the Palace
Inside the palace was like being inside a dreadful cave of shadows, making everything around look frightening. Stalactites clung to the ceiling. Molten lava surrounded the floor of the thrown. Inside the thrown of fear was the Dragon King himself, Thoran. He seemed to be waiting for Fable and Silver. The smug grin on his evil face was a sign of a villainous plot. He was anxious to engage in battle with Fable the dragon. He thought that he would destroy Fable, just like his parents. Or so he thought...
Chapter 4
The Secret is revealed...
What Secret?
And so the big secret is revealed... What secret you ask? Find out...
Thoran nodded to Silver. Then Silver joined his side like father and son. It was Silver who enchanted the bush with dark magic! "Together, we will rule the Dark Matter realm like father and son!" Thoran said evilly. It has been revealed. Like father, like son. Fable was petrified. How could Silver have been his best friend? Now united they stood and were about to attempt to kill Fable. What a friend he was. Fable's scar seemed to glow in the dim light... Could this scar be...a power source? Suddenly Fable gleamed as golden as sun rays and became a fully-grown Dragon Master. Now THAT was a fair fight...
Chapter 5
The Epic Battle
The Battle Begins
About to rage was a fully fledged Dragon Fight. It would be a fight against good and evil, light and darkness, fire and ice. A battle of epic proportions in the realm of Dark Matter. The dragons' domain. "You will be destroyed just like you did to my brother and parents!" Fable said, his eyes filled with anger and pain. Thoran made the first strike. It was a devastating blow of molten lava, fiery infernos, and pure acid that shot out of his mouth as speedy as a flaming bullet. Fable's scar glowed stronger. It was his turn now. He unleashed a spectacular ray of light, partially blinding the Dragon King, Thoran. With Thoran's eyes still recuperating from the light rays, Silver made the next attack. He put a spell on Fable, causing Fable to grow weak. The first attacks of the battle were made and it raged on...
The Battle's Core
As the battle raged on, Fable grew stronger. The enchanted bush's magic infected the scar, making Fable uncover new power. Fable was all but winning, until he unleashed the supernova. A supernova is a dragon's most amazing power. One dragon gets the power every new millennium, and can only use it once. As Fable unleashed his supernova, he blasted a ray of fire that radiated as much heat as the sun. It could burn down iron. When the flames reached Thoran, the battle was over. Fable had defeated the Dragon King!
The Battle's End
King Thoran was disintegrated into microscopic particles. The Battle was over the Dragon King was defeated. Silver and Fable remained enemies. Indeed the prophecy came true. Fable defeated the evil Dragon King, but failed to save what mattered most. Friendship. However, the Dark Matter realm was safe! Or was it...
We left off where Fable had defeated the evil DragonKing, Thoran. The Dark Matter realm was safe! Or was it...
Part Two
Chapter 6
Silver Strikes Back
"Curse you Fable! I now swear on my father's grave that he will be avenged!" Then a hole opened up in the time-space-continuum and Silver vanished. Fable was the hero of the realm, but not for long. Little did the other dragons know, Silver was in a deep sleep, concocting plans for revenge. Silver would be the worst threat in all of history. He knew Fable's weaknesses and his strengths. This story however, tells about his minions and goons...
The First Attack
It was a peaceful morning in the realm of Dark Matter. Fable was in his wooden house on the hill, enjoying some delectable Dragon Berries. "Ah... so sweet." Fable said. Suddenly, the town siren sounded, blasting shockwaves all throughout the realm. Something had gone horribly wrong. But what? As Fable rushed to the scene, he did not believe what he saw. A gargantuan-sized, cruel-looking bird of fire with blazing red eyes stood over Fable. The phoenix's piercing, blood-red eyes seemed to look straight into Fable's mind. Only one word remained in Fable's head. Run. Fable started flying at the speed of light and the bird of a thousand infernos took off. It was gaining on him. Suddenly, a streak of flames and smoke billowed from bird-brain's beak. Fable dodged it. The one thing he knew he couldn't do was blow fire at the phoenix. That would make him stronger. Luckily, help arrived at the right time...
What could appear over the smoking horizon, but yet ANOTHER friend. She swooped down next to Fable and said in a calm tone, "I'll take it from here fire boy." She shot up into the sky, aimed her snout at the phoenix and a gigantic stream of water spewed out of her mouth as graceful as a butterfly. Bird-brain then turned into a smoldering pile of ashes and dust and she did it without even breaking a sweat. She dive-bombed downward towards Fable and landed gently next to him. She then introduced herself, "Hi. My name is Shimmer. I'm a water dragon. You're Fable, the dragon who defeated Thoran right?" "Yes. I am. It's very nice to meet you Shimmer." He said back.
"We should teem up Fable. Sometimes you can't fight fire with fire. Water comes in handy too. You also can't fight water with water either. Water and fire would be a strong alliance. So what do you say? Together we can overthrow that traitor Silver." "I know. I always thought he looked crafty and cruel. He and I should've never been friends. You won't double-cross me right Shimmer? I know we can be real friends." "Right Fable. I am not a traitor." That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And much more. Even though Fable did not want to admit it, he had a little crush on Shimmer. She was strong and brave like him and she wanted to help him in any way possible. They both lived on the house on the hill and ate Dragon Berries together. Year after year they grew closer together and their spirits were intertwined. They would be friends until the end.
