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  Huggie Bear
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Children's Story: by
Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived a bear, his name was Huggie. He was a bear full of love and he wanted to share it with all the other animals.
One day while Huggie was returning home he saw the other animals with their families and thought 'Awww! How sweet! I also want to share my love with someone.'
Children's Story: by
Huggie had no one who would greet him at home or talk to him, listen to him, fight with him, play with him, love him or just be there for him.
But he didn't search for someone to love him, neither did he sit and brood about it.
Huggie bear was extra-ordinary, yes; Huggie bear was an extra ordinary teddy bear.
He needed to show his love and that was all that mattered to him
He was filled with so much love that he would just jump about!!
He could never walk slowly; he would hippity-hop his way back home singing a happy song as he bounced along.
He just couldn't contain all the love he had in him.
'I'm going to share my love,' Huggie bear said determinedly to himself, and with no second thought he pulled out a piece of cardboard and wrote the words "FREE HUGS" on it.
He trotted off to the busiest place in the forest, stood right in the centre and held up the sign saying "FREE HUGS"
Some of the animals began to pass nasty comments, like Whiner the pig who said "Hahaha, such a joker, whose going to need his love," and then grinned sheepishly at Huggie.
Some just stared at Huggie as though he was an alien, and what he wanted to share was some kind of peculiar disease.
Some laughed right in his face, but nothing could bring down the excitement in Huggie, because he knew that all of that was not important and could never change what he was inside.
Children's Story: by
He had been there a long time and Huggie's hands began to ache, but his smile was still bright.
Suddenly, from behind him, there was a gentle tap on his shoulder.
He turned round and there stood Sasha the deer.
She said, "Huggie, today makes a year since I lost my baby deer," and she began to cry.
Before she knew it she was in Huggie's furry soft arms and she felt warm, comforted and safe.
She left him with a smile on her face.
Huggie was smiling as well, that was all he wanted.
He had shared his love and care with Sasha and her smile of happiness meant everything to Huggie.
Children's Story: by
Watching that moment of intense love, all the other animals wanted to experience the same.
So they came and poured out their feelings of hurt and sadness.
Huggie bear hugged them with all his heart.
They all felt so much better; they just had to pass it on.
Soon there was a circle of happiness, love and friendship that all started from Huggie bear.
The End
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