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  When Grandpa Got Sick
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When Grandpa Got Sick
My Grandpa is the nicest man in the whole world.
He always lets me do whatever I want.
Sometimes he takes me down to the lake so we can fish.
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He helps me put my bait on the hook and then we wait for a bite. We've caught some pretty big fish, once I caught a striped bass.
Sometimes we'll go walking together and he will tell me about when he was just a kid like me.
They sure did some silly things back in his day, like play hide and seek and kick the can.
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I guess they didn't have computers back then. Grandpa understands the computer, sort of..., sometimes we play games on it. I always win. He's pretty slow.....
Lately Grandpa hasn't been feeling so well.
Children's Story: by
We don't play outside anymore.
He stays inside the house and watches TV all day long in his favorite loveseat, the one with the hole worn out on the arm.
Children's Story: by
I sit and watch with him and sometimes we eat popcorn and stuff, he knows how to use the microwave to pop it up really good.
Sometimes he drinks a beer and lets me taste it. Gross!
Children's Story: by
The other night I went to find Grandpa but he wasn't at home. My Mom told me that they had to take him to the hospital to run some tests on him. I asked my Mother if we could go and visit him and she said yes. We drove to the hospital and Mom was crying a bit.
Children's Story: by
Once we got inside there were people being wheeled around on stretchers and in wheelchairs. It smelled funny in there too, like cleaning stuff or something.
We rode the elevator to Grandpas floor. There were lot of Nurses and Doctors there, carrying charts.
We stopped and asked where Grandpas room was.
We found it and opened the door.
Grandpa was there, lying in the hospital bed covered in a white sheet. His feet were sticking out of the sheet and he had some black socks on.
Children's Story: by
Grandpa smiled when he saw me and I ran over to the side of the bed to give him a kiss. My Mother told me to be careful.
Grandpa is always glad to see me!
He smiled and hugged me hard. I held his hand, it felt fragile.
He had an IV stuck in him and I asked him if it hurt.
He said "no it didn't."
It felt good to have my Grandpa back again. I told him about school and about Fluffy the cat. Grandpa didn't really like the cat, but I told him anyway.
Children's Story: by
I told him that Fluffy was waiting for him, in his truck, to come back home again. He said the next time he sees that cat he is going to whoop him.
A pretty nurse came in and brought Grandpa his dinner on a tray.
Children's Story: by
It looked pretty yucky.
He ate some of it and gave me his milk and some strawberry Jello.
My Mom was there, all weepy and worried, I guess that's what Moms do, worry all the time. She doesn't know about all the brave things that Grandpa and I do together like climb trees, race trucks and chase raccoons out of the yard with my BB gun.
Children's Story: by
We stayed with him for a few hours.
He fell asleep for awhile so I walked around in the hallway looking into the other rooms.
The people sure did look sick.
Then the nurse came in and told us that visiting hours were over and we had to go.
Children's Story: by
I hugged Grandpa tight and told him that I loved him.
That was all that I could do, he said that he loved me too.
I felt better knowing that we had brightened his day.
I went home that night and prayed that Grandpa would be feeling better soon.
He will. I know it.
Children's Story: by
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