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  A Fairy House
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Sara was a lonely girl that loved making things and was very good at it.
One day she made a wonderful fairy house and was surprised and delighted when a real fairy came to live in it.
Sara and the fairy ended up spending the day together.
Children's Story: by
Sara was an only child and was quite often lonely.
Luckily she was always able to keep herself busy with things to do.
She was good at making things; so much so that when one day she made a fairy house next to the nature house, an extraordinary and magical thing happened; a real fairy came to live in it!
Children's Story: by
"I always dreamed of a beautiful house! And lo you built it for me." the fairy said, fluttering her bright wings.
"Where did you live before?" Sara asked.
"In a leafy nest, up in a tall tree." the fairy said.
"You've lived in the woods your whole life?" asked Sara.
"Why, yes," said the fairy. "Where else would one live?"
"I see, well it's so nice to meet you." said Sara.
She decided to take the fairy to the village and show her around.
The fairy had a good view from Sara's bag, and the two did plenty of window-shopping.
Children's Story: by
After their day together was over the fairy said, "Oh, the bakery was such a wonderful place. The smell and the fantastical beauty of it; and the cosy and safe feel it gives!"
"Oh... was it that good?" Sara asked.
"Yes. I don't mean to say I lived in a poor or bad place before.
The bird nest I lived in for so long was fine. But someday, I wish to live in a cake house."
"Oh! A cake house!" Sara said in surprise.
"Or tower. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in the top floor of a cake tower which is snowy white and decorated with vanilla roses?"
"But cake goes bad in a few days." Sara pointed out correctly.
"Oh, I see. Then I can stay there for a few nights perhaps? It would be like staying in a hotel, with that lovely smell."
Children's Story: by
Sara smiled and said, "Well, someday I'll make you a wonderful wedding cake that looks just like that.
You may stay there for a couple of nights, or until it is cut into many pieces; which have gone into many mouths. Yum!
The fairy said, "Oh, would you? You made a very nice fairy house, so I'm sure you can. Oh, I can't wait!"
The fairy and Sara made a promise to each other and crossed fingers.
As Sara said goodbye, the fairy blessed Sara's face with shiny orange fairy powder; which made Sara's eyebrows, eye lashes and lips shine, even at night, Sara loved it.
Then the fairy went to her nest, took out her bed cover made of down and carried it to the beautiful fairy house which Sara had made.
As for the pillow, she used flower bulbs and rose petals, as usual.
It was her first night in there and through the open window she could look at the many stars and a strip of moonlight that was soon accompanied by the sound of crickets singing.
Children's Story: by
Meanwhile, Sara was in a bathtub in her house.
She wondered about making a cake house next.
Sara was a firm believer of the motto:
'Practice, practice, practice, then one could succeed in anything.'
So, that evening she made her first cake tower, with several layers of sponge cake and whipping cream, borrowed from her Mom. On the exterior were a couple of flowers she made using the cream.
It was good practice, although it wasn't as gorgeous and as tall as the cake tower she knew the fairy wanted to live in.
But she would get there.
She made some preliminary drawings of castles and houses for the design.
Tomorrow she would show the fairy this cake tower.
Sara did not feel lonely any more.
That night she dreamed a sweet dream, of swimming in a delicious strawberry cream cake with a layer of melted chocolate inside.
Yum, she drooled a bit.
Not surprisingly, at that moment the fairy, cosy in her own bed, had a similar dream.

The End

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