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  Speedy The Catbuster
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Molly the mouse is being terrorised by the local cat.
Luckily, Speedy the catbuster is on hand to save poor Molly.
Children's Story: by
Molly was the unhappiest mouse in the world.
Hiding in her nest box, eyes closed, paws over her ears, waiting in fear for that horrible voice.
Children's Story: by
It had been wonderful when her owner, Ruby, had first started putting her cage out on the lawn for a couple of hours each afternoon.
Molly enjoyed the fresh air and the warm sunshine, and watching the birds flying backwards and forwards across the garden.
Then he arrived.
The first Molly knew something was wrong was when the garden suddenly went quiet, and all the birds disappeared.
He appeared on top of the fence, and as soon as he saw Molly he jumped down and ran across the grass faster than anything she had ever seen.
"Well now, you look like a tasty morsel," he hissed. "I think I'll have you for my tea."
He placed one paw, which was almost as big as Molly, on the bars of her cage and flicked out his vicious looking claws.
"All I have to do is figure out how to get in this cage."
Just then the back door opened, and as quickly as he arrived, he was away over the fence before Ruby could see him.
But the next day he was back, running his claws across the cage, looking for a way in, and all the time telling Molly how much he was going to enjoy eating her.
Molly ran into the box at the back of her cage.
"It's no good you hiding in there, I'm still going to get you." he snarled.
Children's Story: by
The next day Molly didn't even bother to leave her box, but stayed inside cowering in fear of his arrival.
But it wasn't his voice she heard.
"Hello in there. Don't worry it's safe to come out, he's not around at the moment."
Molly tentatively stuck her head out of the box and saw another mouse just outside her cage.
"Hi there," he said "come on over and say Hello."
"Who are you?" asked Molly.
"My name is Speedy" he replied.
"Aren't you afraid the monster will get you?"
"No, I've got lots of friends keeping a look out. They'll let me know when he's around, and he's not a monster, he's a cat."
"He's a monster as far as I'm concerned, he says he wants to eat me."
"Yes, that's what cats do to mice; they are our biggest enemy.
Anyway, a little bird told me you were having trouble so I'm here to help."
"What little bird?" asked Molly.
"That one there." replied Speedy, pointing to a robin in the holly bush.
"And how can you help me?"
"I'm a catbuster. It's my job to bust cats and I think we can give this one a good busting.
But it's going to need you to be very brave."
"I'm not sure I like the sound of this," said Molly "what do you want me to do?"
"Let the cat into your cage." replied Speedy.
"Are you joking, he wants to eat me for his dinner."
"There's one thing cats don't like, and if we can trap him in your cage and hit him with that thing, I promise you he won't bother you again."
"And what is that thing?"
"So you want to use me as bait, lure him into the cage and give him a good soaking?"
"Yes, simple enough don't you think?"
"Well, I can think of one or two problems" said Molly "Firstly, how are you going to open the cage? The cat hasn't been able to do it."
"Oh, we mice are much smarter than cats, opening the door will be no problem."
"And where do I go when the cat gets in?"
"Out the other door."
"What other door," asked Molly.
"That one there, behind you."
Molly turned around, and for the first time ever, realised there were two doors to her cage.
"Okay, so now I can escape" said Molly "but where are you going to get enough water to soak him?"
"You see that thing in the middle of the lawn? It's a sprinkler. It's what Ruby's dad uses to water the grass. We'll drag it over here and turn it on when the cat's trapped in the cage."
"You keep saying 'we'," said Molly, "but there's only two of us, how are we going to do all this on our own?"
"Oh, I have hundreds of friends who are going to help, all you have to do is call them."
"And how do I do that?"
"One long, three short, one long," replied Speedy.
"What you talking about?"
"Eeks, one long eek, three short eeks, one long eek.
That's how mice let other mice know they need help. Like this. Eeeeek, eek eek eek, eeeeek.
Go on, you have a go."
"Eeeeek, eek eek eek, eeeeek," said Molly.
"No, louder. We are going to need lots of mice, we need the ones out in the fields and woods to come."
So Molly shouted at the top of her voice.
"Eeeeek, eek eek eek, eeeeek."
Suddenly, dozens of mice came running into the garden from all directions, and gathered around Molly's cage.
Speedy explained the plan and started putting them to work.
Two groups climbed up the cage to the door latches, and quickly had them open.
One large group set off to drag the sprinkler over to the cage, whilst another group went over to the tap on the side of the house, ready to turn on the water.
"There's just one problem," said one of the other mice, "the cat needs to think Molly is all on her own. We all need to hide, but the nearest hiding places are too far away. We'll never get across in time to shut the doors."
Speedy looked around the garden and spotted some flower pots by the shed.
"Bring two of those over here and put one upside down, near each door. We can hide underneath them, the cat will be so intent on getting Molly he'll never realise."
Two flower pots were quickly brought over and put in place.
"Right, we're all set," said Speedy. "Molly, you go over there, right next to the back door.
We've opened it just enough for you to slip out.
The front door is fully open, the cat won't be able to resist the temptation to come in and get you. But this is where you need to be brave. You mustn't leave the cage until the cat is completely inside and we can close the doors. Are you ready?"
"Yes, I think so." said a very nervous Molly.
"Eeeeek eeeeek eeeeek," came a call from over by the fence.
"That's the warning call," said Speedy. "The cat's been sighted; he's on his way. Everybody hide."
And suddenly Molly was all alone, nervously watching the top of the fence, waiting for the cat to appear.
It all happened so quickly.
The cat was on top of the fence.
He saw the open cage door, and was across the lawn in a flash.
First his head came through the door.
There was a wicked smile on his face, showing lots of sharp teeth.
"Well now," he hissed "looks like I'm going to have an early tea."
His front legs were inside now, and Molly was trying very hard to stay where she was.
"I must say you do look like a very tasty mouse."
Then the cat's back legs were in and there was only his tail left outside.
"The cage is not big enough" thought Molly "he's going to be able to reach me without bringing his tail in, and they aren't going to be able to shut the door."
But what Molly didn't know about cats was how they liked to tease and torment their prey before eating it.
The tail came in and the cat sat down, ready to have some fun before his meal.
If Molly had thought the cat was fast, the mice were even faster.
The front door of the cage slammed shut, and as the cat looked round in surprise Molly slipped out the back door, which was then quickly closed.
The cat, realising he had been tricked, went crazy with rage, crashing against the bars, desperate to escape.
Speedy walked up to the cage, careful to stay out of reach of any sharp claws.
"Well now cat. Looks like the tables are turned, I understand you've been giving Molly a hard time.
So I'm going to teach you a lesson, and from now on I never want to see you in this garden again. And so that you know who has taught you this lesson, I am Speedy the catbuster."
Children's Story: by
The sprinkler burst into life and water came raining down on the cage.
The cat was quickly soaked through, his wet fur clinging to his body like a second skin.
It's astonishing how much smaller a cat looks when his fur is wet.
The water was very cold and soon the cat was crouched in a miserable heap, shivering uncontrollably.
"Okay, I think he's had enough," said Speedy "turn off the water and open the cage."
The defeated cat crawled out and slowly made his way across the lawn.
He no longer had the strength to jump up onto the fence, and the last they saw of him was disappearing through the garden gate.
"Thank you Speedy" said a very grateful Molly.
"That was awesome, and thank you to all you lot for coming to help me."
"It's always a pleasure to help a mouse in trouble" replied Speedy.
"And don't forget, if you ever need help again it's one long, three short, one long."

The End
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