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  Something For A Rainy Day
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"Is Grandfather at home yet?" ask the grandchildren.
Somer just sits back and smiles as all the other grandchildren anxiously wait for Grandfather to come home from work.
Some of the grandchildren have their faces pressed to the front window, eyes wide open and looking in both directions, and the other grandchildren are gathered at the front door to be the first in line to greet him.
However, Somer was calm and relax knowing something they all did not know.
"I know the exact time Grandfather is coming home." smiled Somer as she stayed calm sitting in her favourite rocking chair.
"I had a long talk with Grandmother who knows his schedule and when he is coming home."
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Every summer, Somer and her brothers and sisters, and cousins would spend two weeks with their grandparents in the country.
Somer just loves her grandparents and spending time from the busy life living in the city.
She loves listening to robins singing in the morning outside of her bedroom window. The train whistles blowing in the nearby distance at dawn and dusk. And, she just loves fishing with her Grandfather in his private tank catching catfish and crappie.
Somer's Grandfather lives in a two-story white frame house with plenty of rooms to run and play and explore.
He has a big backyard with a vegetable garden, chickens, horses and cows.
Somer loves walking out to the backyard to pick fresh peaches and pears when she wants a snack.
Minutes later, Somer slowly got up and walked to the front door
"It is almost time for Grandfather to come home." she explained.
"How do you know that?" they all asked.
"That is my secret." replied Somer.
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Just then, Grandfather's car pulled in the drive and he entered the house.
He gave each grandchild a hug and kiss.
After getting cleaned up, he would sit in his favourite rocking chair to read his newspaper.
"Grandfather how was your day?" asked the grandchildren. "We are so glad to see you. You get up so early in the morning to go to work, and we are all still fast asleep."
Grandfather just smiled peering over his newspaper wearing his reading glasses. He loves all his grandchildren the same and loves spending time with them playing.
He loves explaining and showing them how he grew up living in the country; also
showing them how to fish at the lake.
He loves to show them how to camp and cook their food; and he loves to show them how to manage and save their money.
"Now, here is a fifty-cent piece for each of you," said Grandfather. "Remember to always save something for a Rainy Day."
As each grandchild got their fifty-cent piece, Somer stood in deep thought and looking at the shiny fifty-cent piece.
"I will buy some candy." said Somer's sister Jessica.
"I will buy some ice-cream." said Somer's cousins.
Children's Story: by
As the other grandchildren quickly ran to buy something, Somer thought and thought about what a 'Rainy Day' truly meant."
'Now, Grandfather said to save something for a 'Rainy Day,' thought Somer. 'That means to be careful with your money and don't spend it all at one time.'
Minutes later, the grandchildren came back home.
"I brought some candy." teased Somer's sister Jessica.
"I bought some ice-cream." teased Somer's cousin James.
They both tried to make Somer jealous and mad.
However, Somer decided to always remember what Grandfather told her and start managing her money and learning about investments.
Years later, Somer had amassed a great sum of money and her brother and sister and cousins had none left.
Somer had learned not only how to buy candy and ice-cream when on sale, but other things.
She had more money to buy things, and share with her family and others.
She would donate some of her money to a good cause and help others in need.
"How did you save all that money?" asked her friends and family.
"Remember to always save something for a Rainy Day." she said.
Somer would always teach and tell people how it was possible, with just a fifty-cent piece well spent, to make your dreams a reality and how to help other people.

The End

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