Secret Plans
Fable and Shimmer started making plans to stop Silver's minions. There was a porthole that they had to be summoned from. If they could find and destroy Silver's porthole, they could stop him from summoning more of his evil creations. That would mean venturing off into the unknown territory and destroying an entire fortress. And how would they even manage to destroy a hole in the time-space-continuum? It would be impossible unless...unless they combined their powers, both water and fire and shot them directly into the porthole. That would stun the rip in time and seal it up forever more. Now, the first step. Find the porthole...
Chapter 7
The Quest
The Deep Abyss
Fable and Shimmer set out on a quest to close the mystical porthole. They searched high and low, left and right, inside and out, yet they could not find the porthole. Fable then thought to himself, "If I were an evil porthole used to summon monsters, where would I be?" *Snaps* "I've got it!" "If I were an evil porthole, used to summon monsters, I'd be somewhere dark and treacherous. Like the Dark Abyss at the end of the Dark Matter realm. No dragon had ever returned from its deep, rocky depths. They then set out toward the edge of the Dark Matter realm. Three days later, they encountered yet ANOTHER monster that was guarding the Deep Abyss. But this one was quick and crafty...
King Cat
Fable and Shimmer were stunned when they saw the treacherous challenge that lied ahead. It was a giant, half-Tiger, half-Lion beast with the fangs of a Saber tooth Tiger. "I am King Cat! Bow down to my power!" it growled. "Never!" yelled Shimmer. That was a BIG MISTAKE. The cat lunged forward at such speed that a ninja couldn't deflect its attack. It took a bite out of Shimmer, but as soon as the wound was there, it healed at super speed! That was another catch to being a water dragon. You could not scorch your enemies with fire, but you could heal yourself. Fable's scar was still there and it glowed a faint gold. His Dragon Master skills revealed and he was a fully-grown dragon. Shimmer summoned a water suit out of the air's water vapor, and put it on gently. With it she formed a water helmet, shield, and sword. She was all suited up for the epic battle of 2 on 1. King cat made a blow against the two first, clawing both dragons in the chest. Fable unleashed a blazing ray of fire that scorched King Cat's fur. Shimmer sliced off his claws so he couldn't claw them, but King Cat had another trick up his sleeve, or...fur that is. He lunged at Shimmer and took a bite out of her sword, but she repaired it instantly with more water vapor. Fable took out a sword of magma and melted that pussy cat to liquid. That was another fight won. Now...To get do go down to the bottom of the trench...
Chapter 8
Down Down Down
ANOTHER Monster?
They glided downward into the Deep Abyss. They were about half-way down when they heard *SREECH!* Down swooped three mini eagles of water! This time, they wouldn't be able to fight water with water. Then Fable's worst fears had been realized...
Shimmer had been put into a trance to fight with the Aqua Eagles. Fable couldn't fight his best friend! Especially if he had a crush on her. Then he found an idea. The Aqua Eagles could only control her if she was coated in water. He had to make her slip off the armor. It was the only way. He threw balls of fire that stuck to Shimmer's armor and weapons and they slowly steamed off. Now, to do the same thing with the Aqua Eagles.
He and Shimmer were on the same side again, fighting together. Fable stabbed one Aqua Eagle with his magma sword and it steamed away into water vapor. "1 down. 2 to go." He said. Fable threw two more fire bombs and the other two Aqua Eagles disintegrated into water vapor. After the battle, Shimmer collected the vapor and said to Fable, "Thanks for saving my life. I owe you." "Don't mention it." He replied. Shimmer put on her armor again and they flew farther down into the Deep Abyss...
For this next chapter, we hope you do not have arachnophobia! (The fear of spiders!)
Fable and Shimmer started to drift downward when they heard something terrible. The walls of the Deep Abyss were rumbling with anger, like thousands of tiny feet were coming up the wall... They were spiders! "Ah! I have arachnophobia!" yelled Shimmer. It was to dark to see but Fable illuminated the cave walls with a fireball and welded it to the wall. Around him were thousands of spiders, coming from above and below! Shimmer suited up and Fable changed form. How were they ever going to defeat this spider threat?! Just then, when things couldn't possibly get any worse, the spiders started slinging webs and forming a net around Fable and Shimmer1 Fable sliced the net, but it just grew back again. Shimmer tried to hold off the spiders, but they just kept multiplying! Oh no. Coming over the horizon was the...
Part Three
Chapter 9
The Mother Spider
He Arrives
Over the horizon came the QUEEN SPIDER!!! On it, was riding the nightmare himself, Silver. "HaHaHaHa!" he said in a raspy voice. "You fools have fallen into my trap! Prepare to be vanquished!" Silver boasted. The last thing that happened was that Fable and Shimmer were put in a trance, while being dragged into the spiders' lair, and were put into the dungeon...
The Dungeon
When they woke up, Fable and Shimmer were stripped of their weapons, and tied together in a giant chamber. The walls were old and drafty. They were locked into a giant dungeon with skeletons and bones haunting their minds...
Fable commented to Shimmer and said, "There looks like there is water damage on the walls and ceiling. This looks bad. I think this dungeon might be..." But before Fable could finish, water started pouring out of the drain and filling the dungeon! Fable and Shimmer were tied to the floor, and were about to drown! Water rose and their hopes sank. The water had already submerged them and they were running out of air!
"Fable, I've got an idea!" Shimmer replied. "What is it?!" Fable responded. "Just trust me!" Then she closed her eyes, and went into deep thought. Then, water began moving away from them and Fable and Shimmer were in their own little air bubble! Shimmer then came out of her thoughts and said, "Since I can control water, I can bend it into any form or shape! Now you need to cut the ropes." Fable created another sword and sliced the ropes that were tying them down. They floated to the top of the water in their air bubble and flew out of the dungeon, only to be welcomed by another monster...
