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  The Hiking Journey To The Waterfalls
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There was Katie-Roo and Patrick too, two dogs who were best friends.
They loved to go and hike a lot, a way to play that never ends.
"Katie," ruffed Patrick "let's go see some waterfalls.
We can explore some by a river, where there's lots plus more to call."
"Lots of what?" questioned Katie. Barked Patrick, "Waterfalls plus more.
There's also lots of mountains, plus forest of joy galore!"
So they packed for their special trip, with bones and dog food for some bites.
Then after packing water, they were ready for their hike.
Off they went to Neverland, of mountain forest and water flow.
It was a trip they'd wanted for a while, so they were really delighted to go.
On their way they stopped at a viewpoint, right by the river where all this was.
"I can show neat things around here Katie," barked Patrick with delighted buzz.
So they hiked on down the pathway, to the river down below.
"Follow me," ruffed Patrick, "because there's a lot down there to show."
As they got down to the river, they started seeing more.
Then Patrick started explaining it all as science with a real high score.
"Katie this right here is sandstone," as he scratched and crumbled rock.
"It really is?" yipped great Katie, "tell me more of the knowledge you've got."
"The river here causes erosion, on this sandstone crumbling down.
But in a moment we're going to get to a place erosion goes around."
So they marched back towards the pathway, and picked up garbage on the way.
Then after passing the pathway, Patrick now had more to say.
"This rock island here is basalt," he ruffed, excited with lots of joy.
"There are streams that go around it, but no erosion in this big boy."
Katie was quite excited too, as she joyously looked around.
"I love to hear the science, in these new places that you've found!"
Patrick was in great delight, sharing knowledge with a best friend.
"Come on Kate, there's much more to see, we're way far from the end!"
As they marched back up the pathway, they stopped by some plants.
"These are called horsetail grass, and Augh! I just stepped on a hill of ants!"
"Thanks for telling me all that," Katie ruffed, as she giggled for a bit.
"I'll be careful of that ant hill too" and she decided not to sit.
Patrick scratched and shook off all the ants. As they kept moving along,
and as they kept on hiking, the birds sang lovely songs.
They hiked on to the following scene, and Patrick led the way.
Katie was all eyes and ears, for what he had to say.
"As we hike on to our next site, it's far distance that we'll go."
Then Katie ruffed, "Let's enjoy the nature, that's why we're here you know."
So they kept on hiking further, while heading on to their next goal.
"I love the water," yipped Patrick. "I love the trees," yipped Katie trotting on.
When they reached their next special scene, they raced on down a trail
and stopped at two boulders, while madly wagging their great tails.
After panting hard and calming down, Patrick was ready to speak,
Katie was open minded, for more to learn that she could seek.
"Here is another beautiful site, as we follow the river along.
This skinny spot is called 'The Narrows' where water flows in its own song."
They both looked down there comfortably, while sitting on a rock.
Nature round them glorious, what soothing feelings they then got.
"OK we'd better move on now, I could sit cosy here all day."
Then Katie jumped up, moved on too, to see their next good place to play.

