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  Flutter World
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Children's Story: by

There's a world that you and I may glance at from time to time, but for the most part we never really think about it.
This land is called Flutter World.
Funny name you say? Yes, possibly, but lots of things have funny names in this world.
This different land surrounds us all the time and yet we very seldom even give it a second thought. Maybe it's because we're too busy running to and fore in our daily lives and just don't have the time to take that detour.
But there is another possibility.
Flutter World is the land where butterflies live.
It's truly a beautiful place where you can gaze on multicolored butterflies as they flutter around this magical land.
Where, if we but believe...
Whoa! Now this is where that other possibility we spoke about comes in.
You must 'Believe' and that's where a lot of folks just miss it.
Believing opens up a whole new realm where there are no limits.
Believing will even let us enter into this world of brightly colored wings that whisper through the air.
If we can just believe, shut our eyes and say the secret words, we could be whisked away to this magic kingdom and if the breezes are blowing just right and the stars from the night before haven't gone to bed yet, we could find ourselves right in the middle of this kingdom
Maybe even attend a meeting that at this very minute is being held in the center square of Flutter World.
Want to try it?
Okay, everyone stand up, hold hands, shut your eyes and say the secret words out loud.
Now open your eyes slowly, sit down and look around at Flutter World.
Shhhh ...listen closely, the meeting is under way and the butterfly Mayor is about to address the crowd.
"My fellow butterflies and other guest," the Mayor starts out, "it has been brought to the attention of the board that there is a problem living among us. This problem needs to be addressed, and I believe taken care of, so as not to disrupt the society of butterflies everywhere."
He continued, "My understanding of the problem is that we will need the support and help of the children that live in the human world. Now I realize that this is a scary thought because they are so big compared to us.
But we must do what we must do in order to rid ourselves of this problem, besides, the human kids have been very nice to us for a long time."
Children's Story: by
"Excuse me Mayor Sir," said Purple Dots as he rose above the crowd to be seen, "is it really necessary to involve the humans in our problems? They sometimes don't behave like we think they should, do you think it's safe?"
Children's Story: by
The Mayor continued. "I only know what the board has told me will be necessary to get rid of this problem. If it takes the humans to help, so be it. I have therefore taken the steps to secure a meeting with the Mayor of the town closest to our garden and we will see what we will see.
I'm confident that they will want to help us but let's don't jump for joy just yet.
I will report back to you right after the meeting is over with their decision.
Now if there is no other business, then this meeting is......."
"Mayor, sorry but I do have a question Sir" said Purple Dots again, "what is the problem that you speak of? You haven't told us much about the problem."
The Mayor looked around as if he's lost for a second.
"The problem," he said, fluttering his wings and looking quite put upon, "is simple really, we have ants!"
The crowd started to move and mutter to each other and began to look at the ground with panic in their eyes.
"Ants!" Purple Dot exclaimed, "what do we want ants for?"
"You silly goose!" the Mayor said, "we don't want ants, we just seem to have them and we need to get rid of them."
"And the humans are going to help us do that?" Purple Dots asked.
"We hope," the Mayor said, and then continued, "this meeting is now over."
He rose in the air and fluttered off toward the far end of the big garden, disappearing behind some giant Sun Flowers.
"I don't think this is a good thing," Star said, "it just sounds bad to me."
Children's Story: by
"You are so smart Star," Yellow Belly said, "of course it isn't a good thing. Ants and butterflies don't get along. We don't like them and they only like to eat us!
It does make for a touchy situation."
Children's Story: by
"It does make you wonder why after all these years of living together," Star said, "we haven't tried to become friends with the ant world."
Yellow Belly laughed; "Yea, it does cause you to scratch your head now don't it. The problem seems to be that those creatures only want to chat with a mouthful of us!"
"Now, don't be too rough on those boys," chimed in Silver Waves, "they only do what nature has taught them to do, they don't know any better. I'm not saying I wouldn't feel more relieved with them somewhere else, they just make me want to fly away."
