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  Hector Gives The World A Hand
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As Hector Hernandez soundly slept, a visitor appeared.
"Wake up young man!"
Hector, startled, saw a tall man standing at the foot of his bed wearing a white mask, a purple wizard's hat, and a ruby red robe.
Hector did not feel afraid, thinking his parents must have let him in.
"What do you want?"
"Hector Hernandez," the man said, "I want you to give me a hand."
Hector clapped his hands together.
The man laughed heartily, "No no no, I don't want your applause, I want your hand to help make the world a better place."
'Huh? Is this a dream?'
"Tomorrow is Saturday. I want you to introduce yourself to everyone you meet and say something nice."
"But why do I have to give them my hand, they already have hands? I only have two, you know."
The man laughed again."Of course, silly boy, you can keep your hands. All you have to do is give them your hands to shake or squeeze."
"Why me?"
"Why not you?"
"Hector, it's time for breakfast!" shouted his father.
Hector, yawning and wiping the sleep from his eyes, asked, "Who was that man?"
"What man?" asked his father.
"It must have been a dream," said his mother.
'Or not,' Hector said to himself.
Hector decided to satisfy his increasing curiosity by riding his bike all around Hopesville.
A little nervous at first, he quickly warmed to his task.
Both young and old alike reacted with smiles, tears, and looks of disbelief.
"This is super cool," said Hector, as people began saying nice things, shaking and squeezing hands, and even hugging each other.
Hector returned to school on Monday and some of the kids taunted him.
"You're just trying to be teacher's pet."
"A total waste of time."
"Say something nice to me."
Hector did and left the boy speechless.
Hector walked into the restroom and found one of his teachers standing there with his hand on his forehead, looking upset.
"Hello Mr. Lap, I like you because you are a very nice man and a terrific teacher too."
Mr. Lap shook Hector's hand and gave him a big bear hug, saying, "That's just what I needed. Thanks!"
Later in the day Hector heard the announcement: 'Hector Hernandez, please report to the office after school.'
'Oh oh,' thought Hector, 'I must be in trouble.'
Hector waited outside the office.
In a few minutes Principal Powers appeared and said, "Come in, Hector, I've been expecting you."
"Did I do something wrong?"
"Quite the contrary," said the Principal, "I just wanted to personally thank you for being so nice to my father on Saturday; he can't stop talking about it."
As soon as Hector got home from school his mother said, "Look what's on TV."
"Hector Hernandez from Hopesville has started something that's sweeping the world," said the excited announcer.
"How did they find out?"
Hector heard a knock and opened the door.
"We would like to talk to Hector Hernandez."
The reporters surrounded Hector and bombarded him with questions.
"How does this work?"
"Can anyone do it?"
"Are you surprised by the reaction?"
He saw the Principal coming toward him.
"Hi, Principal Powers, how are you?"
"I am very well, thank you. There is someone who wants to speak with you, here, use my phone."
"Is this Hector Hernandez from Hopesville?" the caller asked.
"Yes, that's me."
"I have an idea, how would you like to visit schools around the country and tell students your story?"
"That would be amazing."
"Who is this?" Hector asked Principal Powers.
The principal whispered in Hector's ear.
"I hereby officially declare tomorrow Hector Hernandez Day." said the caller.
"Thank you Mr. President, yes, I will see you later."
"How could this happen to me?" Hector asked Principal Powers.
The Principal answered, "Why not you?" and walked away.
Hector remembered hearing those words somewhere before. "Hmmm."
When Hector told the reporters the news, they clapped.
Hector joined in.
"Why are you clapping?" a reporter asked.
"The world is becoming nicer now, so I'm giving the world a hand."
The End

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