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  Monarch And The Ant Family
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As the family of ants walked down a milkweed tree they noticed an oval white egg lying on a leaf.
Hanna, the little girl ant, asked her father "What is that on that leaf father?"
"It's an egg that will turn into a caterpillar in 12 days."
"What is a caterpillar?" she asked.
"You'll see," said her father, "you'll see."
"It's a monster that is going to eat you up," replied her brother Jack.
"Stop that Jack," said her mother, "that is not true."
Every day, as they marched down the milkweed tree, Hanna would look at the egg and get excited wondering what really was going to happen.
Then on the 12th day, as she got near the egg, what she saw made her stop cold.
"Father, what is that" she asked?
"It's a caterpillar."
Hanna hid behind her father, so scared, but her father said, "don't be afraid he won't hurt you."
"HELLO" said the caterpillar.
"Hi" said her father, "this is my family Mrs. Hormiga, Jack and Hanna."
"HELLO everyone, my name is Monarch, where are you going?"
"We are going down to get food for the day, want to come?" asked Mr. Hormiga
"No" said Monarch "I have all the food I need here in this milkwood tree. I need to eat as much as I can because in two weeks I will turn into a cocoon and I won't be able to eat for a while."
"OK, see you when we get back" said Mr. Hormiga.
"Bye," said Monarch.
As they walked away, Hanna asked, "What is a cocoon father?"
"You'll see," he said," you'll see."
Hanna again got excited.
Every day she would talk to Monarch and they became good friends.
"Monarch," said Hanna "will you always be my friend?"
"Sure will," said Monarch.
On the second week Hanna came running but could not find Monarch.
She was scared! "Father! Father! Monarch is gone. Do you think he fell off the tree?"
"Yea, he fell ha ha," said Jack "and you will never see him again."
"No, he didn't" said Mrs. Homage, "stop that Jack."
"I don't think he fell," said her father.
"Yes, yes, he fell, let's go and look for him!"
"Wait," said Mr. Homage as he started walking under the tree branch. "Look, there he is!"
"What is that?" said Hanna.
"That's Monarch, a cocoon."
"So that's what a cocoon looks like," she said.
Mr. Homage called out "Monarch, Monarch, are you there?"
"Yes," Mr. Hormiga, "I'm here."
"Are you OK?" asked Hanna.
"I sure am, don't worry, I'll be just fine."
"Can I bring you something to eat?" asked Hanna.
"No thanks, I ate enough to last me two weeks, then I will turn into a butterfly."
"OK" said Hanna "but are you sure your OK?"
"Yes I am," said Monarch.
As the Hormiga family walked down the tree Hanna asked her father. "What is a butterfly father?"
"You'll see." he replied. "You'll see!"
"It's a monster that is going to eat you up!" said Jack.
"Stop it Jack," said Mrs. Hormiga. "It's not true sweetie, you'll see!"
Hanna would rush to greet Monarch. "Hello Monarch, how are you this morning?"
"I'm fine and how are you."
"OK" said Hanna. "Will you be in there long?" she asked.
"About two weeks, then I will be able to fly out of here. I promise I will take you for the ride of your life."
"OK" said Hanna.
As they walked down the tree Hanna asked her father. "What is flying father?"
"You'll see," he replied "you'll see."
For two weeks Hanna would rush ahead of everyone to talk to Monarch, but on the second week she could not find him.
"Oh no, Monarch is gone."
"He can't be gone, he promised me a ride," said Hanna, "and he wouldn't go without saying goodbye. He's my friend!"
'Maybe he fell off the tree', she thought.
"Let's go and find Monarch" she cried out loud. "I think he fell out of the tree, he's not here."
Hanna ran down the tree but could not find him anywhere.
"He flew away without saying goodbye and without giving me a ride" she said crying.
"Don't you worry," said her father, "he's fine somewhere"
But Hanna was very sad!
On their way home Monarch was still not there, Hanna was very worried and unhappy.
The next morning Hanna again was the first one to go see if Monarch was there.
"He's not here, father, where could he be."
"I don't know baby," said her father.
Then, all of a sudden, they heard something.
"Look!" said Jack, "what is that?"
"It's a butterfly," said his mother.
"A butterfly?" said Hanna. "Then it's Monarch! Look father, isn't he big and so beautiful?"
"He sure is." said her father.
"What is he doing," asked Hanna?
"He's flying!"
"Flying?" she said. "Oh my, he's in the air, won't he fall?"
"No, that's what butterflies do. They fly!"
"Hello everyone!" said Monarch as he landed on the branch.
"Monarch, you scared me." said Hanna, "I thought you were hurt and I would never see you again."
"I just went out to try my wings, and they work pretty well. Want to go for that ride I promised you?" said
"Go up in the sky with you and fly?" said Hanna.
"Yes come on."
"No, I'm scared!" she replied.
"I promise that I will take good care of you," said Monarch "is that OK, Mr. Hormiga," he asked.
"Sure is" replied her father.
"Will you give me a ride too" asked Jack?
"Sure will." said Monarch.
"Go on Hanna, I'll help you get on." said Jack.
"Grab on tight" said Monarch and they flew away.
"Oh my" said Hanna, "this flying feels scary."
"Isn't this forest beautiful?" said Monarch.
"I don't know I'm afraid to open my eyes."
"Open your eyes and see everything, open your eyes!"
Then Hanna opened her eyes and she was astonished.
"What is that?" she asked.
"That's the forest where you live."
"And that?"
"The sky."
"And that?"
"The lake."
Hanna was so excited!
"Everything is so big and so beautiful, I love this flying. Come on Monarch lets go see some more, flying feels wonderful and look at all these things. Thank you Monarch let's go!" said Hanna.
They flew away, as Hanna observed so many of the things she had never seen before.
They all lived happily ever after.
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