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  Joy To The World
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Children's Story: by
This story is about a young whale, far far away in the Atlantic Ocean.
The whale's name is Joy.
She is playing joyfully with the waves in the part of the ocean farthest away from any coastline.
Joy is jumping from one wave to another fully enjoying her freedom, the sun is shining through the waves and onto her shiny grey skin.
Joy is a lonely whale, she doesn't remember how long it has been since she left her family, she cannot even remember their faces.
All she remembers is that her older brother said to her that it is time for her to go away and search for herself in the deep blue ocean.
She remembers those first days when she felt so lonely and scared, especially at nights. As she remembers those lonely nights, when all the lights of the ocean disappeared and darkness took over, she shivers.
Joy has been through difficult times.
After giving her big brother a hug with her huge gills she launched forward and did not look behind, this is what her brother told her to do.
He said that if she looked back she would never be able to go and that would mean she would never grow up and become a mature, wise and trustworthy whale.
So she knew she shouldn't look back and she didn't.
In her family every young whale had to leave and go in search for his or her soul in the huge ocean. Searching for their soul meant that they had to go as far as their gills and tails would take them.
When they reached the right spot they had to take a number of dives.
With each dive they must bring up different coloured beads from the deep of the blue ocean.
It is only when they had enough beads of all colours to cover their enormously large neck that they could come back to the family waters.
Joy already had most of the beads needed for her necklace around her neck and as they shined in the sun she was very proud of them.
She swayed among the waves and sang the most beautiful and the most melancholic songs that anybody had ever heard.
She was happy to be free, yet so scared because she was all alone!
'Change is difficult' she thought as the pain and the fear of loneliness filled her, especially at nights.
This new freedom was joyful and made her grow but it had its negative side to it as it also brought some insecurity and fear.
Being alone and existing on your own was not so easy.
Thank goodness she knew that after she had her necklace around her neck she could go back home and embrace the feelings of warmth, affection and love that she missed so much now!
"Nothing is perfect I guess" she mumbled to herself as she woke up this morning feeling the sweet and comforting warmth of the morning sun on her .
Although she enjoyed her freedom in the deepest part of the ocean, she also missed her loved ones.
Today was the day!
She had to find those last few beads and swim fast back to her beloved home!
She sprang out of the water on her tail and took a deep breath, she spurted some water from the top of her head and went down on the deepest dive she had ever taken into the deep blue ocean.
As she moved down into the depths she was trying to focus her eyes on the three colours that were still missing from her necklace.
Red, Purple and Orange.
She had beads of all other colours that existed on earth except for these three.
At the deepest point of her dive she noticed another whale struggling to separate two beads, a white one which was stuck to a bright orange one.
She rushed to the spot and asked with her eyes if she could help.
The whale agreed.
Obviously he was also desperately trying to get all his beads and go back to his own home.
The two whales used all their strength and once they were up on the surface both had a new bead in their mouths.
This was just pure good luck!
Joy had in her mouth what the other whale needed, a white bead!
The other whale had exactly what Joy needed, an orange bead.
A brief conversation set the grounds for a fond and deep friendship ending with the two whales exchanging their beads.
The new whale's name was Glory.
He only needed a white bead and now that his necklace was complete he could go back to his family.
However to Joy's, surprise he did not go.
He said he would stay with Joy to help her find the red and purple beads.
Joy was crazy with joy, all of a sudden, like magic, her feelings of loneliness had evaporated!
They swam together towards the new moon that looked orange on the horizon, the beauty of the colours were awesome!
A glittering light caught both their eyes.
A little further away was a huge rock and on it lay two huge and bright, sparkly beads.
Joy could not believe her eyes as Glory rushed towards the rock and took the red one under his left gill and the purple one under his right gill.
He was stuck on the rock and could not move in this position so Joy swam to him and first slipped the sparkly red bead on her necklace and then completed it by adding the purple one too.
Glory then slipped off the rock.
In the middle of the ocean, as the sun was going down and the new moon hastily coming up, the two whales were 'gill in gill', dancing over the waves and their beads were reflecting the sun's last rays through all the different colours in the world..
Something had changed for good and nothing would ever be the same again!
Love was vibrating in the hearts of Joy and Glory.
Would they go back to their families?
We don't know because the story ends at this wonderful moment of light and love.


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