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  The Bubble That Would Not Pop
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Mia, who loves to pop bubbles, is very surprised that the lone bubble she sees in the park just won't pop! She follows the bubble and at times, the bubble follows her and Mia learns that this is definitely no ordinary bubble

Children's Story: by
Mia loved bubbles - all kinds of bubbles!
The small ones that she blew outside in the backyard and the long ones that looked like magical floating clouds when they came out of the big bubble wand; the party of bubbles that filled the air when the bubble machine was on and the white foamy bubbles that were all around Mia when she took her bubble bath.
When Mia washed her hands with her favourite pump soap that smelled like watermelon, she couldn't help but play with the bubbles that were left in the sink...until Mummy called,
"Mia, are you playing with the soap bubbles again? It's time to rinse your hands!"
Now everyone knows the best thing about bubbles is popping them and that's exactly what Mia loved to do, especially in her favourite park.
One sunny Saturday afternoon Mummy was just about to take Mia and her big sister, Danielle, on the carousel in that park, when Mia spotted a bubble floating in the air ahead of her.
Children's Story: by
She didn't see anyone nearby blowing bubbles, so as far as Mia could tell, this bubble was alone. Mia's eyes grew wide with excitement and she ran toward the bubble as fast as she could.
She jumped up in the air touching the bubble with her hand.
Children's Story: by
Nothing happened. Then she jumped up again, this time trying to catch the bubble with both of her hands. Mia caught the bubble for a few seconds, but then it floated right out of her hands! She jumped higher this time and caught that bubble again, but the bubble escaped into the air and then floated down the park path.
Mia couldn't believe her eyes! Mummy looked amazed, Danielle's mouth was hanging open in surprise, and people who had passed by were indeed shocked.
After riding around and around on the carousel right next to Danielle, the animals finally slowed down and Mia saw that strange bubble floating outside of the carousel gate. It looked like it was waiting for her!
Children's Story: by
The bubble started to move so Mia followed it, and Mummy and Danielle followed Mia all the way to the big fountain in the middle of the park.
Children's Story: by
A few little birds were bouncing about in the water enjoying their baths and the bubble decided to also take a bath!
Up and down it went in and out of the water!
A small crowd gathered around the fountain to watch and one man yelled, "Look, that bubble is taking a bath! It's a bubble bath!"
The people in the crowd laughed and it seemed that the birds were laughing too as they chirped away merrily.
Mia was a little confused. "Mummy, bubbles don't take baths."
Suddenly the bubble came out of the water and bounced very lightly off of Mia's cheek. "I think that bubble wants to play with you Mia." Mummy said.
"Let's follow it again!" cried Danielle.
The amazing bubble led Mia, Danielle and Mummy to the playground.
Children's Story: by
It bounced down the slide and Mia slid down the slide right after it. When Danielle pushed Mia on the swings, the bubble swooped back and forth with Mia!
'What fun!' Mia thought. 'Maybe I'll try harder to pop it!' Mia ran right into the bubble three times but it didn't pop. Then she jumped up and down lots of times clapping her hands on the strange bubble but it just would not pop. Mia was very frustrated.
She saw a girl across the playground who was blowing lots of bubbles and other children were running and catching as many bubbles as they could - and popping them.
"Mia, why do you look so sad?" asked Mummy. "I don't want to play with that bubble anymore!" Mia cried, pointing to the bubble floating in the air beside her. "It looks like other bubbles, but it doesn't act like other bubbles. It doesn't pop... so I don't think I like it."
"It may be different, but it's still fun to play with!" Danielle said.
"That's right!" Mummy said. "What can that bubble do?" she asked with a gleam in her eye.
Mia thought for a moment. "I know it can bounce. It bounced in the water; it bounced off my cheek, and even bounced down the slide! It can also swing... It was swinging at the same time that I was swinging!"
Mia, Danielle and Mummy all felt like having an ice cream, so Mummy bought ice cream sandwiches and Mia and Danielle found a bench in the shade to sit down and enjoy them.
While they were eating, the bubble found its way to Mia's shoulder and landed on top of it.
After she finished her ice cream, the bubble bounced on Mia's shoulder and then floated to a nearby tree.
It looked like it wanted Mia to follow it. She was really glad that she did because when she caught up to the bubble, they played peek-a-boo behind the tree!
"It's time to go home!" Mummy called to Mia.
The bubble floated right beside Mia as she walked with Danielle and Mummy out of the park.
Suddenly the bubble appeared right in front of Mia's eyes, like it knew it was time to say goodbye.
This time Mia didn't even think of trying to pop it. She just said, "Bye bubble. I hope to see you next time in the park. I'm glad you are my new friend."
Mia's words made the bubble very happy!
Children's Story: by

The End

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