The Cyclops
They flew out of the dungeon and were befuddled by what they saw next. In front of Fable and Shimmer was a giant, sleeping Cyclops! It quickly awakened from its slumber. It roared with anger, "Who dares awaken Cyclops!?" Cyclops stood up and he was over 100 feet tall! "It is I, Fable! And my friend, Shimmer!" yelled Fable. Then a battle raged between the Cyclops and Fable and Shimmer. It was impossible to defeat a Cyclops unless you stabbed him in the eye. Other than that, he was indestructible. Fable's scar did its job and Shimmer suited up. Fable went for the Cyclops's pupil, but he just swatted Fable like a fly. Did I mention that Cyclopes are extremely strong? Then Shimmer caused a distraction while Fable stabbed the Cyclops in the eye. He disintegrated into dust. "Phew..." Fable said after they defeated him. Then they climbed out of the spiders' lair and continued on their search for the porthole...
Chapter 10
The Way Out
The Path is Blocked
Fable and Shimmer reached the way out of the spiders' lair when they came across the most devastating monster of all...A DRAGON SLAYER!!!
The half-dragon, half-human monstrosity had all the tools to capture and destroy a dragon. He had Fire-Proof armour, a sword covered in dragon blood, and an invisibility cloak. In his pouch were many other small tools such as, sleeping pouter, dragon weakness pills, and the worst of them all, a dragon horn. If the Dragon Slayer blew into the horn, it would hypnotize any dragon around him to walk strait into his clutches. Now how would Fable and Shimmer defeat him? Fable and Shimmer devised a plan. Maybe they could...
"Shimmer, I've got an idea!" Fable said with enthusiasm. Fable told shimmer to form earplugs out of water so they could not hear the dragon horn. As soon as they put their water earplugs in, the horn sounded and they didn't hear a thing. Now, how would they avoid his sleeping pouter? He threw the pouter and they became drowsy. Then Shimmer found a solution. "Watch...this...Fable." She said, while half-asleep. She took the moister out of the air and covered the pouter with water. The pouter was trapped inside the water and had no effect. Then, Shimmer wasn't drowsy anymore and neither was Fable. Shimmer pulled the water-pouter ball back and let it fly into the Dragon Slayer. She made the water evaporate and then the Dragon Slayer became drowsy. He gave himself a potion that destroyed the pouter. Now they had to pierce his Fire-Proof armor...
Shimmer took a huge water ball and rusted the armor to pieces so fable could burn him to bits. But just when Fable created a fireball in his palm, the Dragon Slayer threw a dragon weakness pill and it exploded into gas that weakened Fable and Shimmer.
"Take that you pesky dragons!" He growled. "You'll never take us alive!" Fable yelled. That was NOT SMART because the next thing he knew, the Dragon Slayer raised his sword to Fable's neck and said much calmer, "Then I'll have to take you dead." He slashed his sword, but it was deflected by Shimmer's water wall that she created with the last of her energy. Then, she fell into a deep sleep...
Fable used the last of his energy to do the only thing that could defeat a Dragon Slayer. He stabbed him in the heart with a dragon's horn. And that was the end of that. Fable and Shimmer fell into their own world of dreams, only to find out that they couldn't wake up...
Waking Up
Fable and Shimmer woke up in a strange place that was joyous and beautiful. Everything was covered in clouds and colors like a dream. It was the impossible. "Where are we?" Fable asked. "I don't know." Said Shimmer. Then an elf-like creature popped out of the clouds and said exasperated, "Ah! Dragons! I hate them yes I do. You will pay for trespassing! I am the Dream Goblin! You shall have a nightmare!" Then he took out a book of spells and read, "I hate dragons! Yes I do! Now put cursed dreams upon these two!" Then, Fable and Shimmer were in a cave, surrounded by lava on all sides. Just when it couldn't get any worse, the Dream Goblin read, "I would wish there were no dragons, yes I'd wish. Now put in this lava, a monster fish!" and then he was gone. Then Fable heard bubbling coming from the lava, and a giant lava-fish-monster leaped out of the lava and swallowed Fable whole! "Fable!" Cried shimmer. Then from her fury spawned a giant tidal wave and the lava evaporated into thin air. Because Fable was a Fire dragon, he was able to heal the burns instantly. The lava-monster-fish was gone, and they awakened with a fright from their dream.
Out of the Spiders' lair
Fable and Shimmer flew out of the spiders' lair together, bringing with them the scent of spiders. That scent would almost have them killed in the future. If only their next enemy would have been there while the spiders were attacking...
Attack of the Scorpions!
They flew farther down into the pit and heard more tiny footsteps. They just thought it would be another wave of spiders, but they were WRONG! Coming up the cave were a stampede of scorpions! They weren't just any scorpions either. They were Draconite Scorpions! One sting of their tail would kill any dragon of any size. Even Thoran used to be afraid of them. The Draconite Scorpions were pitch-black with evil in their beady little eyes. The stingers were the size of a human's head! The worst part of all was...they ate spiders. Guess what Fable and Shimmer smelled like to them? Spiders! But Fable had one advantage point on his side. The Draconite Scorpions would die if fire touched them. But there was one small problem. There were MILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF SCORPIONS!!! Then the worst thing possible happened. Silver showed up. But he had the same problem. He said in a quivery voice, "Let's join sides for once! It's the only way we'll live! C'mon!" "Sure Silver. I know that you're a good dragon deep inside." Fable said back. "Don't count on it." He grumbled back. Then, everyone suited up, and the three of them joined sides. They were a scorpion-busting team. They slashed here, deflected there, parried here, and stabbed there. The next thing the three of them knew, the Draconite Scorpions were gone. "Well Fable, time to become enemies again." Silver said with an evil grin. Then he stabbed Fable with his sword right through the heart and Fable...died.
