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  I Want
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Jessie and her mummy were at the supermarket.
If Jessie's little brother had been with them he would have sat in the trolley and pretended that he was driving a car going "brum brum!"
Jessie liked to walk along the aisles pushing the trolley because it made her feel big and clever.
Daddy had given Jessie a very special task to carry out at the supermarket.
She tapped her jacket pocket.
Daddy had given her some money and she was being careful not to lose it.
She pushed the trolley through the fruit and vegetable aisles, the bright reds, greens and oranges made her think of summer which was her favorite season.
Her mummy put some apples and peaches into the trolley.
Jessie licked her lips, the fruit looked really juicy.
Next they got four bottles of milk.
Children's Story: by
A few minutes later they reached the chocolate and sweets aisle.
Jessie stood up tall; she was ready to do what her daddy had asked.
She shifted her weight from her left foot to the right one and back again.
She tapped her mummy's arm.
"Mummy, I want-"
Mummy frowned at her.
"Oh Jessie, I want? You know that you don't get treats with 'I wants'."
"Yes, but I want-"
"Jessie, don't be naughty please, you only get treats when you are a good girl."
"Mummy, pleeeeease I want to-"
Mummy wagged her finger.
"Hmmm, to eat too many sweets? Please behave."
"I am behaving, I don't want sweets, I need chocolate."
Jessie marched to the boxes of chocolates and looked for a shiny gold one with a ribbon on it.
"Mummy, please can you reach up to the top shelf? Please.
There is a big box of chocolates there, it has gold paper and a red ribbon on it, see?"
"I can see it and it's just as well that you aren't tall enough to reach it.
You can't have a box of chocolates.
Jessie, why are you being naughty today? Let's go to the next aisle and get some bread.
You can't have a treat now, I'm sorry but you've tested my patience too much."
Children's Story: by
Jessie took a very big and deep breath.
She put her hands on her hips. "But Daddy-"
"But Daddy wouldn't let you have a treat either; come on, we need two loaves of bread."
Jessie plonked herself down on the middle of the floor and crossed her arms tightly.
She stared at her Mummy.
"Daddy said-"
"Daddy said what?"
"I have to buy you a treat."
Mummy looked surprised and crouched down in front of Jessie.
"How are you going to do that sweetie?"
Jessie wriggled and squiggled and took the money that her daddy had given her out of her pocket.
She showed her mummy the bank note.
"My goodness, so you aren't being naughty?" Mummy smiled, "you have to buy me a present?"
"Yes, I am being very good not bad.
The present is to make you smile, but all you've done so far is look a bit cross and call me naughty."
Jessie harrumphed loudly.
"It was going to be a surprise but I couldn't reach the chocolates, you wouldn't fetch them and I am not allowed to climb on the shelves because that would be naughty." Jessie pointed to the top shelf.
Mummy smiled, "You're right, let's fix this."
Mummy took the box of chocolates off the top shelf.
"Daddy told me that you like these best, he said to look for a gold box and a ribbon."
"He's right, I adore these.
Jessie, you'll have some change, what would you like as a treat?"
"I'm allowed one?" Jessie asked.
"Yes, for being a very good girl and for making me smile."
"Chocolate buttons please. Thank you."
"Thank you too, Jessie."
Mummy kissed the top of Jessie's head.
"I think that your daddy and your little brother will be very happy for us to share our treats with them, what do you think?"
Jessie took hold of her mummy's right hand and they walked towards the bread together pushing the trolley.
"Mummy, we'd be very naughty if we didn't, so naughty that Daddy wouldn't let us have our treats!"
Children's Story: by

The End
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