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  Darcys Snow Day Surprise
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Darcy stared at the winter wonderland outside her bedroom window, like she had never seen snow before.
She had, in fact, seen snow and played in the snow many times before, but today was different. Today she was going to start writing her very first story called 'Darcy's Snow Day'!
Darcy looked at all of the snow covering the front yard, treetops, long empty street, and cars which looked like big, mysterious snow animals, and she felt very excited.
She pretended that the whole world was covered in vanilla ice cream - her favourite flavour - and in no time her neighbourhood friends would be like candy toppings in a giant ice cream bowl, playing outside in the snow in their colourful coats and hats.
"Darcy, your snowflake pancakes are ready!" Mom called from the kitchen.
Mom made the best snowflake shaped pancakes ever, with a little powdered sugar on top, reserved especially for snow days.
"OK, I'll be right there! Right after I make my list of all the fun things I'm going to do in the snow!"
Darcy sat at her desk and wrote: Darcy's Snow Day
1) Make footprints in the snow
2) Make a snowman
3) Make a snowwoman
4) Have a snowball fight
5) Go sledding
6) Catch snowflakes with my tongue
7) Make a snow angel
Children's Story: by
Darcy explained to Mom over breakfast that her goal was to do every single snow day activity on her list, come inside for hot chocolate with whipped cream, and then start writing her story.
"It's very important that I do all the activities today that are on my list because I want my story to include every single fun thing that I do in the snow. I want it to be perfect!" Darcy exclaimed.
She studied her list over and over while sipping orange juice.
"Let's go out and play! Hurry up Darcy before the snow melts!" her younger brother Brett, shouted. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Darcy shouted back, leaving her snow day list on the kitchen table.
"Do you want to take your list with you and put it in your pocket?" Mom asked.
"No, that's OK," Darcy answered. "I'll remember everything!"
Darcy quickly pulled on her snow boots.
Then she put on her new red warm winter coat and matching hat with her favourite soft scarf.
She couldn't wait to go outside and start her adventure.
Brett was already whizzing out the door as fast as a flying snowball.
"Have fun you two!" Mom called.
It was a fun afternoon indeed!
Darcy and Brett made what seemed like hundreds of footprints all around their front and back yards, pretending they were explorers searching for a magic ice castle.
Then Darcy and her friends made a whole town of happy snowmen and snowwomen of all shapes and sizes and had a big neighbourhood party singing songs and decorating snow people.
A bunch of friends in the neighbourhood stopped by Darcy's house for Mom's warm, delicious freshly baked snowman cookies and then went sledding down the hill across the street.
Afterwards there were so many snowball fights that Darcy and all of the neighbourhood children looked like dripping snow cones.
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
Suddenly it began to snow, which Darcy and Brett were happy about since they loved catching snowflakes with their tongues.
Children's Story: by
Darcy was especially happy it was snowing because catching snowflakes was one of the activities on her list that she wanted to write about in her story.
Darcy and Brett were so busy twirling around trying to catch every snowflake falling from the sky that they bumped into each other and fell down laughing.
When they got up, they both decided to jump in the snow again and again, which was so much fun! Darcy thought the impression she made in the snow looked like a puppy!
It was snowing harder and the wind started blowing snow everywhere.
Just then Darcy's mom opened the front door and called, "I think that's enough snow play for today! There's supposed to be a storm tonight and it's already pretty blustery. Hot chocolate time!"
"Yay!!!" Darcy and Brett cheered, the wind blowing them right through the doorway and into their warm, toasty house.
Big mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream were waiting for them on the kitchen table.
Darcy's favourite winter drink warmed up her tummy right away, while Brett chose to blow the whipped cream off the top of his mug before sipping his drink - how silly he was!
"I had fun watching the both of you play in the snow from the window," Mom said. "I'm sure you'll have a lot to write about in your story, Darcy."
"I can't wait to get started!" Darcy exclaimed.
After she finished every last drop of her hot chocolate, Darcy spent the evening in her bedroom writing about her snow day, creating characters who were special friends having an amazing snow adventure.
Darcy looked over each activity on her snow day list that she had made that morning, remembering how much fun she had doing each one, making sure to include them all in her story:
"Footprints... Snowman... Snowwoman...Snowball fight...Sledding...Catching Snowflakes with my tongue...OH NO-O-O-O!!!"
Brett ran into Darcy's bedroom.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"I forgot to make a snow angel! It's right here on my list and I forgot to make one!
I wanted to write about making a snow angel in my story! I can't believe I forgot!" Darcy cried.
"So, make a snow angel tomorrow and then write about it." Brett suggested.
"The title of my story is 'Darcy's Snow Day' -- not 'Darcy's Snow Days!"
Then Darcy put her head in her hands.
"So, skip the snow angel and just write about the other stuff you did." Brett suggested next.
"Making a snow angel is a popular and fun snow activity! I have to put it in my story!" Darcy insisted. "So, put the snow angel in and pretend you made one." Brett said.
"NO-O-O-O!!!" Darcy cried in frustration, causing Brett to run out of his sister's room and slam the door.
Mom asked Brett what all the commotion was about.
"Darcy's having a fit! See if you can help her." he said.
After explaining her problem to Mom, Darcy said "Darcy's Snow Day just won't be the same without a snow angel."
'H-m-m...' Mom thought.
She walked to Darcy's bedroom window and looked at the snow falling from the dark moonlit sky onto a huge white landscape of footprints and snowpeople.
"I've got an idea for your story!" Mom exclaimed.
"I don't want it to be a pretend activity, it has to be real." Darcy said.
"It is real, come to the window." Mom said.
"Look at the snow falling. What did you and Brett do when it started snowing today?" Mom asked with a smile.
"We caught snowflakes with our tongues. That was one of my activities on the list and I did that one." Darcy said.
"What did you do after that?" Mom asked.
Darcy tried to remember and then giggled. "Brett and I bumped into each other and then we fell in the snow!"
"I thought that was funny too, when I saw you two do that!" Mom said laughing.
Darcy looked at the spot outside where she fell in the snow.
"Then we jumped in the snow, a lot!"
"And you made a shape in the snow when you jumped, right? I was wondering what shape you made." Mom said.
"Yes, I did! I made a puppy, a snow puppy!" Darcy shouted, giving Mom a big hug and then jumping up and down with joy.
"I'll write about making a snow puppy and that's something that I really did, even if it was by accident!"
Darcy worked on her story for days and felt an amazing feeling when she had finally finished her very first story!
She wrote about a snow puppy that came to life on an extraordinary snow day adventure full of fun activities.
Darcy renamed her story 'Darcy's Snow Day Surprise' and learned that things can work out great even when they don't go exactly as planned.
Children's Story: by
The End

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