Chapter 11
The Funeral
Back at the Dark Matter realm, everybody showed up at Fable's funeral. Shimmer was there. His teacher was there. His closest friends were all there. Even Silver was there in disguise. Watching. The coffin was brought up to the stairs and the speaker spoke, "We are gathered here today to remember the brave, young dragon, Fable. He saved us all from the evil DragonKing, Thoran. Let us pray for him." Then, there was a moment of silence. Each person in the crowd placed a gift upon Fable. His teacher placed an apple. His friends placed toys. Even Silver placed a flower. But the most important gift was Shimmer's. Shimmer placed a water rose that she created. And that was a miracle...
The Water Rose
Shimmer is a water dragon that has healing powers right? Well, by accident she placed some healing magic into the water rose. The rose melted and water dripped down Fable's motionless body. When the water reached his wounded heart, it sealed and a breath of air came into Fable's lungs. While everyone was busy praying for Fable, he stood up and resurrected back from his death. He spoke only two words that startled everyone. He said in a whispered voice, "I'm alive." Everyone looked up in a fright to see Fable alive and standing. Shimmer rushed over to hug him. "I missed you." She said in tears of joy. Only two words remained in Fable's head. Get Silver...
Building Stamina
Fable's teacher and his friends put together a training course that was supposed to make him stronger and let him heal. It worked like a charm. In a matter of weeks, Fable was stronger than ever. His heart was strong and his wing muscles were strong so he could fly well too. Shimmer helped Fable heal mentally. She helped Fable clear his mind of all negative thoughts and actions. He was all ready to take on Silver. He and Shimmer traveled back down into the Deep Abyss and found the magical porthole. Now to destroy it...
Chapter 12
The Porthole
The Pothole is Found
Fable and Shimmer found the porthole at the bottom of the Deep Abyss.
"What do we do now Fable?" Shimmer asked. "I don't know." Fable replied. Now...How would they destroy it? It was a swirling vortex of terror and they could hear the laughs of evil monsters within. Now that they found it, how would they manage to put their plan into action?
Destroying the Porthole
Fable and Shimmer followed their plan precisely. They both shot streaks of fire and water into the porthole. Nothing happened. They both unleashed their full power into the porthole. Fable created a magnificent wall of fire and Shimmer threw a gigantic water ball. Still nothing happened! "I'm getting fed up with this!" Fable said, exasperated. "Will nothing destroy this porthole?!" Shimmer said back. "Only a darkness dragon like me can destroy it..." and out of the darkness emerged Silver...
Part 4
Chapter 13
The Big Battle
The Battle
Fable, Shimmer, and Silver raged into an epic battle between fire and water, vs. darkness. Fable and Shimmer both unleashed their full powers at the same time and Silver was damaged badly. "That's what you and your father get for killing my family!" Fable yelled with rage and anger. "Your anger is strong Fable. It could be a powerful weapon." Silver said while on the ground. Silver then made an attack by using a spell of evil. Pure darkness cursed Fable and Shimmer and damaged them even more than Silver had been. Silver then did the worst possible move. He slashed at Shimmer with his sword of darkness and Shimmer melted into water. "No! I will never forgive you for that!" Fable said with more anger than ever. His one true love had been destroyed by his evil nemesis, Silver. Fable unleashed light rays so bright from his mouth that it partially blinded Silver. "Very good." Silver said with astonishment. "I told you that anger was a powerful weapon." "You were right." Fable retorted. Just then, Silver created a black hole that sucked them both into in. Then Silver did the most deadly move possible. He captured Fable's only weapon and drew his sword to his throat...

The Big Question
"Now you're going to kill me too aren't you? After all, you did kill my parents and brother, so the most logical thing to do would be to kill me." Fable said frightened. Then...Silver popped the secret. "Fable...I am your brother." Fable then gaped at Silver in surprise. Silver said, "See, when you were born and I was taken by Thoran, he didn't kill me. He raised me. He wanted me to take his place on the throne. That is my destiny. However...I want you, Fable the dragon, to join me." "You'll never take me on your side Silver!" Fable said back. "Maybe this will change your mind." *snap* With the snap of Silver's fingers, Shimmer appeared in a cage of water-proof steel. "Let her go!" Fable yelled. "Oh. I will." Silver said with an evil grin. *snap* With another snap of his fingers, A pit of acid appeared below Shimmer while her cage was dangling from a rope. "I'll let her go diving in acid." Silver said. "Join me. Shimmer will be alright if you just say one word to my question. I think you know what it is. Now...Will you join my reign? Or will you accompany your friend here?" Fable spoke and made his decision. "Yes." He said gloomily. "Good." Silver said.
Chapter 14
Fable and Silver's Reign
Into the Throne
Together Fable and Silver flew to the castle where they began plots to terrorize the realm. One plan was to make everyone miserable and lock them up in cells. The other (Which Fable personally liked better) was to make everyone build a statue of Silver. It was much nicer. (But still very mean) But as soon as Fable got used to being pampered and catered to, it all went straight to his head. What if he could destroy Silver so he could rule? That would be great!
