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  My Dream Time Travel
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Children's Story: by

It was a peaceful day and I was sitting quietly at home.
Suddenly I heard screaming coming from the kitchen so I ran to see what had happened, the news was really surprising.
My mom told me that time travel had been invented!
At first I just asked if she really thought she could fool me, but the neighbours were screaming about the same thing.
I got so excited I nearly exploded, I just couldn't believe it!
But there was one problem; I probably wouldn't get to use it for years, until it became cheap enough.
At that moment the phone rang, it was one of my friends calling me; we spent hours chatting about the time travel machine.
Suddenly the phone started beeping.
"Hold on," I said, "I'm getting another call."
At first I assumed it would just another friend of mine, but when I found out who it was I was in even bigger shock than before.
It was Prof. Timeman, the person who had invented time travel!
I couldn't believe my ears, I thought it was a trick and was just about to put down the phone when a voice on the other end said, "We have chosen you to try time travel."
I slowly raised the phone and asked, "Can you please repeat that?"
I was starting to believe this really was Prof. Timeman.
He said, "Ahir Verma, you have been chosen to try time travel"
I couldn't believe it, I ran to tell my parents but they didn't believe me, I told them to come to the phone.
I redialled the number and sure enough the same person picked up.
"Prof. Timeman?" I asked.
"Yes Ahir, come quickly, the machine is wasting its battery."
My parents couldn't believe it either!
I rushed to the place where Prof. Timeman had told me to go.
It was a big building, shining bright, with the words TIME CORP LTD on the front.
I went inside and found Prof. Timeman waiting for me.
"You are here!" he exclaimed, "We are all very excited over the invention of time travel. Follow me; let me show you the machine."
We entered a big room and there it was, a giant machine; the time machine!
It was amazing, and it was transparent, you could see the wires inside, it was so intricate!
Prof. Timeman told me that it bent two points in time together, and then moved you to the other point.
As long as the time machine kept the time bent, you could come back to your time whenever you wanted to.
"So we want you to be the second one ever to use this machine" he said.
Then he asked, "Where in time do you want to go? We are only capable of going within 5 years of now."
I thought for a long time and then replied, "I want to go to where I will live 5 years from now to meet my older self."
"Very well," he said, "Step into the machine."
I stepped inside.
Prof. Timeman closed the door and pressed a few buttons.
The machine started whirring, then it started to move; the whole machine was spinning so I held on to the railings on the side.
As I looked out I saw something that amazed me.
I saw myself as a baby, then seconds later as a toddler, then a young child!
Then I saw myself as I was now, I saw myself from seconds ago, looking out of a time machine.
Then I saw a person who looked like me, but older!
It was a teenager with my face; it must be me in the time that I was travelling to. Then the machine started slowing down.
It settled onto my backyard!
I looked around, everything seemed different, so, so modern.
I stepped out of the machine and walked up the steps to the house.
When I rang the doorbell my mom, but older, opened the door.
"I know you are not going to believe this, but I am your son."
"Oh I believe it," she said, "come in."
I went in, surprised that she was not questioning me to make sure this wasn't a trick.
"Why aren't you surprised?" I asked.
"Well, we've had you here before.
You see, after you came here the first time, you came back again many times."
"Oh that makes sense," I said, "I keep on getting confused with this time travel business."
I looked around the house.
It looked so new, almost everything was run by a touch screen computer.
"This place is amazing!" I said.
"Well, if I can remember how it was 5 years ago, it's gotten quite amazing since then." said my mom.
Then I awkwardly asked, "Can I meet Ahir, I mean me, I mean older Ahir, I mean older me?..."
"Of course," said my mom.
I went into the living room to see myself, but older, sitting on the couch.
"Oh, you're here again, I mean I'm here again," my older self said, "This looks like you are at the time when you, I mean I, first came here!"
"Well I am," I said, "Nice to meet you, I mean me, Oh whatever!"
My older self laughed.
"I remember when I was you at the same age that you are now, I remember having trouble saying those same things; mainly because I am you!"
"That makes sense," I said, "Could you also tell my 5-year future?"
"Yes I could," he said, "but we'll save that for the end of your trip.
Let's take a tour of the house."
He showed me around the house.
The oven was set by pressing touch screen buttons on a computer panel and the heat was adjusted by sliding your finger!
The stove worked in a similar way, except it had no fire.
You could control your bed's heat by the touch of a screen button and you could adjust the heat of shower water in the same way.
Also, the entire house was run on solar energy!
I couldn't believe how computerised it was, and to think that this would be my house in 5 years!
I stayed in the house for days, had fun with all the modern technology, and learned what I would be like when I was older.
I would go home in 2 more days.
Then, in my regular time, Prof. Timeman was scared...
"The time machine is breaking down" he yelled, "if the two points in time fall away from each other Ahir will get trapped in the time he is in now!"
Then the two points in time started falling away from each other.
I noticed the whole world started shaking.
"Everything is shaking!" I shouted, but everyone said they didn't know what I was talking about.
This was probably because I was the one who had come from a different time!
Then my older self said, "I remember this happening 5 years ago, you are going to freeze in time, brace yourself!"
Suddenly everything started slowing down, from my perspective.
I became slower and slower until the whole world and I were frozen in time.
Meanwhile my older self realised something, he told everyone that there was no need to be afraid as he remembered this happening to him and that he was rescued, which meant that I too must be rescued in the next couple of minutes.
Meanwhile Prof. Timeman was panicking.
Just then the time machine started working, the time portal opened but there was
still a problem; it was extremely unstable, which is why I could have a few minor bursts of movement, but they were negligible.
Prof. Timeman took a chance; he tried to tell the time machine to go to where I was. It worked, well sort of!
Because the machine was unstable, he partly went into the time I was in, and partly stayed in his time.
Therefore he was not frozen.
He came into the house, found me and held my hand.
Instantly I became free from the timely prison.
Because he was touching me, I too was partly in my own time, but not completely.
Still holding Prof. Timeman's hand I said goodbye to my mom and my older self, we got into the time machine.
As it became completely stable we went home.
When we got there I had only been away for a few hours!
I went to my house and gave my mom a big hug, I told her all about my trip, and lived happily in my house.

Epilogue: 5 Years Later...

I was sitting in my house, the exact house my older self had shown me 5 years ago. Then the doorbell rang; my mom opened the door, talked for a minute and then let the person in.
The person walked into the living room, I found my 5 year younger self in front of me...
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