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  Have You Seen My Cupcake
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Children's Story: by

Today is my birthday and normally I would be very excited, but something very strange happened when I tried to bite into my chocolate cupcake. It jumped out of my hands, across the dining room, straight through the living room and out the door!
Now, cupcakes are my favourite dessert in the world - my absolute favourite - and all morning I had really been looking forward to eating that chocolate cupcake that mom bought for me.
I don't understand how this could have happened!!!
I think I'll take a walk to calm myself down.
There's a mother goose with her family; I think I'll ask her if she's seen my cupcake.
"Look out mother goose! There's a cupcake on the loose!
Just when I wanted to take a bite, it jumped out of sight.
Have you seen my cupcake?"
Children's Story: by
"Yes I have!" said mother goose. "It jumped right over to me and my family!
Then it visited furry cat."
"Thank you, mother goose. I'll ask furry cat."
"Look out furry cat! My cupcake bounced this way and that! Have you seen my cupcake?"
Children's Story: by
"Yes I have!" said furry cat. It bounced over to me and then bounced all the way up to the little red bird in that tree."
"Thank you, furry cat. I'll ask little red bird."
"Look out little red bird! My cupcake took off without a word! Have you seen my cupcake?"
Children's Story: by
"Yes I have," said little red bird. "It rushed right up to me. Then it raced to kangaroo, you see."
"Thank you little red bird. I'll ask kangaroo."
"Look out kangaroo! There's a cupcake on the run - it's true!
Have you seen my cupcake?"
Children's Story: by
"Yes I have," said kangaroo. "It hopped over to me and then hopped straight to laughing bunny!"
"Thank you, kangaroo. I'll ask laughing bunny."
"Look out laughing bunny! My cupcake's missing. That's not funny!
Have you seen my cupcake?"
Children's Story: by
"Yes I have," said laughing bunny. "I saw a cupcake as happy as can be.
It jumped down the street to the bakery!
"Thank you, laughing bunny. I'll ask the baker."
"Hello Mr. Baker. Have you seen my cupcake??"
Children's Story: by
"I most definitely have!" said the baker. "A chocolate cupcake came right in and rounded up my cupcakes - In seconds, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter Fudge cupcakes were jumping out the bakery door!
Then they jumped down Main Street.
They were jumping so high, they left a streak of frosting in the sky!"
Children's Story: by
"Where did they all go?"
"Follow the crumbs," said the baker. "Then you will know."
I followed a long trail of yellow and chocolate cupcake crumbs all the way to...my house!
I couldn't believe my eyes! SURPRISE!!!! All of the cupcakes were inside!
Children's Story: by
Sitting around the table were mother goose, furry cat, little red bird, kangaroo, laughing bunny, and Mom, who thought this gathering was rather funny. My chocolate cupcake had invited the animals too, telling them it would be very wise to keep this all a surprise.
Mystery solved! The cupcakes and animals came over in this extraordinary way to celebrate my birthday! Yay!
Children's Story: by
The End

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