Later that evening, while Silver was sound asleep, he snuck into his room and captured him in a cage! Silver yelled and scolded, "Stop Fable! What are you doing?! I'm your ruler!" But Fable just wouldn't listen. It was to tempting to be catered to and have anything he wanted. Silver would just get in the way. Unfortunately...This meant becoming a darkness dragon. His scar vanished. He became a whole new dragon. But the worst part of all...
...He turned evil!
Fable took the throne and the dragons of the realm all worked as servants for Fable. Including Shimmer! Everything fell apart! Fable summoned monsters to reek havoc on the realm and everyone was miserable. He locked all of the rebelling dragons up into cells and he was extremely evil.
Silver's Break Out
Silver was so angry that Fable took the throne, he bent the metal sell's bars! Silver climbed out and searched for the throne room. "Fable is dead meat!" He thought to himself, but he was wrong. Guarding the throne room were several guards that had swords injected with Draconite Scorpion venom. Silver thought twice before what he was about to do. It was the only way. He picked up a stick and threw it at one of the guards. All the guards chased after Silver, but he was to quick. Silver made a U turn and started heading back towards the throne room. Once he was safely inside, Silver locked the door with 12 locks! "Ha!" Silver yelled at Fable. "Your little guards were no match for my speed!" he said. Fable then retorted, "Yea! Well, try and fly your way out of this!" and just then, *snap* Fable snapped his fingers and arrows shot from all directions, aimed at Silver. Using his cat-like reflexes, Silver burned up all the arrows in a quick burst of fire. "How was that?" Silver asked rhetorically. Then the two dragons started fighting over the throne, when help arrived at just the right time...
Shimmer Arrives
Just then, Silver burst through the door. Since Fable turned evil, he cared as much about her as all the other servants. "Stop Fable! Stop this madness! It is not right to have power over everyone! Dragons are meant to live free and make peace! Not to serve another!" She yelled. Fable pondered this thought in his mind for a brief moment. His eyes then returned to their original color. He returned to a fire dragon. His scar was back. "You're right Shimmer. Reign over all is nothing compared to friendship." He said. "You fools! I would never give up such power for a mere friend!" Silver said mockingly. Fable and Shimmer then flew out of the castle together and then formed a rebelling fleet with many other dragons...
Part 5
Chapter 15
The Rebels
Creating the Rebelling Force
Fable, Shimmer, and many of his other friends formed a secret hideout in the woodlands behind a mountain where they discussed plans how to overthrow Silver. He was not as ignorant or as evil as his father, Thoran. They had an advantage and a disadvantage. Because he wasn't as ignorant, he was crafty and sly so it would be hard. On the other hand... ...He was born from a good family. He wasn't all bad. "I say we just kill the evil brat and get him out of our lives!" Ravar said in a deep, forcing voice. Ravar was Fable's mentor. "No! We should get him on the good side!" Nicky said in a sweet voice. Nicky was a classmate of Fable's from the very start.
"Let's compromise. We'll try to get Silver on the good side and if it doesn't work, we'll do away with him." Shimmer said frustrated. The rebels built a secret base at the bottom of the mountain. It was a tiny cottage that had a lookout post, a river next to it, and was camouflaged by trees. It was the perfect place. Their meetings were held every Friday, just before daybreak. Fable was the leader of the rebels. He led attacks and raids against Silver. He also freed some of the enslaved dragons from Silver's reign. The freed dragons joined the rebels in the fight for freedom. Then, disaster struck...
Down With the Base
On their fifth meeting together, the rebels, Fable, Shimmer, Ravar, Nicky, Aroran, and Thaila, came under attack from Silver and the slaves! "Attack!" Silver yelled from the top of the mountain. Then, the enemies started pouring down the mountain like a giant landslide. "Retreat!" Fable yelled from the lookout post. The rebels started to flee as a group into the woodlands of the valley. The enemies were close behind them and were gaining. Fable and Shimmer led the retreat to the woods while the others followed close behind. The enemies, along with Silver set fire to the base and fire billowed from the sky. It was almost sunset and the enemies were right next to them. Since the rebels had some experience in the past weeks, they had many attack and defense calls. Just then, Fable yelled, "Attack maneuver 1, starboard and port!" Then, the other dragons flew straight up to the sky and dive-bombed the enemies one by one while Fable, the main target, was still in the front, taunting the enemies while they were getting plucked off the battlefield. There was only one enemy left, but he was sly and crafty. He was a familiar face. It was Herix from his class last year, but Fable knew his weakness. He hated to be taunted. "Hey, big, tall, and ugly! You can't catch me!" Then Fable darted past trees, weaved through rocks, and skimmed the surface of a lake. Then, he pulled it off. Fable did a loop the loop in mid-air. Meanwhile, Herix crashed into a giant bolder! He then lied there.
The New Base
Eventually, the other dragons caught up with Fable and they landed on an island in the middle of the lake. "What should we do now?' Aroran asked nervously. Fable started pacing around the island, when he said, "I've got it! We'll..." just then, he tripped over a board in the sand! That was interesting...Wasn't the island uninhabited? He scraped off the sand off the plank of wood when he saw something that startled him very much. It was a secret entrance. He lifted up the door and a bunch of dust sputtered out. Inside was an old, dusty, underground base with furniture, rooms for all of them and extras, and even a kitchen and bathroom! It was paradise underground! They all laid their personal belongings in their rooms and had their first real meal in days.
