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  Not So Loud Please!
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Children's Story: by

YIPPEE!" shouted Timmy at the top of his lungs as he rushed downstairs.
"EEE-YEOW!" screeched Patch the dog, who was lying at the bottom of the stairs.
Timmy had stepped on poor old Patch's tail!
Grandpa was sipping his cup of tea when the "EEE-YEOW!" startled him and he spilt hot tea all over his shirt.
'BANG!' went the kitchen door as Timmy burst in.
This was all too much for Grandpa who practically jumped up from his chair and dropped the tea cup on the table.
"Timmy, Sweetheart, it's rather early in the morning," said Grandma as she got up from her chair to take a cloth to wipe the spilt tea.
"Could you please try to be a little quiet?"
Grandma frowned fondly at Timmy above her glasses.
"Now apologise to Grandpa for making him waste a good cup of tea."
Timmy ran to give Grandpa a hug.
"I'm sorry Grandpa. It's just that I am so excited, our class is going to the library today," said Timmy in his usual loud voice.
Grandpa's eyes bulged wide open, "Do you know what a library is, Timmy?"
"Miss. Trellis said there are lots of books in a library. You know I like reading Grandpa, especially if it is about pirates and dinosaurs!
Miss. Trellis told us it was a fun place to learn about things."
"GOODY, scrambled eggs for breakfast, thank you, Grandma!" cheered Timmy loudly.
"What else did your teacher tell you about the library?" asked Grandpa curiously.
"I donth know Grandthpaw, I wasth thalking thoo James about histh new vidtheo game stho I din'th hear what elsthe Missth Threllisth hadth thoo sthay."
Grandpa shook his head in disgust as Timmy spoke with his mouth full of scrambled eggs.
"Well, I am sure it will be an interesting trip Timmy," smiled Grandpa as he picked up the newspaper to read.
Timmy looked at the kitchen clock.
"YIPES!" he hollered. "I'm going to miss the school bus."
Timmy got up from his seat so quickly that his chair fell with a loud 'CRASH!'
Grandpa gritted his teeth as he shuddered behind the newspaper.
"Have a good time at the library," said Grandma, giving Timmy a big hug.
"BYE GRANDMA, BYE GRANDPA!" thundered Timmy's voice as he ran out the back door.
"Such a chirpy little boy," Grandma said lovingly as she watched him dash off to meet his friends who were waiting for the school bus.
"I do wish he wouldn't talk so loud," mumbled Grandpa from behind his newspaper.
"I have never met a child who speaks so fast all the time, and at the top of his voice too.
Let's hope I won't turn deaf by the time his Mum and Dad get back from their holiday."
"Oh my," said Grandma worriedly, "Timmy was in such a rush that I didn't have time to tell him he has to whisper if he needs to speak in the library."
It was really hard for Timmy to sit still in his seat on the school bus.
Mr. Barker, the bus driver, had reminded him many times that it was dangerous to run up and down the bus while it was on the move.
Well, he didn't really listen to Mr. Barker till he fell and hurt his knees last Friday when jumping from seat to seat.
Perhaps it was because he had to sit quietly that Timmy talked even louder while on the school bus.
He was excited.
He couldn't wait to get to the library.
When they arrived at the library, Miss. Trellis made them line up in twos.
"Now, children, do you remember what I said in class yesterday?"
"Yes, Miss. Trellis," went the class.
Except of course for Timmy and James who had not been listening to Ms. Trellis as they had been too busy talking about video games.
"We have to be quiet in the library."
Timmy's eyes nearly popped out from his eyeballs.
"That's right, children, if you really need to speak, you will have to whisper."
Timmy's mouth opened wide.
He had never ever whispered before!
If only he had listened to Miss. Trellis in class yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa could have taught him how to whisper.
'Maybe if I chewed some gum, I could stop talking?' thought Timmy.
He searched his pockets for chewing gum, he didn't have any!
Timmy was starting to get worried.
"What else are we not allowed to do in the library?" Miss. Trellis asked the class.
"No running in the library," replied the class; except of course for Timmy and James who had been too busy talking in class yesterday.
Timmy was very, very worried now.
He really wanted to read all the dinosaur and pirate books that were in the library.
What if he couldn't keep quiet?
What if he forgot not to run?
Would he be asked to leave the library?
Miss. Trellis led them into the library.
As soon as they walked in, Timmy saw a huge sign hanging on the wall.
"SILENCE," read Timmy loudly.
"Sshhh," Miss. Trellis frowned at Timmy.
"SORRY MISS. TRELLIS," said Timmy in his loud voice.
"Are you trying to be funny Timmy?" Miss. Trellis glared at him.
"NO...," Timmy stopped talking.
Miss. Trellis was not only glaring at him but she had her hands on her hips.
Timmy knew she did that only when she was very angry.
She must be really angry with him.
He tried to speak a little softer. "No Miss. Trellis, I'm sorry Miss. Trellis."
Miss. Trellis still looked stern but she no longer had her hands on her hips.
Timmy knew that he hadn't spoken in his usual loud voice, he was pleased with himself.
When they arrived at the Children's Section, Timmy gave out a loud holler, "DINOSAURS!"
He ran towards the shelf which had thousands of books on dinosaurs.
He grabbed a handful of books and 'PLONK!' he placed them on the floor noisily.
Children's Story: by
Timmy was just about to read the thickest dinosaur book he had ever seen when he noticed a pair of black shoes tapping on the floor, right in front of where he was sitting.
He looked up.
Miss. Trellis was glaring down at him.
She had her hands on her hips again!
He was glad they were in the library, this meant she could not give him a good scolding.
Well, not right now, anyway.
He wanted to apologise.
But what if he talked too loud?
He would surely end up sitting outside the library while all his classmates were reading their favourite books.
Then he would not be able to read all the dinosaur and pirate books in the library.
Tears welled up in his eyes.
Miss. Trellis pointed to the 'Silence' sign.
Then she reminded him in a quiet whisper that he was not to run in the library.
He had to handle the books with care and sit at the table to read them.
Timmy wished he had been listening to Miss. Trellis in class yesterday, instead of talking to James.
As quietly as he could, Timmy picked up the books from the floor.
As slowly as he could, Timmy walked to a nearby table.
As gently as he could, Timmy placed the books on the table.
As carefully as he could, Timmy lifted the chair and sat down.
Timmy was just about to shout, "I DID IT!" when he remembered he had to be silent in the library.
'As quiet as a mouse I am,' he thought to himself, feeling rather pleased.
He looked up to see Miss. Trellis smiling, she was pleased with him too!
It was close to tea time when Timmy arrived home.
Grandpa walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Timmy having tea and biscuits with Grandma.
Why, Grandpa hadn't heard the front door go BANG!
He had not heard Timmy yelling at the top of his lungs, "I'M HOME, GRANDMA. I'M HOME, GRANDPA!"
He had not heard Timmy's footsteps go 'BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!' as he ran upstairs to his room.
Grandpa looked again in disbelief.
Timmy was not shaking his legs under the table.
He was not rocking his chair.
He was not banging his fork and knife on the table.
In fact, Grandpa was impressed with his table manners.
And best of all Timmy wasn't shouting at the top of his voice, he was actually having a nice QUIET conversation with Grandma.
Grandpa was pleased, the visit to the library had done Timmy a world of good!
Timmy noticed Grandpa looking at him proudly and he beamed with pride.
"Hello Grandpa, I have been waiting for you to wake up from your nap. I can't wait to tell you about what I learnt at the library," said Timmy excitedly, in a QUIET voice.
Grandpa ruffled Timmy's hair lovingly.
Timmy was feeling very pleased with himself.


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