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  Little Noah Writes A Bedtime Story
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Little Noah goes in search of the perfect bedtime story. Will he find one?

Children's Story: by
Little Noah loved bedtime stories.
He asked his parents for a new story every night and tried to remember them when he woke up in the morning.
When they were visiting their grandparents, Noah asked his grandmother and grandfather for bedtime stories after breakfast and before lunch and at any other time he found them not engaged in conversation.
When he returned home, Noah wrote down all the stories he had been told in a Special Notebook of bedtime stories.
When he missed his grandparents or grew tired at school, Noah took out his Special Notebook and reminded himself of how happy he was when the stories were first told to him.
In his Special Notebook Noah had written down stories of frogs and fish that talk.
He had written down stories of gentle shepherds and their countless sheep going on long journeys.
He had even written down stories about the tallest mountains rooted in the deepest seas.
Noah liked all these stories. He liked the frogs and the sea. But he also liked so many things that weren't in those stories.
He liked boats and bubbles and ice cream but they weren't in any of the frogs' or sea stories.
So Noah went to his mother and father to ask them if they knew any stories with frogs, ice-cream and the sea.
They said that they didn't.
Noah asked his grandparents, his friends and their parents too but none of them had ever heard of such a story.
There was only one solution Noah could think of.
It was something he'd never done before but the thought of having a bedtime story with all his favourite things in it made him extremely happy.
"I have to write a bedtime story myself!" he said excitedly.
Noah sat at his desk with the Special Notebook in front of him.
He was all set to write himself a story!
It was dinnertime when Noah had finished his first ever story.
He read the story out loud; he had a bright smile on his face!
Children's Story: by
Noah had written about a flock of sheep who had gone to the beach for a picnic.
He had written about a gentle frog who had become friends with the sheep after helping them find their lost boat.
He ended the story with each of the characters eating their favourite ice cream and riding home on soap bubbles.
'This is the most interesting story I have ever known!' he thought.
The smile stayed put on Noah's face throughout dinnertime.
He couldn't wait until his parents read him his own story at bedtime.

The End
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