Part 2

After hiking right back up the hill, back onto their main path.
"Now we'll see some waterfalls!" barked excited Patrick at the thought of that.
So they kept on hiking further, with Katie quite eager to see, the waterfalls Patrick had mentioned, she was quite curious how they'd be.
After making a turn on the pathway, the new path followed a big wooden pipe.
Water spouted out all over the place, which gave Patrick big eyes of delight!
Patrick rushed under the spouts to get wet and felt great awe as he soaked.
He kept running through them, soggy fur, then jumped out and shook off his coat.
"You really love the water," ruffed Katie watching from the trail.
"I certainly do!" barked Patrick, while happily wagging his great tail.
"Now we'll run on down some good ol' stairs, to see the biggest waterfall."
"The biggest waterfall!" yipped Katie, "You mean the biggest one of all?"
"Absolutely!" excited Patrick barked, as they jumped onto the stairs.
They were racing, giggles and laughs, zooming down the staircase with a flair.
They finally got to the bottom where there was a balcony on a hill.
"Our biggest waterfall!" Patrick barked.
"WOW!" yipped Katie, quite a thrill.
They stopped a moment silently, at sight and sound of waterfall flow
Adoring the deep and narrow canyon, full of trees and moss in glow.
While watching that soothing waterfall, Patrick began to explain
"You see one small flow, and then big below? It's called two tiers."
It took Katie just a moment to see the small one up above.
Her eyes were locked on the big waterfall, with a sparkling that she did love.
"Are you there my Kate ol'dearie?" ruffed Patrick with a paw.
"Oh," said Kate coming back to life, "I was adoring this waterfall, in awe."
"If you want to look there even closer," ruffed Patrick with a grin,
"the rocks beside these waterfalls have certain shaping that they're in."
"Certain shaping?" questioned Katie, while staring closely at the rocks.
"Six sided, going straight down, known as columnar hexagonal rocks."
Katie stared even closer, and then it rang a bell.
"Oh I see now, those streaks up and down, now I see the shapes quite well."
As they stayed a little longer, Patrick looked on down below.
"Such fun, bouncing into that pool, exploring what the deep bottom has to show."
"You sure are quite adventurous," chuckled Katie with a grin.
"Shall we go back up, whatever's next? Such an amazing journey that we're in."
"OK Kate, I'll race you back, last one up's a rotten egg."
They raced back up the stairs, with lots of giggles and excited legs.

Part 3

Finally, with one more spot to go, as they headed on their way.
Patrick guided Katie, towards one last waterfall for the day.
"Right here Katie, our last path heads toward my secret favourite place."
"Is there something there Patrick?" "Yup, a hidden petroglyph in a cave."
"Oh goodie!" yipped Katie, "let's get going towards that place."
"Let me tell you," Patrick ruffed, "we're headed for a land of mystic grace."
Katie was quite excited, with such wondrous thoughts in mind.
"We're climbing over, crawling under, as our greatest place to find!"
Patrick led the way, with joy galore, to this special secret place.
Jumping over trunks, sliping under limbs, following a pathway toward the cave.
They finally reached this hidden place, panting very hard with love.
It was a gorgeous pond of mystic boulders, with streams flowing down from above.
"Oh my gosh!" yipped Katie, amazed, "I can't believe my eyes!
This gorgeous land feels like magic, from a secret pathway in disguise!"
Patrick barked, "Oh yes my dear, it's very sacred too.
You want to now see the petroglyph, as we initially came to do?"
Katie looked very excited, while panting and wagging her tail.
"OK then," barked Patrick, "here's some last steps, just like a trail."
They crossed the pond, and got all wet, splashing on balanced rocks.
Patrick barked "Let's squeeze right through this gap, an opening in this rock."
As they squeezed and squiggled, getting through to the inner opening of the rock
Light started shining, fresh and new, on a very precious spot.
There was the petroglyph, ancient stone, carved right on that rock.
What a precious treasure, before their eyes in this sacred magical place they got.
Katie yipped in amazement, with great excited thrill, "It's incredible what's in this secret place, such a wonderful enchanting hill!"
Ruffed Patrick "Yes it is my Kate, I come here quite a lot.
This ancient petroglyph is one of my favourites about this spot."
After gazing in amazement, at the petroglyph in this cave
Kate squeezed out to the boulder waterfalls, to see the sacredness they gave.
"Ya' wanna bite my dearie? as we last adore this place."
"Yes," barked Kate, "I am hungry too, so let's eat as we stay."
They chomped on biscuits and fresh dog food, as they sat right by some ferns.
Then they headed home to end the day, Katie so delighted with what she learned!
This was a trip that they had dreamt of for several years.
Now, as this special day had passed, dream came to truth, crystal clear.
The End
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