While they were at the base, their personalities really showed. Aroran was a shy male, usually alone in his room. He was nervous around others. Ravar was a strong male that was not afraid to state his opinion. He was a good attacker. Nicky was a sweet female that was nice to everyone, but could be REALLY feisty when aggravated. Thaila was very religious. She loved to talk about the origin of life and the Dragon God, Draco. But, she was a brilliant lookout and alerted Fable at the slightest threat. Everything was fine until the inhabitants of the island showed up...
The Dwarfs
The rebels were in their brand new base, living together as one big family. Weeks after they moved in, Thursday April 17 at early dawn was a nightmare. It was before sunrise when everyone was asleep, but Fable. He was having nightmares about his parents. He hardly knew them. He was only 9 when they passed away. It was dark and stormy outside and the wind howled like an evil spirit. Fable was lying wide awake in bed. Outside there were some grumbles and snorts, but Fable was sure it was just the wind.
Then, there was a *THUD* at the secret door, but Fable was sure that Silver hadn't discovered their new base. Just then, the door lifted up and many little bluish-gray skinned little people were standing at the door. "Grumble Gurgle Flar!" Fable woke with a fright and rushed to the door. "AH! DWARFS!" Fable cried out to the others. "GRUMBLE GURGLE FLAR!" The king dwarf said again, aggravated. "What was that?" Fable questioned, puzzled. Then, Nicky showed up at Fable's side. She spoke many different languages and a few of the mystical languages like Dwafinkind, the dwarf's language, Spritele, the language of the sprites and fairies, and monstrologly, the language all monsters spoke. "GRUMBLE GURGLE FLAR!" The king dwarf said again, angrier than ever. "He says that we're in his home and if we don't get out now, we'll be skinned alive and broiled in stew." Nicky told Fable. "Gross." He replied. Then, war broke out between the dwarfs and the rebels. Eventually, the dwarfs won and the rebels were forced out of their perfect base.
Chapter 16
The Forest of the Sprites
Moving Out
The rebels then moved out and flew onward, crossing the lake and finding the unknown...
Then, out in the distance Shimmer could see another island. But this one was glowing, as if welcoming all creatures. That was odd. Fable and the rest of the men seemed to have fallen into a deep trance, heading toward the island without thinking. Meanwhile, the rebel women were trying to bring the men out of the trance. "Come on Fable! Snap out of it!" Shimmer shouted without any luck. Whatever was bringing them in, wasn't going to change its mind.
They finally arrived and the men snapped out of their trance. It was a dense forest filled with magic. "Where are we?" Fable asked. "I don't know." Shimmer replied. "I don't like it here. Let's go dragons." Fable said nervously. He led the pack of rebels skyward and just as they were about to cross the boundary line of the island's territory, Fable bumped into some kind of force field. "Hey!" Ravar yelled as he too bumped into the wall. It only let people in, but didn't let them out. The dragons flew back to the island and started heading into the woodlands...
Meeting the Sprite Queen
They headed into the forest when suddenly, *ZIP!* a flying, glowing creature zipped by Fable's ear. "Whoa" he yelled in surprise. "what was that Nicky?" He asked. Nicky was an expert on the Dark Matter Realm. She knew the languages and all the inhabitants that lived there. "That was a sprite, or fairy as you might know it. It grows up to 2 inches long and is magical." She replied with intelligence. "They also have a sprite queen that watches after this magical forest." She said once again. "Some say that when the Dragon God, Draco, created mystical beings, he and the Sprite Queen both created the Dark Matter realm." Then, another sprite appeared, but it wasn't as nice...
"Ah! A darkness sprite! They are evil and will torment you!" Nicky yelled and everybody flew away, but Fable stayed behind. "Zip Zap Zing Zoing" the sprite said to him. "What was that?" Fable asked. Then Nicky said, "She says that she'll take you to her queen if you tell her where you came from." "Tell her that I came here from the other side of the realm." Fable replied. "Zoing Zip Zap Zing." Nicky told the sprite "Zop Zee." the darkness sprite said to Nicky. "She says that the Queen Sprite is on the other side of the forest, resting in her throne." Nicky said. Then, the darkness sprite zipped of and the rebels set out for the Queen Sprite, hoping to find how to get off the island...
Eventually they made it through the Sprite Forest and at the edge of the island they saw the Sprite Queen. She was the size of a human and was practicing a magic spell that made flowers bloom. "Hello Fable." She said in perfect Dragon Tongue. "Hello. How do you know my name and language?" "I have studied all mystical beings including dragons. I know that you saved them from Thoran." "Neat. How did you lure us in here anyway?" "I did not do that. The forest is a living being. It is magical and knows your fate. As do I." "Tell me about my future. Will I succeed in my quest to defeat Silver?" "Possibly young one. I cannot tell you, for the time stream does not permit it. I will give you some advice though. Follow your heart and let your emotions guide you..." Then, the Sprite Queen disappeared as she became a flower and blew away...
Out of the Sprite Forest
Then, the air above the forest rippled with energy and the force field was eradicated. Together the rebels flew, away into the sky, in the hunt for food and water. Unfortunately, all that lied ahead was sand, dust, and rocks as they entered the desert. It was a desolate wasteland, full of barren nothingness. It would be hundreds of miles until they found a drop of precipitation...
