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  Little Howie The Pony And Mrs Nasty
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Children's Story: by
One day, little Howie the pony asked his mummy, who was called Yoska, if he could go and play in the big field with the big horses.
Yoska said, "Oh no little Howie, you are far too small, and you would get hurt, just play with your big brother Storm, here in this field."
But Howie was a naughty little pony, and very spoilt because he was so beautiful.
The next day his mummy and his big brother were eating their lunch, lovely juicy hay, while he had already finished his, because he was so greedy.
Howie had an idea, but then thought about what his mummy had said to him, "Never play in the big field because Mrs. Nasty is there."
But he still wanted to go and play with the big horses.
When his mummy and brother weren't looking, he quietly walked away and went to the big field.
When he got to the gate, he looked and looked for the big horses, but the field was so big he could not see any of them.
In the mean time, his mummy and his brother were looking everywhere for him.
Yoska was very upset.
His big brother thought he knew where Howie was, but he did not tell his mummy.
'Serves him right' he thought, 'he is such a naughty little boy.'
Howie walked through the big gate and trotted along until he saw a very big horse.
He walked slowly towards him, looked up at the big horse, saying,
"Hello, my name is Howie what is your name."
The big horse looked down at him and said. "I'm called Mr. Baboosh, what do you want?"
"Will you play with me," said Howie.
Mr. Baboosh said to him, "I'm far too big to play with you little Howie, you would get hurt, now go away you silly boy."
Howie stamped his hoof down.
Mr. Baboosh had turned away, but then he looked back and said "Don't go anywhere near Mrs. Nasty."
Children's Story: by
Howie trotted up the big field and then he saw another big horse, so he ran very fast up to him and said, "Hello, my name Howie, what is your name."
The big horses looked down at him and said, "My name is Mr. Gypsy, what do you want?"
"Will you play with me," said Howie.
The big horse looked down at him and said. "I'm far too big to play with you little Howie, now go away you silly boy, you would only get hurt."
Howie stamped his hoof down again, "Oh," he said "I'm so fed up!"
Mr. Gypsy had turned away, but then looked back and said, "Don't go anywhere near Mrs. Nasty."
Howie looked around and said, "So, mummy, Mr. Baboosh and Mr. Gypsy have all said keep away from Mrs. Nasty, but who is she? Well, I don't care, I'm going to find her and maybe she will play with me!"
He trotted along in the big field, but still could not see any other horses.
He looked and looked, and then, at the far end of the big field, he spotted another horse, but she looked so small because he was so far away.
He began to run and run until he reached the end of the field, but she was a big horse.
Howie had run so fast that he could hardly speak.
After puffing and panting he looked up at the big horse and said. "Hello my name is Howie, what is your name."
"My name is Mrs. Nasty, what do you want?"
He looked up trembling and said, "Will you play with me please."
Mrs. Nasty started to laugh and said, "I'm far too big to play with you, you would only get hurt!"
Howie stood his ground and stamped his hoof down again.
"I'm not too little, now you play with me or I will tell my mummy," he said
Mrs. Nasty looked at him and frowned, "If you don't go away I will bite your bottom," she said.
Children's Story: by
He felt very brave and said, "No you won't, now you play with me!" he shouted.
The next thing Howie was crying and neighing because Mrs. Nasty did bite his bottom!
Howie ran and ran, out of the big field, passing Mr. Gypsy and Mr. Baboosh.
When he reached the little field he slowed down.
He could hear his mummy and his big brother calling out for him.
His mummy turned around and there was Howie, standing with is head bowed down.
"Little Howie!" shouted mummy and ran over to him. "Where have you been?"
Howie still had is head down, looking at the floor.
When he looked up he said, "I have been up to the big field to play with the big horses."
"Oh dear," said mummy.
She looked at her little boy and said, "How many times have I told you not to go up to the big field."
"I know," said Howie, "I'm very sorry!"
His mummy asked Howie if he had he met anybody.
"Yes," said Howie, "I met Mr. Baboosh but he would not play."
"And what did he say to you?" asked his mummy
"He told me to stay away from Mrs. Nasty,"
"I see," said his mummy, "and did you see anyone else?"
"Yes, I met another big horse called Mr. Gypsy,"
"And did he tell you anything?"
"Yes, he told me to stay away from Mrs. Nasty,"
"What did you do Howie?"
"I went to find Mrs. Nasty," he said.
"Oh dear, and what happened?"
"Well, I saw Mrs. Nasty at the very end of the big field, and I ran up to her."
"And what did she say to you?"
"She asked me what I wanted!"
"And what did you say to her?"
"I asked her if she would play with me," Howie started to cry again.
"Then what happened?"
"She said she would bite my bottom, and I told her, that I would tell my mummy if she did not play with me."
"Oh dear, now tell me what Mrs. Nasty has done to you."
Howie looked up and said, almost in a whisper, "she bit my bottom mummy, and it hurt, and she made me cry."
Mummy Yoska, and his big brother Storm, both started to laugh.
"Not funny," said Howie.
Children's Story: by
"Now little Howie, will you listen to your mother in the future and do as I tell you?" she said.
Howie started to laugh and laugh.
"Yes mummy, I'm very sorry, and I will always listen to you, mummy knows best!"

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