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  Bumbling Bonnie Blunders Day Of Blunders
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Children's Story: by
Here we have Bonnie, Bonnie is a kind and caring young girl who likes to help out wherever she goes, but poor Bonnie is known by all as Bumbling Bonnie Blunder.
Why you may ask, well I shall begin to tell you.
Just imagine Bonnie leaving her house, walking down the garden path and closing the gate behind her.
She always makes her way to school the same way every morning.
Bonnie always meets up with her friends at the corner of the street.
Children's Story: by
Bonnie, whilst meeting her friends, notices from the corner of her eye an old lady waiting to cross the busy main road.
'Hmm, I'll just see this old lady across the road,' Bonnie thinks to herself.
"Hang on a minute, I'll just see to this old lady," says Bonnie to her friends, skipping across to the old lady without a care in the world.
"Bonnie no! leave her, she's alright," shout her friends, "please leave her be!"
"No, it's OK, it won't take long."
Her friends can only look on in horror as Bonnie grabs the old lady's arm.
"Hello," Bonnie says with a smile. "Would you like me to see you across the road, come on I'll help you."
Bonnie bundles the old lady into the clear road, her friends can't believe what they are seeing, they can't bear to look, so they cover their faces with their hands and turn away.
"Wait, wait I......."
"It's OK, don't worry," says Bonnie.
"No, no, I don't want......." says the old lady.
"Nearly there," says Bonnie, not listening to the old lady's cries.
"What are you doing you silly girl."
"I'm helping you across the road."
"I didn't want to cross the road, could you not see I was waiting for a bus,"
The old lady waved her stick at Bonnie, in anger.
"Oh," says Bonnie, "Would you like me to take you back."
"No I would not," shouted the very angry, red faced old lady.
"Don't you think you have done enough already."
With that, Bonnie scuttled off leaving the old lady on the wrong side of the road.
"You will have to stop trying to be so helpful Bonnie," said a friend.
"I was only trying to help, how was I to know she was waiting for a bus."
Quite oblivious to all the chaos she had caused, Bonnie and her friends went off to school.
It had started to rain as Bonnie and her friends passed through the school gates.
Just at that moment, Miss. Crabtree was crossing the play ground with a huge pile of homework papers in her arms.
Bonnie seized the opportunity to help Miss. Crabtree.
Children's Story: by
"Let me help you with those Miss. Crabtree," said Bonnie, trying to take some of the papers.
"No, no Bonnie, it's quite alright, I've got them," said Miss. Crabtree.
Bonnie didn't listen; she tried to take the papers from her teacher.
As she pulled Miss. Crabtree struggled to keep hold of them, between them they dropped the whole lot on to the wet surface of the playground.
A gust of wind decided to take hold and scattered the homework papers like confetti up into the air.
"Bonnie you stupid girl," shouted Miss. Crabtree.
With that, all the other pupils who were making their way to class started running around trying to collect all the flyaway papers.
After sometime of chasing, all the papers were safely back in Miss. Crabtree's arms, but looking rather soggy and crumpled and to say the least terribly NOT in order.
"BONNIE!!!" screamed Miss. Crabtree.
Bonnie scuttled off very quickly without a word, towards the school classrooms.
"I will deal with you later!" boomed Miss. Crabtree.
As Bonnie disappeared through the door she looked back and calmly said,
"I was only trying to help."

After two mishaps that morning already, Bonnie felt it best if she kept her head down for the rest of the school day.
Children's Story: by
But back at home her calamitous manner struck again!
For early that evening bonnie noticed from her bedroom window, that her father was about to wash the family car.
He had it all ready, bucket, cloths, hose pipe, etc, he just popped back indoors to fetch his wellington boots before he started.
Bonnie however decided to help and went out into the garden.
She turned on the tap and with the hose gushing water, merrily began to wash the car.
But what Bonnie didn't realise was that her father hadn't closed the driver's door window.
Well, you can guess what happened; Bonnie had completely soaked the inside of the car.
As she realised her mistake her father came out of the house.
"BONNIE, WHAT ON EARTH!" her father shouted.
He stood with the look of horror on his face, which began to get redder and redder, with steam coming out of his ears he shouted again.
"You stupid girl, the car it's ruined."
He turned the hosepipe off and inspected the damage; he then turned toward Bonnie, with even more steam coming from his ears!
Bonnie decided it was time to leave and quickly scurried in doors.
She looked back at her father saying,
"Sorry Dad, I didn't notice the window, I was only trying to help."
Back in doors, her brother Tommy was sitting at the computer doing his homework from school.
"You bumbled again Bonnie," he said.
"Well, how was I to know the window was open, I was only trying to help," said Bonnie, again oblivious to what she had done.
"Yes, well we all know what your helping is like, don't we," said Tommy sarcastically.
"Anyway what are you doing?" Bonnie asked.
"It's my assignment, I'm writing an essay but I'm not sure how to back space this paragraph," Tommy said.
"Oh that's easy," said Bonnie leaning over the computer.
Before Tommy could stop her, Bonnie had pressed one of the keys and to her brothers horror the whole essay vanished from the screen.
"Oops," said Bonnie, rather surprised.
"OOPS, is that all you can say," Tommy screamed. "You've gone and deleted all my work."
Tommy jumped up and chased Bonnie up the stairs, just before Tommy could catch her she managed to get into her room and shut the door.
"I'll get you for this," shouted Tommy, banging on the door.
"I'm sorry," said Bonnie, "I was only trying to help."
So now you know why Bonnie is known as Bumbling Bonnie Blunder and believe you me this is just one day of bumbling blunders that always seems to end with,
"Sorry, I was only trying to help."

The End.
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