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  Syrups First Lesson
Reader Star Rating: Children's Story Star Rating Terms of use: you may view online and freely print a single paper copy of the entire story page for your own personal domestic private use, individual qualified Teachers may also freely print additional paper copies for teaching purposes within their own educational establishment. Any other use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by letter from us, please see the contact us button above.


Hi There Little One, are you ready to travel with me into a land where animals think and act like people?
I have been there many times with my son and my daughters and of course, with my imagination.
Do you know what an imagination is? We all have one, that's for sure!
An imagination is a wonderful part of us, it is not like a TV or a video game or a computer, these are machines and need electricity to work.
An imagination just needs our minds and our hearts to take us anywhere we want to go or be anyone we want to be...
Ready, Set! Here we go....
In a town named The Village of Places there lives a young boy lamb.
His name is Syrup Lamb and he is simply wonderful, like you are.
Syrup's eyes and hair are the same colors as yours are.
Can you see him in your mind now?
Syrup loves to explore and discover new things about all that is around him. Everyday he learns more and more and more without even realizing it.
He teaches what he has learned to his mom and dad and sister and all of his family and friends.
A lot of what he learns and teaches is through love.
Some people think that we can't see love but Syrup is very smart and knows that love can be seen by the way we treat ourselves and other people.
One morning Syrup Lamb woke up in his big bed with his warm covers and soft pillows.
The birds outside his window were calling to him.
One of the birds, called Lily, is one of his closest friends.
Syrup trusts Lily and Lily trusts Syrup to talk to about all kinds of things. They have been friends since they were just little babies!
Syrup always admired Lily because of how high she could fly, way, way, way up into the clouds and blue sky she would fly.
Lily admired Syrup because he could fix just about anything that he could get his little paws on and how he could build anything he dreamed about.
They were perfect friends!
Every day they played or talked together whether it was summer, winter, spring or autumn.
Syrup heard Lily sing, "Syrup my friend, wake up, a new day is here! Whistle, Chirp, Chirp, Whistle."
Syrup heard Lily and giggled out loud, he knew Lily would keep singing her tune to him until he jumped out of bed and ran to his window and said, "I'm awake Lily! Baaah Baaah."
Usually Syrup and Lily would then plan their day, what chores they had to do, if they were going to school, what they would do to have fun.
There were always many things they were excited to do!
Sometimes they wished they didn't have school, but they had to go, so did everyone else, and school is a wonderful place most of the time.
Syrup loves to go home and tell his mom and dad all he learned.
Syrup is especially interested in science.
Lily really likes English and Lily would always be a part of his life, even after they were all grown up and he was a famous astronaut and Lily was a famous singer.
Almost every day Syrup learns new lessons, but now we will talk about his lesson concerning a new boy bull in school named Bully, and Bully sure was a bully bull. With his large body, big horns and long tail he was able to bully the other animals.
On the first Monday morning Bully came to school he acted like he didn't like anyone, he snorted all day, even at the teacher!
All the kids stayed far away from him.
On their walk home Syrup and Lily kept saying how horrible Bully was and how they would never, ever be his friend.
Lilys mom talked to them about being a new animal at school and how scary that must feel.
It was hard for them to imagine how it must feel because they had never moved. Lily's mom told them when she had been a young bird her family changed their nest 3 times! She said she was always scared the other animals wouldn't like her and she would be too different.
She told them they should give Bully another chance and be nice to him the next day at school.
She said maybe it was a mistake staying away from him but luckily, "Mistakes are pencil marks and made to be erased."
So, Syrup and Lily went to school and tried real hard to be nice to Bully, but Bully was never nice back!
Some students kept staying far away from him, some were mean back and some hung out with him and bullied everyone else too!
Syrup thought that Bully was mean to everyone else to try and make himself feel tougher and better.
Sometimes at school in science class, Bully would talk about his swamp home and his big brother and Syrup would want to hear more.
He really hoped Bully would stop being mean so they could be friends one day and he could go to his house.
But Syrup and Lily knew he would just snort at them so they stayed away from him.
One day, after a long, long, long time, Bully walked by Lily and Syrup sitting on Syrup's porch.
He actually waved HI with his tail!
They waved back and asked him if he'd like a snack.
Bully told them he felt so much bigger than everyone else and thought no one liked him so he was mean.
He said that he felt lonely and wanted to play too, he said he was very sorry and hoped they could be friends.
The 3 of them had so much fun together, and from that day on it was always Syrup Lamb, Lily Bird and Bully Bull, the best of friends!
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