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  The Adventures Of Ted And Josh No 3 - The Mystery At The Old Cabin
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The day started like most of the other days for Ted and Josh.
They both got up, had breakfast and then Josh called Ted on his cell phone.
They agreed to meet at the park know as Frontier Village.
When Ted rode into the parking lot on his bike he noticed that Josh's bike was already there and locked up in the bike stand, that's where Ted pushed his and placed the lock on.
He figured Josh must be inside drinking some hot chocolate and talking to the lady that runs the store.
He was right on both accounts.
"Morning buddy," Josh called out as Ted walked in.
"Right back at ya," Ted responded," what's going on?"
"Just catching up on the latest news with Miss. Brown," Josh answered, "she's just full of excited stuff this morning."
"Morning Miss. Brown," Ted said as she handed him a cup of hot chocolate, "are you filling his head with ideas for this day?"
"I don't think his head has any room left for anything more from me," Miss. Brown answered with a big smile, "his wheels up there never quit turning."
"I've noticed that," Ted laughed, "and yet he just seems to sneak a little more in there all the time."
"Okay you two," Josh laughed,"let's stop this chewing and start our day exploring."
"I've been ready for 15 minutes," Ted said, "just waiting on you."
Walking outside the two boys went through the back gate of the store and headed off down the trail that led to the forest surrounding the park.
The sun was half hidden by some passing clouds in the sky.
"Is it supposed to rain today," Josh asked, "I didn't hear anything about it."
"Me either," Ted answered, "but even so, it won't rain very much if it does. It's the wrong time of year for any heavy rain in our neck of the woods."
"Do you have any idea where we might be going?" Josh asked.
"No, I thought you did," Ted laughed, "and I'm just following the leader."
"That could get us both into trouble," Josh answered.
"And it usually does," Ted responded.
"Let's head off down by that old mill we found last year," Josh said, "remember that?"
"Yea," Ted said, "we might find some old arrow heads or gold or something."
Josh, looking at his friend, shook his head; "You sure have a mind that works in a funny way sometimes," he laughed.
"I wouldn't be talking about funny minds, if I were you good buddy," Ted said, pushing Josh on the arm.
They were getting near to the old mill that they had discovered last year on one of their back packing trips and both kept looking for the trail that took them down to it.
"It would appear that our doorway has grown up with weeds, while we were away," Ted said as he hacked away at the tall grass that covered the trail on both sides.
"I can't see down through all those trees and bushes like we did last year," Josh answered, "guess we've lost it somewhere."
Children's Story: by
Just then a rabbit ran out from under a bush and sped off down the trail.
"That scared me," Josh said as he jumped.
"Me too!" Ted answered, "but look at where he ran from."
Ted, pulling the weeds and tall grass back some, looked into the spot where that rabbit had been, and there hidden from view was a little trail leading off down into the trees.
"Good find buddy, let's go get-em," Josh said as he pushed past Ted and they both started off down the hidden trail.
Children's Story: by
"Man," Ted said looking around, "I don't remember this trail at all, do you?" he asked.
"No, I don't, but it must go somewhere," Josh answered.
They had been walking down this trail for some time when they noticed that it had started to rain.
"So much for the weather man," Josh smiled.
"You can't believe those people," Ted answered, "but it doesn't look like it's going to rain very hard."
The trail had turned and was now headed up a small incline.
Reaching the crest of the hill, the two boys were standing looking at some old cabin through the tangled weeds and trees.
"Wow!" Ted said, "is that what I think it is?"
"If you were thinking a cabin," Josh said, "I think you're right."
Children's Story: by
"Let's go see," Josh said as he led off up the rock covered trail that went to the door.
"No!" Ted said as he grabbed Josh by the shirt and looking worried, "maybe we shouldn't go up there."
"Why not?" Josh asked, looking around.
"I've heard that some of these old mining cabins aren't very safe," Ted continued, "maybe this is one of those kinds."
"Maybe, but we'll be careful," Josh said, "I want to go check it out."
Looking around, Ted nodded and the two boys made their way up to the old cabin door.
Josh knocked.
"Who are you expecting to be here," Ted asked, "this place hasn't been lived in for some time?"
"Just being a good neighbor, you never know," Josh answered as he tried the old door.
The door had a lock on it but upon closer inspection, Josh found that it wasn't locked at all.
He knocked again.
Children's Story: by
"Okay," Ted said, "we tried, and no answer, let's get out of here!"
"Wait a minute," Josh said as he pushed on the door and it opened a crack, "the door is unlocked"!
"All the more reason we shouldn't go in," Ted said as he stepped back a few steps.
"What's wrong with you today buddy," Josh asked as he pushed open the door some more"?
"Just trying to be safe," Ted said, "that's all."
Stepping inside the old cabin, the two boys looked around and noticed that through the dust covered floor and the cob webs that hung everywhere, it was a good size room with 1 window.
At one end of the room there were a set of stairs that pulled down to a loft that looked very dark when you looked up.
