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  The Adventures Of Straw Bag
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Straw bag lived in a large house in the country, surrounded by fields and hills.
Children's Story: by
Bag lived there with a number of other bags including hand, shoulder, shopping, clutch and carrier bag.
There were humans in the house, two grownups and three smaller humans.
Children's Story: by
Straw bag loved living in the house and having trips out with the humans when they would put lots of things into her to take with them on their trip.
But most of all straw bag liked it best when the humans had gone up stairs for the end of the day leaving all the bags together down stairs. It was then that the bags became alive and played games such as blind bag bluff or musical handles and they would dance around the kitchen.
Children's Story: by
Straw bag was colourful, with red, blue, yellow and purple lines around her body, she used to think her colours were exotic and danced as if she was from Rio in Brazil or Cuba.
Children's Story: by
One day there was an awful commotion around the house.
All of the humans seemed excited, they were laughing and gathering clothes to put into large bags called suitcases, they were putting swimming costumes, towels and all kinds of creams, making sure they were all neatly packed in.
Children's Story: by
Straw bag could understand what humans were saying and soon realised that the humans were going on holiday on a very big ship.
She wondered if she might be going with them.
It soon became apparent that she would be going, as they started to put items into her such as passports and tickets.
Later that day all the family left in a big taxi.
Children's Story: by
The taxi driver put the suitcases into the trunk of the car and straw bag went into the rear with the human mother and children.
Soon they were at the seaside.
Straw bag could see the sea, sand and seagulls, also alongside a big pier she saw a huge ship.
Children's Story: by
The family left the taxi and walked towards the ship.
A man wanted to check their tickets, which the mother took out of straw bag, then all the family went up a little alleyway, called a gangway, and boarded the ship.
Everyone was so excited, including straw bag who had never ever been on a ship before.
A man called a steward took them to a cabin that had a balcony overlooking the sea.
Straw bag was left in the cabin with the suitcases and the other bags, as the family of humans went off to explore.
All of the bags, including the suitcases, started to talk to each other excitedly, wondering where they were going, could it be Rio in Brazil or Cuba.
The bags could feel the ship starting to move and soon they were starting to sway from side to side and up and down, the suitcases felt a bit sea sick but straw bag was too excited to even think of it.
Over the next few days straw bag was taken all over the ship as the family explored, there was nothing to see but water all around.
Children's Story: by
One day it was quite windy and the ship was rocking and swaying more than usual, the family were sitting on the deck having some tea and cakes.
Straw bag was sitting next to them when suddenly a huge gust of wind came and caught her, right at her opening, causing straw bag to blow across the desk towards the railings.
The family ran after her but could not catch her and she slipped through the railings and started to fall towards the sea.
Straw bag hit the cold water and started to panic thinking, 'what's going to become of me?'
She had heard of big whales and sharks eating things that were in the water.
Bag felt sure the ship would stop and someone would come for her.
But as she waited for the ship to turn she realised it was not stopping and not turning and was getting smaller and smaller as it sailed further and further away.
Children's Story: by
Poor straw bag, what was she to do she just floated in the water going up and down in the waves and being tossed about.
She floated and floated, it seemed forever, days and nights passed and she did not see another passing ship. It was on one of these days that she saw a big black fin in the water coming towards her.
Children's Story: by
Bag knew that this fin was a shark and started to panic, 'oh no I'm going to be eaten by sharks.'
The shark started to circle around bag.
Children's Story: by
It got closer and closer, suddenly bag saw the sharks body come to the surface of the water and its huge mouth opened showing a row of sharp pointy teeth.
The shark started towards her and she thought 'No it's going to get me' when suddenly the shark lurched sideways as if knocked by something.
Straw bag then saw dolphins swimming and leaping in the water around the shark, scaring it away.
Children's Story: by
The dolphins then came to bag and gently lifted her by her handles and placed her onto the back of a big Turtle.
Children's Story: by
The turtle then swam all day and night until bag could see a beach in the distance.
Children's Story: by
Turtle swam to the beach and crawled onto the sand where straw bag slid off and was so pleased to be on the beach in warm sunshine.
Straw bag thanked the turtle and the dolphins that had followed for helping her.
As straw bag lay there she could hear the chatter of children's voices approaching so she lay very still.
There were a number of children, all with skirts on made from straw.
They were wearing headbands of flowers and were talking in a language that straw bag had not heard before.
Children's Story: by
When they reached straw bag they were laughing and talking, they picked her up and looked inside. There they found out who straw bag belonged to and where they would be staying on their holidays, which just happened to be near where they were.
As it was late they could not go that night, instead the children took straw bag back to their village, their houses were huts made of wood and straw.
Children's Story: by
Straw bag thought to herself, how useful all this straw is, it makes clothes, houses, bags and beds.
That night there was a big fire in the centre of the village and all of the children danced a dance called a 'hula' around it.
Singing and dancing in the moonlight to the exotic music that straw bag had dreamed of.
When no one was looking straw bag would have a little wiggle to the music.
The following day the children took bag and wandered along the beach until they came to a massive looking house which straw bag knew was a hotel.
Children's Story: by
The children went in and asked for the name they had found in the straw bag, they were directed to a room and knocked on the door.
When the door opened, there was bag's owner looking very surprised to see her.
The children told the story of how they found straw bag, and they were rewarded for bringing the bag to the hotel.
Straw bag was taken into the room and was so relieved to be back with her family.
That night when all the humans were asleep she told all of the other bags and suitcases of her adventures.
She could not finish the story as she was so tired from her adventures that she fell asleep whilst talking, happy and content.
The End
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