Chapter 16
The Desert Wasteland
Into The Desert
Fable and the rebels all headed out away from the Sprite forest, in search of abundant sources of food and water. What they got was the opposite of what they wanted. Ahead of them, Fable saw a barren desert. "C'mon dragons! Food and water is just over this little desert! There's no stopping us, the rebels!" He tried to persuade. But by the time they flew over about 15 miles of sand, they were too tired to fly any longer. They were hot, tired, thirsty, and hungry. Unfortunately, all that lied ahead was more sand and rocks. "I'll try pulling water out of the air!" Shimmer tried to say cheerfully, but it was no use. It hadn't rained for centuries in the Desert of Despair, as the dragons called it. "Can't...Make...it. Must...Rest..." Fable said weakly, as he dragged himself along the desert floor. The only living things that seemed to be in the desert were the rebels themselves. Then, hope struck Fable...
Watery Oasis
Over the horizon, Fable could just make out the distant shape of a little desert oasis. "There! Over the horizon! A desert oasi..." But before he could finish, he fell into a sleep. When he woke up, the oasis seemed closer and they headed toward it. They walked for miles, but the oasis stayed where it was. By this time, Fable was getting delusional. "Look everybody! We're in the land of ice cream!" He said, almost unconscious. When he woke up again, the oasis was gone. It was only a hallucination. They were still stranded in the desert, waterless, foodless, and almost lifeless. Then, the gift of life arrived...Kind of...
Sand Dragons
When Fable awakened with his rebel force, he was riding in a sand ship. It was the kind sand dragons used to transport goods to merchants. "We're going to make a lot of gold off these couple of suckers." A sand dragon said. "I agree. The lord Silver has put up a bounty for them all. 500 gold pieces per dragon. 1,000 for Fable." His partner replied. "Shh. I think he's waking." The first sand dragon said. Fable opened his eyes, only to see two sand dragons with piercing brown eyes that seemingly gazed into Fable's mind. "Welcome. You are headed towards the desert town of Desert Wing. You'll be sold to some merchants and handed over to the lord Silver. If you don't follow my instructions..." He pulled out a knife and said. "...You'll pay the price."
Eventually, they arrived at Desert Wing. It was a little desert town with dozens of trading shops and merchants. "Get your weapons here! All different sorts! Wands! Staffs! Swords! Axes! Knives! You name it!" A merchant said, trying to attract customers to his weapon shop. "Fresh, hot food! Get your Fresh, hot food here!" Another called out. Shimmer then awakened. "Where...am...I?" She said dazed. "You're in the desert town of Desert Wing. We're going to be sold to merchants and handed over to Silver." Fable said glumly. "Not in this eternity!" Shimmer said with pride. She then struggled to get free of the ropes that were binding her arms and legs together. Then she unfastened Fable's ropes and the rest of the rebels'. "Let's go!" Fable yelled and together they jumped off the sand ship and gently floated down...
Desert Wing
Together they floated down and got a closer look at the town. "Look! There are shops all around! Let's buy stuff!" Shimmer said gleefully. "Ok. But only..." But before Fable could finish, everyone had darted off. Shimmer came to a jewelry shop and noticed a brilliantly colored water necklace. "How much for that beautiful necklace?" She asked the merchant. "500 gold pieces." He responded. "WHAT?!" Shimmer asked in shock. "That's a rip-off!" She yelled and started to walk away. "Wait!" The store owner yelled. "I'll tell you why. See the water pendant? It's made with real water and was enchanted with a spell. If you're wearing this necklace and you're being attacked, you'll be immune to your enemy's attacks." He said. "Well...In that case I'll take it!" Shimmer yelled. She then put on the necklace and felt a rush of energy travel through her body.
Fable also came to a weapon store, where he found the most dangerous weapon in the entire Dark Matter realm. "WOW!" He yelled with surprise. "How much for that Fire Staff?" He asked eagerly. "500 gold." The store owner said. "Deal! I'll take it!" Fable said and he snatched up his Fire Staff and met Shimmer by a fountain. "Look! Shimmer with this Fire Staff I can control fire, cast any spell in the Dark Matter realm, AND control all elements: Water Fire Earth Air!" He shouted with pride. "Neat! With this Water Necklace, I'll be immune to attacks!" Shimmer said also filled with joy. Eventually, the other rebels came to the fountain too, showing off what they got. "Hey! Let's all go to the restaurant! The food's on me!" Fable said to the other rebels and they all walked into the Food Palace...
Dragon City
They walked into the restaurant and ordered their meals. "I'll have 8 plates of steak with 8 waters." Fable said. "One for each of you and me." Fable said to the rebels. They sat down at a table and started eating their food. Then a dragon at another table grumbled, "After this we'll head to Dragon City and start up our business there." "Yea. We're sure to make a lot of gold. It's packed there." His partner said. "Wait. There's a city just for dragons?" Fable asked them. "Yea. We're traveling there as refuges. We're going to start up a business. Weapon specialists we are. You can travel with us if you like." Then his partner gave him a nudge and that closed his snout. "Actually, were tight on room. We'll give you a map though." He said. "Oh. We're late. See you."
Chapter 17
Following the Map
Set on Course
"Let's go rebels!" Fable yelled eagerly. "But first we have to steal us a ship." He said. He walked casually over to a sand ship and then jumped in. The keys were still in the ignition and he called to the others, "C'mon! Let's go!" "I call shotgun!" Shimmer yelled and away they drove. "Hey! That's my ship!" A dragon yelled as he ran after them, but when Fable kicked it into light speed, they were already miles away. They stopped and looked over the map. It was pretty simple. Just drive straight.
They were set on course and nothing could stop them! Except maybe...
