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  Time Tickers
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~Chapter 1~
Augustus, clock shop owner.
Once upon a time, in the busy streets of London, there was a small quaint shop famous for its clocks and watches.
They sold a wide variety of antique clocks and watches.
The owner was an old man, Augustus; he rarely smiled or spoke with anyone in the city.
When he did speak, all he spoke about were his creations: clocks and timepieces, wristwatches, and fob watches.
He spent a lot of time arranging his small store in a neat clockwise order.
~Chapter 2~
The clock shop.
Augustus had a young assistant named Tom, but he mostly called him Mutts, Nuts, Dolt and, at times, Stupid Oaf.
Tom did not feel badly about this, he knew his master was good at heart and he willingly bore all the nicknames with a smile.
Augustus taught Tom the clock-making trade, and was particular that Tom should learn the basics, he did not believe in shortcuts or quick work and he wanted every piece of work to be a masterpiece.
Tom was very sincere and hardworking; he put a lot of time and effort in noting down all the tips given to him by Augustus.
Augustus boasted a lineage to the maker of BIG BEN, Augustus Pugin.
Tom did not question the authenticity of this claim.
~Chapter 3~
The hidden manuscripts.
Before he died, a couple of years ago, Augustus's grandfather had designed a Grandfather clock. He had hidden the manuscript for the clock somewhere in the shop, but Augustus could not find it.
The clock was a modern piece of art with an alarm that could set off a siren the police could hear if somebody touched it.
The Grandfather clock was the only modern clock in Augustus' shop, and he was desperate to find the manuscript.
If he found it he would be able to design more of these masterpieces.
~Chapter 4~
The Queen's birthday.
It was the Queen's birthday and everyone was eager to present her with the most exclusive gift.
The Queen wished for an antique watch, but with a modern twist.
Every clock shop owner worked day and night to create the watch the queen wanted. Augustus wished with all his heart that he could somehow find the manuscript so he could create the most outstanding watch for the queen.
Tom shared his master's anxiety, but he was helpless as he had been strictly ordered not to intrude in the project.
~Chapter 5~
Shop theft.
One day, past midnight, two thieves broke into the shop, as Tom had forgotten to lock the front door.
The thieves rambled through the shop but became very angry as they could not find any valuables. All the valuables were safely kept in the strong massive vault.
They left the shop in anger.
On the way out, one of them pushed the Grandfather clock to the floor.
As soon as the clock fell down it began to pulsate with deafening beats.
The thieves cowed in fear against the wall.
Tom ran toward the shop when he heard the loud noise.
Immediately the entire room sounded an alarm, and this set off a series of signals to the police station.
The police rushed in and nabbed the thieves.
After the police left Tom ran towards the clock to stand it upright.
All of a sudden, the small door housing the pendulum opened, and a small notebook feel out of it.
Tom took the book to Augustus, who jumped with joy; the book was the manuscript he had been searching for!
Tom was very happy for his master.
Using the designs in the manuscript, Augustus and Tom together, created a wonderful and exclusive watch for the Queen and presented it to her on her birthday.
The Queen was overwhelmed by the marvellous work of art, and she named them the "Royal Timepiece Makers" of London.
Big Ben could be heard chiming in a musical beat from the nearby tower.

The End

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