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  Dolly Duck And The Little Turtle
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Dolly Duck Plays Hide and Seek

Children's Story: by

Dolly duck was flapping her little wings in the pond.
She had just had her morning bath and was feeling very fresh.
Children's Story: by
'Oh what will I do today,' she wondered, 'the sun is so nice in the sky and not a cloud in sight.'
Just then she spotted a little turtle with a green and brown shell crawling on a lily pad, so she paddled over to him.
"Hello," said Dolly duck, "isn't it a lovely day."
"Yes it is," replied the turtle, munching on a little leaf.
"My name is Dolly, what's yours?"
"Terry," said the little turtle.
"That's a lovely name," said Dolly, "would you like to play a game with me? I love games, they're so much fun and you learn from them."
"Sure," said Terry, "I really like hide and seek if you'd like to play that one?"
"I love hide and seek," said Dolly excitedly, "why don't you go and hide first and I'll find you."
So Terry the turtle crawled off the lily pad and into the bushes while Dolly counted to ten.
"One.. two.. three.. four... five.. six... seven... eight... nine. TEN!"
"Coming, ready or not," cried Dolly duck as she flapped her little wings.
She peered through the bushes but could see no sign of him.
"Hmm," she said, "I wonder where he went," and she ventured in further.
She passed a tall tree with nice ripe juicy apples hanging from its branches but she still could see no sign of him.
Children's Story: by
Just then she spotted something beside a flower.
It wasn't moving but looked like a coloured little stone.
She ventured up to it slowly and peered to the side where there was a little hole.
She sniffed at the hole.
Suddenly she heard a little squeak
"Hey, who's there sniffing at me," and with that a little head appeared.
It was Terry!!
He had hidden in his shell and Dolly had found him!
The End
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