Return of the Sand Dragons
Fable was driving along at average speed, when he heard a familiar voice. "Hey runts! You're not getting away that easy!" Someone from behind said. It was the sand dragons again. Fable kicked it into light speed again and they were miles ahead of where they saw the sand dragons. Shimmer turned around. The sand dragons were right behind them. "Dang it! They've got a light speed shift too!" Fable yelled, some what annoyed. The sand dragons were gaining and eventually they jumped onto the rebel's sand ship. "I've got you now!" The sand dragon with the knife said. "Now, as I promised, you'll pay the price!" And he pulled out his knife. The sand dragon captured the rebels and stowed them away in a cell this time. And he even stripped them of their weapons. Luckily, Fable was able to transform his Fire staff into a ring and he wore it on his claw. "Now what?" Shimmer asked nervously. "They're planning to kill us and hand our bodies to Silver." Fable answered. "Pleasant." She grumbled.
Then a guard walked in. "Tomorrow your fate will be decided. We'll either hand you over to the lord Silver, or we'll kill you tomorrow morning. Good night." he said and then went back to his cabin. "Good Night." Fable said to the rebels and then the morning came...
The Great Escape
Eventually the morning came and the guard burst through the door and said, "It has been decided. We are going to kill you. You must face the consequences since you tried to escape. Come with me." He led them to an outdoor platform where there was a giant decapitating device. There were also ropes where the guard tied them up and let them go to the "Silencer" as they called it. Shimmer went first. She put her head down and then, *SLICE* but the noise stopped at Shimmer. She was wearing her necklace and was immune to attacks! "What kind of dirty trick is this!?" The guard yelled. Then, Fable changed his ring back into a Fire Staff. He now controlled all the elements! He made fire burn down the machine, wind blow over the guard, and while the guard was on his back, Fable made a water blanket and slid it under the guard. Then, he lifted up the blanket with the guard on it, and tossed it into the sand while the ship drove away. Fable and the rebels then ran through the corridors and to the outside of the sand ship. Their ship was docked to the sand dragons' sand ship. They hopped aboard and sailed away...
Back On Course
Fable, Shimmer, Nicky, Ravar, Thaila, and Aroran all sailed away in their sand ship. They followed the map for days, sailing over land and sea. Eventually they made it to Dragon City. It was packed with stores, homes, rich dragons, poor dragons, and even some refuges. They were refuges. Fable, Shimmer, and the rest of the rebels all explored the city until they found a new hideout.
Shimmer, Thaila, and Nicky weren't to keen on making a secret base in a cave atop a hill, but it was facing the other side of the city and had plenty of room. "This place is filthy!" Nicky said disgusted. Fable used his Fire Staff to control the earth and formed rocks into furniture. Ravar made some stairs leading from their base to the bottom of the hill. They bought food from the stores and ate in their new base. Eventually, they were spotted.
Days later, some wandering dragons stumbled upon the hill and found the rebels' base. They went back to tell the guards of the city. The guards eventually came and took the rebels onto a ship. "You're going to be turned over to King Silver." One said in a low voice. They eventually reached the palace again and met...Silver...
Part 6
Chapter 17
Turning Silver Good
Meeting Silver
Fable and Shimmer were sent away to Silver's palace, while the other rebels were sent back to work in Silver City. Fable and Shimmer slowly walked up the steps, watched by the guards. They walked in and met Silver in his throne. "Well well well...If it isn't the little rebel force leaders...I've been looking forward to destroying you once and for all..." He said evilly. "Silver, we know that you aren't all evil. Deep down inside your heart lies good. You were born from a good family, but raised evil. We will help you overcome your father's curse." Fable said knowledgably. "Never! You fools are not going to trick me into giving up my throne! I will tell you how evil I am! I am already planning a plot to take over the UNIVERSE! HaHaHaHa! I am going to raise my father from the dead and merge his spirit with mine! I will not join you! If you are smart Fable, you would've joined me permanently! I gave you a chance and now you just wish you had another don't you. Too bad! You'll watch me raise my father and join his spirit to mine, and then you will, after all these attempts...Die!" Silver said with power and greed.
Then he walked up to a sarcophagus that held his father's body and started to perform a magic spell on it. In the blink of an eye, a flash of darkness sprang out of the sarcophagus and merged into Silver's heart. "Yes! I feel the power...YES!" He yelled, growing stronger at every moment. "Now Fable, you and your friend will die!" he said.
Then he transformed into a giant, power-hungry dragon and now controlled space and time. "You pesky dragons thought you could stop me? Never! I now control all of space and time! With the snap of my fingers I can make time stop. Bend reality. Kill you in an instant. I can see into the future and the past! Time now has no meaning to me! If you kill me, I will reappear as space bends and my figure pops out again. YOU CAN NOT STOP ME!" Silver said. That was true. Silver could do all those things. He could kill them in an instant if he wished. But he didn't. Shimmer was right. Silver was good, deep down inside, but it was fading. Very fast. In seconds he would be pure evil. He was invincible. "Now Fable, watch your friend die..."
With the snap of his fingers, Silver made Shimmer die. She was disintegrated into atoms and became part of space. "No!" Fable yelled in agony. "Now Fable, it is your turn." Silver said and smiled. Then Fable remembered something. His Fire Staff! He changed it back and held it pleasantly. It could control ALL the elements right? It could even control darkness! At that moment, he ripped Thoran's soul out of Silver and Silver downsized, becoming more good, but still convinced he was evil. "No! You ruined my plan! Darkness will rule! Until then, your friend is dead."
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