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  Pisces And The Tiger
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"Get up! Get up!" chattered Pisces the Grey Parrot.
"Feed the birds! Water the birds!"
"It's not even six yet, go back to sleep," mumbled a yawning Pam.
"Hungry birds! Thirsty birds!"
"Okay, okay," she replied, "why do I need an alarm clock when I have you?"
After Pam fed and watered the birds Pisces said, "Outside, Outside."
Each day Pisces spent a few hours on the deck of the fenced in yard taking care of business.
On this particular day Pisces chattered with Berry Waxwing, Bloke Blue Jay, Cornball Catbird, Nervy Nuthatch, and Zippy Chicadee.
While Zippy's family sipped from the bird bath, a Calico cat leaped up and scared them away.
"Hey!" shouted Pisces, "our agreement with the cats is that they drink at night while the birds are sleeping."
"I am Tiger the Terrible," he snarled, "I do what I want."
The big cat slurped without concern.
"Well, I am Mayor of the backyard and you broke the rules."
Tiger pawed at Pisces' cage and hissed.
"You'd better watch out," warned Pisces, "I have friends in high places."
"Yeah, right," growled Tiger.
Tiger tried to look tough; he swished his tail and extended his claws.
Paeter Woodpecker, Chief of the Piliated Police Patrol, observed the encounter from his lofty perch.
Suddenly he swooped toward the invader and squawked.
The big bully bolted.
"Good work!" said Pisces, "you just earned a raise."
Tiger felt angry and embarrassed so he hatched a plan.
The next day Tiger, his son Simba (a kitten), and his feline friends Charlie, Dewey the Digger, Eagle Eye Max, Gizmo, and Sam quietly crawled to the edge of the yard.
Dewey dug a hole under the fence.
"Max," ordered Tiger, "go behind that brush pile and give the signal when the coast is clear."
Eagle Eye surveyed the yard and trees.
He spotted the Piliated Police taking a suet break.
High above Cornball Catbird heard the plan and meowed, like catbirds can, a fake 'all clear' signal.
Tiger and his crew crept into the yard, but Bloke Bluejay busted them and sounded the alarm.
"We are placing the lot of you under arrest for disturbing the peace!" said Chief of Police Paeter.
The birds watched from the branches. The tension tightened, no one moved.
Before the cats could be cuffed Bloke blurted out, "Look, the sky, it's getting green!"
"Hail!" shouted Pisces.
The birds took cover in tree cavities and bird houses.
The cats dashed under the deck while the wind whipped wildly.
"Whoa," said Pisces, whose cage tipped over and tumbled to the ground.
"Where's Simba?" shouted Tiger.
The kitten had slipped on the icy grass and fallen.
Pisces pried open the safety pin of his cage door and stumbled out, with his stainless steel food plate squeezed over his head.
He crisscrossed the yard while hail stones pelted his helmet.
"Meow, meow, meow," cried Simba.
"There you are," said Pisces, who gathered up the kitten and returned him to his father.
After a few fierce minutes the storm stopped.
"Pisces, thank you for saving my son," said a grateful Tiger, "I will never forget it."
Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred.
"Are you okay, Pisces?" asked Pam, who cuddled Simba.
"Other than a few bumps and bruises, I feel fine."
"Listen," said Pisces.
"I hear it," said Tiger.
The sound of birds and cats chatting with each other like real chums had never been heard before.
"This is wonderful," said Pisces. "Birds of a feather and cats of a fur...or something like that."
The birds and cats cackled ... as birds and cats sometimes do.
The End

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