Josh, putting one foot on the bottom step, looked back at Ted and asked; "You ready to check it out up there?"
"Do I look ready?" Ted answered
"Let's do this," Josh said as he took another step up.
"Wait a minute!" Ted said and held his hand up.
"What?" asked Josh.
"Do you hear something moving around up there?" Ted asked.
Josh listened, and then said; "I don't hear anything but the wind and the rain hitting the outside, now let's go!"
"Be my guest," Ted said as he bowed and pointed up the stairs, "just stay close."
That time both boys heard the noise.
Josh stopped his climb and looked down at Ted who was looking up with a scared look on his face.
"I told you, I heard something up there!" Ted whispered.
"I heard that too," Josh whispered back," but we need to find out what it is."
"Why?" asked ted.
The noise started moving closer to the open stairs.
Josh, backing down the steps, kept looking up at the dark opening at the end of the stairs.
Ted whispered; "I'm going to make a break for the door and I expect you to follow."
Too late!
A dark shape appeared at the head of the stairs and let out a harsh growl!
"Out of my way!" Josh screamed as he jumped down from the stairs and moved to the middle of the room where Ted was standing.
Looking up at the top of the stairs, the boys noticed that the stairs were bending under a weight that was coming down.
"I'm out of here!" Ted hollowed as he turned and made a dash for the door.
Josh, his eyes turned on the stairs, started backing toward the doorway.
All of a sudden the old stairs gave way under the weight and a black blur came falling down from the old loft.
Josh, turning, made a run for the door and made it just in time as a black bear cub made his way through the door on the heels on Josh.
That cub was scared to death and was growling and making a grunting noise as he made his way off the porch and toward the trees.
Children's Story: by
The two boys, who were sitting down by this time, had their mouths and eyes wide opened and could do little more than watch as the cub disappeared into the thick underbrush.
Ted spoke first; "OH my Gosh! Did you see that?"
Josh nodded and said nothing.
Finally, he spoke; "I thought that thing had me for sure!"
"A bear cub!" Ted kept repeating, "a bear cub!"
"Yes, a bear cub and a big one too!" Josh said as he pulled himself to an upright position, "I thought I was a goner!"
"So did I," Ted joined in, "and then I figured it would come and eat me."
Josh, laughing, said; "I sure hope he doesn't bring back his Mom."
"Did you know it was a bear?" asked Ted. He was standing up now and watching the woods.
Josh, staring at the spot where he last saw that cub, said; "No, I didn't! I wasn't sure what it was."
"I was thinking ghost!" Ted said, "and I was shaking pretty bad."
"Ghost," Josh said, "I guess I didn't take time to even think about what it was, I only wanted to get out of its way!"
"Maybe we should be on our way out of here, what do you think?" asked Ted, still watching the woods.
"That sounds like a pretty good idea to me," Josh said as he stood up,"I still feel shaky on my legs."
The wind started to pick up some speed and the two boys heard a sound that made them both turn and look at the old cabin.
The roof was starting to peel back and shingles were blowing off and landing in the weeds behind the cabin.
The door had fallen and was hanging just by one hinge and was blowing in the breeze. The old chimney was starting to break piece by piece and the boys knew it wasn't long until it came down.
"I guess the old place just had too much excitement for one day and it's coming apart," Ted said as he watched.
"Sure looks like it, good thing we didn't stay inside very long," Josh answered.
Children's Story: by
"I guess we won't be coming back here to see the cabin," Ted said as he watched the old place falling apart.
"No, I guess we won't, Josh said, "just as well, I would keep watching for that ghost to reappear anyway and it wouldn't be any fun."
Ted laughing, said; "I know what you mean buddy."
"Maybe we should just get out of here and head for home, what do you think?" Ted asked
"Suits me," Josh answered, "I think my fun tank is just about filled up for today anyway."
The two boys started back up the trail to head for home.
Ted, looking over at his friend, was thinking what a good time they had and what a good friend Josh was.
Josh, walking along, found himself thinking about all the scraps and all the fun that they had always managed to get into and how they were able to pull it off and come out on top.
Ted was a good friend.
Ted was smiling to himself as he remembered that bear cub following Josh out the door and that scared look on Josh's face.
He was glad it wasn't a ghost.
Josh, looking over at Ted smiling and knowing what he was thinking, said; "You would have done the same thing ol' buddy if you hadn't of taken off ahead of me."
Ted looked at his friend and said; "You're right, but I'm glad I didn't have to find out how I might have acted."
Josh, smiled and asked; "What do you want to do now?"
"Let's just call it a day and start over tomorrow," Ted answered, "I'm pretty sure you'll think of something else to get us into."
"Funny you should say that," Josh said, "I've already got something in mind."
"O' No!" Ted said as he looked at Josh and laughed, "somehow I was afraid you'd say that."
Josh, looking over at Ted said; "Well, we have to have an adventure, that's who we are."
Ted, smiling, glanced over at Josh, "That's who we are."
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
The End

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