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  Stitches In Magic
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


A magical adventure between a rag doll named Stitches who was magically brought to life by a
6 year old Witchling named Margo Nowak.
After Margo steals a magic book from her parents forbidden library, an unexpected adventure occurs.
How will Stitches save the day?
Life is a wonderful thing.
The adventures that cause me to experience emotions, such as love, are worth the simulated breaths I take.
My name is Stitchalina Hania Nowak, Stitches for short.
I'm a rag doll who was brought to life by a six-year-old named Margo Nowak.
Margo Nowak is a witchling, a title given to young and inexperienced witches.
Margo's bloodline goes back to Malopolska, now known as Poland, during the reign of King Boleslaw the Brave.
The Nowak family are from a long line of Polish witches.
I've been with them since being stitched together by Margo's great, great, grandmother.
Over the years I was passed down from Nowak girl to Nowak girl, until I was given to Margo.
Even though I have been around for decades, I've only been alive since a year from Tuesday.
Margo is a genius and was able to read magic books since the age of four.
By giving me life, she thought she could prove to her parents that she should be a part of any adventure in which they may partake.
The plan failed, but we have been practically sisters ever since.
I shouldn't mention this, but we have gone on a few secret adventures ourselves.
The most recent is happening now and I believe I am experiencing fear.
Jumping off Margo's bed as it flew up into the sky may have been a little foolish, but somebody must be the hero.
You're probably wondering how we got to this point, as I am wondering if I'm going to hit a field or the creek.
This all started about three hours ago while I was in her room having tea with Grey Bear and Molly Wets-a-lot the third.
Bosco, the slobbering sheepdog, had for some reason claimed the previous two as his chew toys.
"More tea Grey?" I offered, as I held up a small ceramic tea pot.
Grey just looked at me with a blank stare.
I really need to talk to Margo about making me some friends.
Suddenly Margo rushed into her room, locked her door, and leapt into her bed.
Curiosity, one of my top five favourite emotions, got the better of me as I excused myself from my inanimate friends to my only living friend.
"Margo, are you alright?" I asked as I climbed up the thick bed post to the top of her bed. Margo had pulled the comforter over herself.
This usually meant she was either scared or hiding something!
Seeing that there wasn't a thunderstorm and the lights were on, I concluded she was up to no good.
"Go away Stitches, I'd like to be left alone." Margo replied from under the comforter.
'Definitely up to no good,' I thought to myself as I pulled up a corner of the comforter and crawled in.
There sat red-haired, pony-tailed, freckle-faced Margo Nowak.
She sat pretzel-style with her bed cover on top of her head reading what looked to be an old leather bound book.
"What are you reading? Doesn't look like Dr. Seuss." I asked, trying to get a closer look.
"I haven't read Dr. Seuss in 5 years Stitches." Margo answered as she put her foot up, blocking me from getting closer.
I suddenly caught the title and blurted out, "The Book of Intermediate Magic and Spells. How did you get that out of your parents' library?"
"I kind of used the Orb of Aion to freeze time while I snuck into their library." Margo answered.
"Did you remember to unfreeze time?" I asked, torn between admiration for her creativity, and anger at her for using a powerful, magical device unsupervised.
"Are we having this conversation?" Margo sarcastically replied.
"Well then, Little Miss Smarty-Pants, you need to march that book right back before your parents notice it's missing." I ordered, hoping she didn't notice the panic in my voice.
"What's the big deal? I'm way smarter than my age and I've already proven that my spell casting is better than any witch twice my age."
"That would still only make you twelve and that's far too young for that book. If you're not going to return it, then I am going to tell your parents." I said in a firm voice.
I turned to go and suddenly was pinned down by Margo's foot.
Darn my stuffing! I have no muscles to even try to fight my way out.
"Take it easy Stitches; I'm just going to do a simple spell. Okay?
Then I'll put the book back. No harm, no foul." Margo explained.
"A simple spell? What would be an intermediate "simple" spell? One would say bringing me to life was not a simple spell, and you got that from the easy spell book." I pointed out from under her foot.
"You are correct. So how about a little levitation?" Margo asked.
"Levitation?" I repeated.
A simple float around the room wouldn't be so bad. I mean, her parents would be fine with it as long as she was being watched by a responsible person. I'm not technically a person, but I believe I have proven myself to be responsible.
"Okay a little levitation should be fine. If you like, I'll even let you hover around the room."
Margo giggled. "Let me? So cute Stitches."
She lifted her foot and I crawled over and sat next to her.
"How long will this spell take?" I asked, worried that her parents would walk in and catch us with the book.
"Hmm, well let's see." Margo pulled the comforter off her head, cleared her throat, and intricately waved her hands while she chanted.
"I wish to rise, I wish to float, I wish to rise, I wish to float."
"That's from the Intermediate spell book? It seems so bas..." I started to say as Margo had repeated it a third time and without warning the bed started to shake.
I cranked my head up as the bed rocketed upwards.
The ceiling came quickly but the large bed posts acted as battering rams, punching through the ceiling.
Pieces of wood, plaster, and shingles scattered around as we escaped to the outside.
The higher we flew from the house, the more the wind blew.
The comforter unexpectedly blew off the bed and I watched it fly into the night sky.
A barn owl rapidly swooped passed our heads, snatched it out of the air, and flew away into the night.
I looked up and noticed the moon growing bigger as we got closer to it.
"Margo, you need to stop this before we hit outer space!"
Margo's arm trembled, and I noticed she was scared to death, "I don't like this."
"Well, I told you not to use that book." I scolded.
"No, you said that a little levitation was fine." Margo replied.
"Well this is not a little levitation!" I yelled, "Now please stop this!"
"Fine." Margo answered as she continued to read the spell then yelled "The spell will stop!" Followed by clamping her hands together.
Abruptly the bed halted and hovered in place.
Dark clouds engulfed the moon as I released Margo's arm.
I army-crawled to the edge of the bed and looked over; we were pretty far up.
Through the blackness, I was able to make out a tiny beam of light from the hole above Margo's room.
"I can still see home!" I cheered, "What does it say about getting down?"
"It's too dark; I can't make out the words."
Margo's voice trembled as she started to panic.
As soon as she panicked I knew it was up to me. I checked for the owl, closed my eyes, and I leapt from the bed.
This wind was strong; what if it pushes me to the creek? I'll sink and never be found. Please let me hit a soft patch of grass, free of Boscos' doody truffles.
Nothing would be more embarrassing than landing in 'that'.
Wait, are those cattails? Oh dear, the creek!
I closed my eyes but instead of cold, wet water, I felt sharp teeth snatch me out of the air and gently place me on the grass.
I opened my eyes to see a panting Bosco standing over me.
At that moment, I felt gratitude for the first time. I stood up and hugged his leg.
Bosco barked letting Margo's parents know where we were.
It seems Margo's parents had immediately gone looking for us as soon as they heard the crash and saw the huge hole in the ceiling.
I was told that it was their spell that saved us.
After they brought Margo and the bed safely back to the bedroom, Margo had apologized.
After a wash and spin dry, I returned to Margo's bedroom where she filled me in on her punishment of no dessert or magic of any kind for the next month.
I chuckled, knowing Margo; an adventure can happen in the blink of an eye.
The End
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