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  Dolphin Girl
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A young girl meets a Dolphin who teaches her about the sea and kindness and helping others.

The girl was hungry.
Her mother gave her apples to eat, for that was all she had.
It was not enough for the girl and her brothers and sisters.
The girl was so tired she could not think, write or feel.
She carried the apples to the wide sea as an offering, and almost fell asleep.
She was so weak and unhappy that she began to cry.
Her cries took off in the wind for it was quite a windy day.
A large handsome dolphin saw her, dipped his head and lifted her onto his slick back, up into the deepening waves.
No, she was not dreaming.
She was so excited that she could not close her round blue eyes.
She was breathing strongly through her mouth as the dolphin breathed through its spout.
The girl saw bright stones, floating octopi and jellyfish, even some small tiger sharks under her in the rich saltwater.
The dolphin was plunging and flying.
She heard the seabirds call her Dolphin Girl, Dolphin girl.
They crooked their ragged wings, flapping them widely.
Her new name echoed in the flash of the rainbow heavens, full and happy.
She saw the sliver shadows of the Dolphin people, waiting way off on the rocky shore.
The sound of their words carried to her, "This is our mighty wind and we are weary of swimming against it."
Dolphin Girl heard the seals' laughter on the barnacled beach and the sea snake whistle.
The Dolphin said to her, "We must help the people."
So he took the girl to the edge of the wide sky where the copper Moon never slept.
There the Salmon people lived and they gave the girl a basket of glittering eggs, as many as there are stars in the skies.
The Dolphin took her back to where the Dolphin people were.
They opened their mouths greedily, but Dolphin Girl said that her mother, sisters and brothers had only little apples to eat.
The people were very sorry and felt ashamed.
They told the girl she would always have food to eat.
The laughing Dolphin she had ridden was full of sea magic.
He only shows up once in a great while.
They told her they knew of him because the sun always shines brightly on his body.
They also told the girl he had a huge generous heart and only shows up in low tide.
The Dolphin spoke to her saying that he would wait for her and bring her many gifts once a week.
Gifts he would hold in his smiling mouth.
It was up to her to share whatever she had, but she must share with her family first.
With that he lifted one sleek flipper, a farewell, and softly, like an owl's whisper, disappeared into the cradling breakers of his lonely life.

The End
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