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  Weird Soups Fancy
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My dad left home for work, just another day at the office.
As I was poorly he told me to stay at home for the day and eat the soup and medicines he had left on the table, all of them tasteless ugh!
I slid down in the bed to keep warm, the whole blanket covered my body but I still felt cold.
Due to the cold I had, I picked up a handkerchief to wipe my leaking nose. Even a plumber would not be able to repair a leak like that!
My nose became sore and rosy red, just like an apple!
I really didn't want to eat the tasteless horrible soup, as the warm sickly smell came up from the bowl, I sniffed it and it really put me off.
I was tired of wiping my nose. I had also lost my handkerchief in the wooly forest of the blanket.
Eventually I gave up the search and cursed the handkerchief.
I got out of bed and stood up, it was hard work but my strong will helped me, the floor was really cold and felt like ice.
I headed towards the living room when suddenly a sound startled me.
"I was expecting you Walter." I thought that it was my sick mind's fancy. I ignored it and moved ahead. Again my ears heard the strange voice.
"Eat that soup!" It was clear that it was not my fanciful mind.
"Who is there?" I asked fearfully, my eyes wandering for the invisible menace.
"Where are you looking? Look up." The hard voice barked. Shivering with fright, I looked for the unexpected. The ceiling fan was gazing at me with its two triangular eyes. It was horrifying! It gave an evil smile and bent its V-shaped eyebrows.
"Eat that soup!" ordered the fan.
I began to run as though being chased by a lion. Now I was hearing many different voices; I saw the doors slamming shut. I was yelling for help, sounds were echoing all around. I fell down the stairs. The carpet lifted me up; I was floating up in the air. It just was like a nightmare. I was thrown down on the floor. I crawled away and then began to run again. The entire house was whispering.
"Hey! You egghead, eat that soup." This time it was the camera lying on the front table that spoke and began to jump like a kangaroo. Just then the flashlight went off almost blinding me. The camera had captured my image and I covered my eyes from the blinding light. My heart was pumping faster than normal. I was sweating all over my body. I turned back and the television automatically switched on and a news anchor appeared on the screen.
"A thirteen year old boy, named Walter is convicted of disrespecting his father and not eating his soup. He is sentenced to life imprisonment by the authorities.
That is all the news for today. You can't run anymore. We are tired and I think you too, are you not?" The television switched off. I was unable to understand anything and ran outside for help. I found the whole house surrounded by an army.
"Capture the whole house," The Sergeant ordered. "Where is that brat?" Everyone began to search the entire area. A bomb exploded nearby, making a large hole in the road. Helicopters were searching from above. A photograph fell into my hands. I saw myself behind bars. I was running like mad as fast as I could without any sense of direction; all the houses were too jumping too.
I had forgotten how sick my body was and all that kept me going was my will. I saw my friends coming from the opposite direction, they walked stiffly like they were hypnotized but I didn't take any notice and carried on running fast. They were saying something but I couldn't hear it clearly.
When I was nearer to them I clearly heard what they were saying; "Eat the soup! Walter." I was frightened with the all strange happenings.
They held and captured like me a hostage. I tried run outside for help but the rope gripped me hard. My friends carried the bowl of soup as they came towards me.
I heard voices and recognized the voice of my friend Max saying, "Teach this brat a lesson, let him eat the soup!"
Suddenly I realized that I was in my bedroom and everything had settled down and it was calm.
I heard a loud knock at the door and my father's voice. I suddenly understood that it had all been a Nightmare!
Although the soup bowl on table still frightened me, I ate the whole soup joyfully.

The End
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