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  A Small Bird Called Yanna
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Yanna was the only daughter of Father Almis and Mother Anna.
She flew with her family to visit her grandmother and grandfather far away.
They flew miles and miles, Yanna felt really tired, she was exhausted.
Every time she needed to stop, her parents stopped as well.
She said "mum, I cannot fly any more, I need to rest, I really cannot fly any more".
Her mum nodded her head and said "yes, my dear, let us take a break".
Father Almis said "maybe it is better that we should stop flying and settle down here for a while, as Yanna can't fly any more."
That sounded like a good idea however the winter was just right the corner.
How would they cope with the strong winds, rain and the snow?
Birds knew instinctively how strong the winter would be.
Father Almis looked to the Mother Anna and both nodded, without saying a word to Yanna, they said "we will find a way". The important thing for both of them was to keep Yanna healthy or she wouldn't be able to fly the long distance.
Mother Anna, asked: "where are we?" Father Almis shook his head and responded "we are on an island, our last stop before our destination. Let us stop here and settle down."
He smiled, but they both knew that it will be a hard winter and they had no chance to fly further. Mother Anna brought Yanna something to eat, as she was really tired and couldn't move even a tiny bit from her place. Both Mother Anna and Father Almis were worried about her situation, but still smiled and assured Yanna that she will regain her strength again.
Father Almis said " Now, we have to find a home were we can stay", Mother Anna smiled and said "that's an excellent idea" she returned to Yanna and told her "look darling, we will soon have our home, your father will find us a great place".
Father Almis flew away and begun to search for a new home, and he was looking in every tree where there was an empty home, but whenever he went there were other birds with a different colour, who spoke a different language, he couldn't understand what they said and they couldn't understand him either. He was exhausted but sure that he would find a home for his family.
He decided not to give up. When he looked into the next tree, a family father opened the door, and wanted to understand what the stranger at the door was trying to say.
Father Almis, tried to find a way to explain to them, but it was impossible, both had a different language. So, he saw the small piece of a tree, took it and begun to draw on the sand a house and showed his family. The other birds still could not understand him, but understand that he needed help. The father of the family decided to fly with Father Almis where his family was, there he saw Yanna lying ill, and understand their situation and the call for help.
He patted on the shoulder of Father Almis, smiled and showed him their home, Father Almis couldn't understand what he was saying. He showed him their home and invited them to live with them, he also helped to carry Yanna to their home. Father Almis was so happy and felt grateful, that the family with the strange language were trying to help them. Mother Anna was smiling again, knowing that they will not stay outside in the winter.
Yanna and her family settled down with the other family they couldn't understand but they know that they cared for each other.
During the winter you could hear all the happy sounds and laughter from their home. The days passed by and Yanna regained her strength and could fly again. Both of the families also learnt each others language and were able to talk to each other. They learned that the name of the family was Thomas and that they were the first foreigners that they met.
They began to tell about their beautiful home far far away and that every year they have to fly to visit their grandmother and grandfather.
Once Yanna regained her strength the time came to say thank you and good bye.
Everybody was hugging each other, they came to a foreign land, could not understand the language and did not have anyone, but now they had family Thomas.
They were sure when they are returning home they will make another stop and arrange a visit to the family Thomas and this time they could tell them all their stories.
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