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  The Great Fabio - Minecraft Menace
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Once upon a time, a wicked witch cast a spell on a sweet little boy called Fabio.
The spell was that Fabio can turn into whatever he wants.
How lucky! (Not evil then, is she?)
Children's Story: by
One fine morning, Fabio was playing Minecraft on his floxbox 3000, which is much better than a normal x box because in Minecraft you can ride dragons, have pet animals, of course you can have animals! I mean any animal you want, and make monsters be your friends.
Children's Story: by
Fabio's mum, Claire, told him to go outside instead of playing that weird game.
This made Fabio so angry he turned into a dragon!
Fabio did not tell his mum about the spell. (More on that and the spell in my exclusive book at the end).
"!$##@¥€%+=-O", cursed Claire.
Once Fabio calmed down, he told his darling mother all about the witch and the spell.
"Well, why did you not tell me before?" Fabio's mum asked.
"I did not want to make you upset and for you think I'm too irresponsible to go out on my own!" wailed Fabio.
His mum comforted him with some cookies. "Never will I think that you're irresponsible."
It was the summer holidays and Fabio decided to go and play football with his friends, Phil and Diana.
Now, Fabio was AMAZING at football. He could do a triple somersault kick in the air, he knew all the chants and he could even do 1, 000,000 keepy-uppies.
Finally he got to the bridge that takes you across two cliffs on top of a valley called Dead Man's Drop. But Fabio didn't use the bridge; he just turned into an eagle and flew to the other side.
Eventually, Fabio reached the football pitch to find Phil and Diana with BoBo, Phil's pet monkdogle. (Monkey, Dog and Eagle, he won it in a math's competition.)
"I brought the thingamagobbleball just like you said to Fabs."
(A thingamagobbleball is a ball that speaks, but is now sleeping.)
"Can we please get on with it?" said Diana, Phil's twin sister.
Fabio and his friends started a match of wembley, with Diana in goal.
It was 2hours 35 minutes into the game when something strange happened.
When Fabio was explaining that his mum forced him out whilst he was playing minecraft, a portal formed around everyone.
The next thing everyone knew, there were squares EVERYWHERE.
And so were they, the whole world had turned into minecraft.
Children's Story: by
The band of friends ran to a nearby village to spend the night, the only inn available was run by a man called Lionas.
Very bored, Fabio, Phil and Diana started playing around in their room.
They found a jigsaw to play with but Phil did that really quickly because he was EXTRA smart, even though he's only 7!
Next, they played hide and seek but nobody could find Fabio because he turned into a tiny fly.
Finally it was Diana's turn to teach gymnastics, it was so hard for everyone else because nobody was better than Diana!
They all started doing their own thing; until the room waiter came in, then everyone was busted!
"The prophecy, it came true!" said the room waiter, whose name was Stephano.
"The prophecy stated that three misfits, one with the power of shape shifting, one with excellent flexibility and another with smartness and wiseness."
The children were confused. "What do you mean, prophecy?" asked Phil.
Children's Story: by
"I mean the Ender Dragon, who we call Obsidian.
His henchmen, the Endermen, are spawning more and more monsters every year and we need your help to kill the Ender Dragon once and for all!"
"On your journey through the dark abyss of caves and ravines, you will meet the wise Stampylonghead who will tell which path to take. You also have to pay him with a cake so he will tell you where to go."
The kids thought about this.
Finally Fabio said that they were totally up for the challenge.
"Good, here is the cake, weapons, food, water and armour. Good luck" said Stephano, and those were his final words.
Back in the real world time had frozen.
As soon as they entered the portal time had stopped, because of the dimensions between the worlds.
Back in minecraft, the children were heading towards a cave that looked like a portal.
They jumped in, and suddenly they were in Stampy's lovely world.
They saw a house that had a balcony, and on that balcony it had a little fuzzy orange and white cat with a brown bear, about start a video.
"It's Stampy and Lee, look over there, guys! Let's sneak in, go to the camera room, pause video #367 and ask Stampy for help!" So that's what they did.
"For the last time, I've said this to my fans, if you want my skin, go on youtube!" said Stampy ferociously.
Fabio looked confused.
"Oh no Mr. Stampy, we just want to know how to get to the end." said Fabio.
Turning into a stampy cat in rags, he began to tell them how to get there.
"What you need to do, oh, just follow me to my cave and come to the portal!" said Stampy, turning back into a normal stampy cat.
Firstly they went deep into the world, killing a few googlies on the way.
Secondly, they entered the code for the door and finally......ENTERED THE END!
They swirled, they twirled, and boy, it was a heroic fight; but let's go back over it.
"I remember this part!" shouted out Fabio. "We need to shoot the laser things that give him power. I'll distract him and keep him down, you guys shoot the lasers!"
Turning into a mighty powered dragon he flew over to Obsidian, the Ender dragon.
"Good luck guys!" said Phil, and the fight was on.
Children's Story: by
Fabio hurled onto Obsidian, just as Diana and Phil were arguing who was going to shoot the last laser thing.
"No, I am!"
"No you're not I am!" quarreled on the twins.
"Guys, stop arguing and come and stab Obsidian!"
They ran over and got their swords, they were about to stab them into Obsidian, when suddenly, "Please don't! Mummy, Mummy!! Don't stab me and I'll make the monsters all good!"
"Are you sure?" asked Phil
His eyes turned a bright purple color, so blinding that Phil had to put on sunglasses.
Back in the village and Stampy's world, all the monsters were helping out people, bringing food and cleaning.
"Thank you Fabio and friends," said Stampy and Stephano.
Back in the real world, on the pitch, Fabio, Phil and Diana met BoBo and the thingamagobbleball, they all flew home, on Fabio's back as he was still a dragon.
"Remember to change back when you get to the village entrance, Fabs!"
The gang started playing minecraft at Fabio's when something strange happened.
The Ender dragon turned his head to look at them and winked.
"That's one adventure, but not the last." said Fabio.
Children's Story: by
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