Children's Story: by
Let's back off a minute here and talk this over.
Wow, what do you kids think about that?
Seems like we have a few minutes before the Mayor comes back with an answer from the humans and I'm guessing that Flutter World has a really big problem on their hands.
What do you think they should do?
Do you think that the humans will allow their children to help the butterflies out?
I wonder what the kids could do.
Okay are we ready?
Let's go back and listen in, the Mayor is flying back.
The Mayor flew back in and landed on the meeting platform.
The crowd starts moving towards him and listens as he begins to tell of his meeting with the humans.
"I did meet with the leaders of the town and they found my question to be most interesting about using their children to help us rid ourselves of the ant problem."
"But did they say they would loan us their kids to do the job, and what do they want in return?" asked Big Brown, cutting in.
He continued, "We can't give them a lot you know, we just don't have much that they could use."
Children's Story: by
"Those are good questions Big Brown," the Mayor nodded, "and here's their answer. They will allow their children to help us get rid of the ants. They will only loan them to us for a few days so we have to work fast."
The Mayor lowered his wings and looked at the crowd. "Well, what do you say?"
The butterflies in attendance nodded their heads yes and agreed to use the children as best they could.
"How are we going to use the children to get rid of the ants?" asked Striped Tail. "They can't go down into the nest and talk to those creatures and we must be careful not to get them hurt."
Children's Story: by
The Mayor answered. "The children can move the ants and their nest out of the garden and into the woods.
That's something we can't do, in doing that they won't harm any of the biters and they will end up out of our way."
"Good idea," Mixed Wings chimed in, "that will get rid of those pesky boys and we'll have our garden back safe and sound."
Children's Story: by

"That's the idea," the Mayor said as he fluttered his wings and rose from the platform, "the kids will be here tomorrow morning to begin their work so let's do whatever we can to lend them a hand.
For the time being, this meeting is over."
With that, he turned and flew off.
The garden the butterflies called home was truly a beautiful spot.
At this time of the year there were hundreds of different flowers in bloom and the humans would come and sit and watch the butterflies for hours, fluttering from place to place, it was very peaceful.
The children would also run between the flower stalks and try to keep up with the butterflies as they played.
Everyone had a good time and lots of fun, it was just a nice place to be.
Children's Story: by
Let's do another time-out here; I need to catch my breath.
Well, what do you kids think of all the stuff that's taken place?
Children, ants and butterflies, that's a lot of things going on at the same time, don't you think?
Do you have any idea how the children are going to move the ants and their nest without getting those guys mad and maybe even getting bitten a few times?
How would you do it?
Have you ever been bitten by an ant, hurts doesn't it?
Drop a piece of food on the ground and they start coming don't they?
It's going to be interesting to see just how the children do this job.
Tell you what, let's look in on the other group in this mess, the ants and see what they're doing.
Want to?
Okay. We have to use another secret word to get us down to the size of the ants. Ready?
Stand up, join hands and repeat after me...
Watch your step as we go down into the nest to hear what these guys are talking about.
Kind of dark down here, be careful and don't bump into the walls.
There, they seem to be carrying the queen ant into the room.
Let's see what they're saying.
Children's Story: by
"My fellow ants," the Queen began, "as you know we are on the verge of war.
We seem to have located our nest in a garden of butterflies and I'm pretty sure they don't want us here. We can't move the nest due to the children ants that are being hatched and until that is finished, we must defend our home and our kids against all invaders."
"Are you expecting trouble, your highness?" asked one of the ants.
Children's Story: by
"Trouble seems to follow us no matter where we go," the Queen answered, "we're not a group that most people want to see move in next door.
I must admit, our manners are not very good when it comes to outsiders.
It's not what we want, it's just our way."
"We'll do whatever we need to do, our Queen, to keep the nest safe," another ant said as he gave a thumbs up to the Queen.
Children's Story: by
"I knew I could count on all of you," the Queen said, "now carry on with your work and let's get those babies some food down here and make some more room."
