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  Heros Quest
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Children's Story: by
In the beginning a great crack opened in the earth, causing a great fire!
To escape the flames people had to go underground.
Children's Story: by
Here, in caves and caverns, the people built a Eutropian city.
They named this new world Mantlelonia.
Children's Story: by
They discovered that underground living can be good, with all the beauty and resources as in their old world.
Except that they lost the sun for light and warmth. So they created light from Lumineers.
Children's Story: by
Mantlelonia is ruled by a King and Queen. The King has absolute power over all.
Mantlelonia is operated like any place that was on top ground. They had the rule of law, a flag, and a religion too.
Children's Story: by
One day, the Queen presented the King with an heir to the throne.
The precious bundle delighted the King, but there was a problem!
Children's Story: by
The Prince had a deformed left leg.
It grew twisted from the knee down, and the King cried when he saw it.
In Mantlelonia a baby born with any defect is put to death.
It is the number one law.
'How can a King put his own child to death?' he thought.
Children's Story: by
After much soul searching, the King made the only decision a King could make.
He had to obey the number one rule of the land.
"It must be done!" he cried.
He sent his guards to the royal nursery to take the child away and have it put to death.
Children's Story: by
The Queen was warned before the Guards arrived.
Fearing for her baby, she sent her trusted maid to take the child to the old hermit who lives in deeper caves.
Children's Story: by
"I beg you, Augie, on behalf of the Queen, hide her son the Prince.
Never let him know who he really truly is. Raise him for her."
Children's Story: by
Augie's home cave is very cosy. There is much comfort, plenty of good food and Augie loves to cook, producing so many nice smells in the cave kitchen.
Any boy would be happy living in this environment.
Children's Story: by
Caving is a fun way to grow up.
Caves are the coolest place to live and play.
The best part of life here is Augie's storytelling.
The Prince became enthralled by the telling of heroes in battle and Kings who conquered.
The Prince wanted to be a hero in battle and a King who also conquered.
Children's Story: by
Hero would imagine himself as a Prince leading his army into battle.
From then on Augie gave him his name - Hero.
In his imagination Hero was armed with a sword. He slayed enemies and monsters.
Children's Story: by
As the years passed Hero became a teenager.
His birth defect had not altered his normal growth in any way.
Hero had overcome his disability.
He could walk, jump, climb and leap like anyone else.
What he lacked was social development.
He was cut off from other people, so he could not speak to them.
Children's Story: by
One day Augie received a visitor.
A lady had come to talk to Augie of a life and death matter.
Hero was fascinated with this elegant lady, he had, up to now, only heard of them in stories. He shyly listened in.
The lady said to Augie "I have come to fetch the Prince."
"Who is the Prince?" Hero asked.
It was time to tell Hero of his past and his destiny.
Hero was very surprised.
The lady explained how she brought him to Augie as an infant.
"I saved you," she told Hero "but now it is time to tell you of your past, and your future destiny."
Children's Story: by
The lady explained, "The King, your father, has been murdered in his bed.
His evil brother is plotting to take the throne.
Your mother, the Queen, is in great danger. You must rise up and protect your mother and recapture the Kingdom.
Your evil uncle must not become King.
Children's Story: by
Augie realized what had to be done.
"Hero cannot command an army with a disability. The citizens would not follow him.
I must take him to Topworld, where medicine and surgery is permitted.
On Topworld, surgeons can straighten Hero's leg.
Children's Story: by
The two travellers, Augie and Hero, set out.
The journey to Topworld was long and the way pitted with danger.
Only Augie, and a few others, knew of the secret passage.
Children's Story: by
To get to Topworld, one had to fight the Tardi, - great creatures that blocked the way.
At last, after a gruelling trek, Augie led the two to their destination.
The entrance, to access Topworld, was also the door to the land of the Yee.
Children's Story: by
The Yee are creatures living in the farthest deepest regions underground.
Pictured here is the ruler of the Yee and he is a good friend of Augie's and Hero.
When they meet up, Hero exclaimed with happiness "Itchy!"
He cried when he recognized his old friend.
Children's Story: by
The entrance to Topworld was a lift, a sort of elevator.
The elevator lifted them up, and then suddenly it came to a stop.
Children's Story: by
A heavy door disappeared into a side slot in the wall, and when it opened all the way, it revealed a world of light.
High in the sky Hero saw the sun shining for the first time. He squinted because of the powerful light. They were on Topworld.
Children's Story: by
Stepping off a shallow platform Hero discovered he had just been in an elevator made out of a giant tree.
Many more surprises were in store.
Afterwards they returned to Mantlelonia.
Hero had matured a lot since this journey began, and he was soon was able to imagine himself as a leader.
Children's Story: by
He raised the Mantlelonian army from in hiding, and along with the loyalists, they stormed the castle where his evil uncle had lived.
And where his mother was imprisoned.
Children's Story: by
Hero and his army charged the well-defended castle wall.
After a bloody battle they took the castle.
He released his mother and other prisoners.
He also banished his evil uncle.
Children's Story: by
Hero restored peace and prosperity to Mantlelonia.
He also changed the number one law.
From that day forward all babies born imperfect would be allowed to live.
Surgeons and doctors were brought down from Topworld, to start the first hospital.
Children's Story: by
As a ruler Hero brings positive change to his nation. He united Mantlelonia with Topworld and a trade route is established.
Further on, Hero discovers the great secret of Mantlelonia which you can read about in coming scrapbook stories.
The Yee, of course, still remain incognito and keep in hiding for another l000 years.

The End
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