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  Ray And The Rainbow Eaters
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While the rain poured outside Ray painted a rainbow picture.
Instead of the usual paints he worked with fruit and vegetable juices.
As he dabbed in the pot of gold the rain stopped and Ray walked to his window.
"I can't believe it, a rainbow right outside, and something is sitting on top of it."
Ray grabbed his field glasses and rushed outside.
"What in the world is that?"
He could see it was black and white with wings and a long tongue.
"Oh no, it's eating the rainbow, how can I stop it?"
"I will help."
"Who are you?"
She flitted in front of him. "I am Raona, the Rainbow Fairy."
Ray wondered if he might be dreaming, so he pinched himself.
Raona pinched him too!
"Listen to me. The Leader of the Rainbow Eaters is near, he hates rainbows. They want everything in black and white."
"They are scary, but they do have one weakness."
"They do?"
Raona rose to Ray's ear and whispered, "The Eaters can be overly curious creatures."
Suddenly, the Leader Eater appeared.
"What do you want?" asked Raona.
"You know what I want Fairy, I want to rid the world of rainbows, no more colors."
"No rainbows? What would you eat?" asked Ray.
"We would eat rainbow lovers ... like you."
The Eater reached for his prey.
Ray retreated, but the Eater easily caught him.
In a flash the Fairy landed on the Eater's elongated nose.
Sternly she said, "I will fill your nostrils with a thousand nasty gnats if you don't release him this instant."
The Eater let him go and swallowed the rest of the rainbow.
"Go tell your rainbow-loving friends to stay out of our way...or you will pay!"
"He should learn to eat his fruits and vegetables," said Ray, "that would make him nice."
"That would make him sick," said Raona, "because he's not used to healthy food."
The next morning Ray discovered another rainbow.
So he loaded his binoculars, brushes, paints, and paper into his backpack and jumped on his bike.
"Wow, a triple rainbow, breathtaking."
Then he saw them.
"Oh no."
Raona lit on his shoulder. "What's wrong?"
He pointed, "Look."
Three Eaters slithered toward them.
Raona attempted a spell.
"My magic is not strong enough to fight them all, let's skedaddle."
They did not make it far when the Leader Eater blocked their path.
"Stop! You're not going anywhere."
"Stay calm," said the Fairy.
"Now," said the Eater, "watch what happens to your precious triple rainbow."
Each Eater ate a rainbow and burped.
"Tasty, tasty," they said in unison.
Ray felt bad he could not rescue the rare rainbow.
"It's all over for you two," said the Leader Eater.
The Eater extended his tongue, snatched Ray's binoculars and crushed them.
Ray recalled Raona's tip.
"Wait, we have something to show you."
"What?" asked the Leader Eater.
"Close your eyes and count to 100."
The haters huddled.
"If this is a joke, you'll be sorry," warned the Leader Eater.
The curious Eaters closed their eyes and the Leader Eater counted.
First Ray soaked each brush in a color of the rainbow.
Next he painted the blue, green, indigo, orange, red, violet, and yellow rays.
Finally Raona flew Ray's rainbow into place.
"98, 99,100, time's up!" said the Leader Eater, "show us what you have."
"Turn around."
The Eaters licked their chops.
"Where did that come from?" the Leader Eater asked.
"Please don't eat it," pleaded Ray, "it's very special."
"Just watch us."
The Eaters gobbled it up and gulped it down.
The stuffed Eaters hunched over.
"Back up," said Raona, "hurling ahead."
The Eaters emptied their stomachs.
Out came the juicy rainbow and all the other rainbows they had recently eaten.
"It's the prettiest puke I've ever seen," said Ray, "it doesn't even stink."
Ray gathered the regurgitated rainbows.
"Where will you take them?" asked Raona.
"To the Rainbow Recycling Center."
The Eaters lay there, sapped of their strength.
"If I were you," said Raona, "I would never eat another rainbow."
"Why not?" moaned the Leader Eater.
"Because Ray plans to paint many more."
"I do?"
"Don't worry I will help you, anyway, I think rainbows will be safe for a long while."
"I hope so, because I'm all out of juice."

The End
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