Come on kids, let's get out of here I've heard enough.
Wow! What do you think of all that?
Seems like the ants can't move their nest without hurting the ant children.
That's not a good thing is it?
What do you think they should do?
The human children are coming over in a few hours to start moving their nest out to the woods.
Is there anything that can be done here to stop a war between the butterflies and the ants?
The human children did have an idea of how to move the ant nest without hurting any of the ants.
In school, they had seen an ant nest being made and had studied it.
They believe that they could move it easy enough.
They had gathered together all the tools they thought they might need and were on their way to start the job at the garden.
This shouldn't take very long.
When they arrived at the spot where the ants were reported to be, they did see some ants on the ground.
Some were working and some were lookouts.
They knew that the main nest was under the ground.
Children's Story: by
Alice, one of the human kids, got down to watch the ants move around and to see if she could find a good place for them to start work on moving the nest.
She did notice that there seemed to be a lot of young ants out playing.
Children's Story: by
She must have got too close; one of the lookouts spotted her watching them and sounded the alarm!
Ants came running from everywhere to take up positions around the nest to defend it.
Alice hadn't meant to scare the ants, just to watch them. But the ants were a little on edge to start with and this human watching them had put them over that edge.
Children's Story: by
When the alarm sounded and Alice saw all those ants come out to protect their home she jumped up and joined the other kids who were standing a few feet away from the nest.
"We should let them calm down some before we start trying to move them," she said.
"Good idea," Johnny answered as he started to unpack the tools that they would use to move the nest, "we don't want them any more upset than is necessary."
Children's Story: by
Soon the ants started to go back down into the nest as whatever danger they thought was there wasn't present any longer.
That was a close call, huh kids?
Alice almost started a riot by getting too close to the nest.
Sounds like they are going to go ahead with moving the whole nest out of the garden.
Do you think it's a good idea?
I wonder how they are going to do it.
Let's go back and see what's going on now.
The Children from the town had worked out a plan that everyone agreed could very well get the ants to move.
They were going to pick a good spot in the woods, build another nest and drop food as a trail for the ants to follow.
They would then expose the old nest to the sun by moving the dirt away and this should make the ants start to move the ant eggs to the new nest.
The baby eggs can't lie out in the sun for very long so this would hurry the ants along.
Everything was in place.
The new nest had been built by the children.
The ants would of course remodel it once they moved in.
The food bits had been dropped from the old nest to the new and the children were moving in to rake the dirt away from the old nest to let the sun shine in.
After moving the dirt away, the children could see the eggs and the adult ants taking care of them.
They just needed to move a little more dirt and see what happens.
Children's Story: by
There, that should do it, now for the sun to do the rest.
It wasn't very long until the ants started picking up the eggs and moving them out of the sun.
Soon, the whole nest was marching to the new nest with eggs and then back again to grab more eggs.
The plan was working!
Children's Story: by
Egg after egg was being moved by the army of ants that had run to help.
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
Soon, all the eggs had been moved and the old nest was empty.
Even the Queen ant had been moved to the new home by the worker ants.
It looked like a job well done and the ants looked happy.
The Queen ant even looked like she was smiling as she checked out the new place.
Children's Story: by
The children were happy that they had moved the ants without hurting them and everyone was happy that a war had been prevented.
Children's Story: by
The butterflies were fluttering once again and the garden had been saved, the townspeople were really happy about that.
Children's Story: by
Well kids, it looks like we saw a good thing happen here today.
The ants are happy, the butterflies are happy, the people in the town are happy.
The garden is still blooming with flowers and the sky is still blue.
Everything worked out great, didn't it?
Are you glad that the children found a way to fix the problem?
If we just work together we can do anything, can't we?
Thanks for taking the trip with me and now let's wave goodbye to Flutter World and each of us always try to help the other kid out and to always be a friend.
Everybody ready?
Okay, let's say goodbye.
Goodbye Flutter World, Goodbye.

The End
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