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  Spotty And Dotty And The Big Fat Finger
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Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by

Two ladybirds, Spotty and Dotty, lived in a bush in the garden.
Spotty and Dotty loved living in their bush.
They had lots of ladybird friends, and of juicy aphids to eat.
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One day a big, fat finger appeared in the bush. Spotty and Dotty had never seen a big, fat finger before. So they crawled on to have a look.
The big, fat finger lifted them into the air and carried them away.
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The big, fat finger stopped above a plastic box, and, with a little shake, Spotty and Dotty were dropped inside. Before they had a chance to recover from their fall, a lid came down on the box, and Spotty and Dotty were trapped.
Every few seconds the lid would come off, and the big, fat finger, who had been joined by a big, fat thumb, would drop a stone or a piece of leaf into the box. The lid was put on for the last time, and Spotty and Dotty were taken into the house.
Children's Story: by
Spotty and Dotty didn't like being in the box. There was nothing to eat. Ladybirds don't eat stones or leaves.
If only the big, fat finger would bring them some aphids.
Sometimes the lid would be taken away, and Spotty and Dotty would crawl up the side of the box. But, as soon as they got to the top, the big, fat finger would push them back in.
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
Then, Spotty and Dotty remembered they could fly. The next time the lid came off, they spread their wings and flew to the top of the kitchen cupboard. That was a bad idea. The cupboard was covered in dust, and, when they landed, the dust was so deep it came up to their tummies. Every time they tried to move clouds of dust billowed up and fell on their backs. Soon they were covered in so much dust they couldn't beat their wings and fly away.
Spotty and Dotty were very frightened. They wished they had stayed in the box. Suddenly, the big, fat finger appeared, and Spotty and Dotty gratefully climbed up onto it. The big, fat finger took them back to the box. The big, fat finger and the big, fat thumb then got a wet tissue, and carefully cleaned all the dust off Spotty and Dotty.
Spotty and Dotty were so glad to have escaped the dust, but they were still very hungry, and they were getting weaker and weaker. Soon they didn't have enough strength left to climb up the side of the box, and just lay very still on the bottom.
Then the big, fat finger and the big, fat thumb picked up the box and took Spotty and Dotty back to the bush.
Spotty and Dotty were so glad to be home, and all their friends were so glad to see them.
They brought Spotty and Dotty lots and lots of aphids, and Spotty and Dotty had the best feast ever.
Children's Story: by
Children's Story: by
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