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  The Daytime Moon
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Children's Story: by
The mid-morning dew was drying in the glow of the warm sun when Chapman Daniel strolled to the top of the hill behind his home.
He often came here as he enjoyed the view when it was time to go out and play.
"Not too far this time, Chap," his mother called out from the porch, "stay where I can see you!"
Chapman reached the top of the hill and gazed at the scenery around him.
The trees swayed gently with the wind.
A car drove past the front of the house.
The neighbour's dog was sniffing the air, and the distant sound of an airplane could be heard soaring above.
Chapman loved to watch airplanes, so he searched the sky for it.
During his search something else caught his attention.
It was the moon.
But wait, it was daytime!
Why could he see the moon at this time of day?
Yet, there it was, nearly a full moon.
Of course it was not as bright as it shines at night, but there was no mistaking the moon.
Children's Story: by
Puzzled, Chapman tried to call to the moon.
"Moon, what are you doing out this morning?"
The moon opened his eyes and peered around.
He was very surprised "I, I don't know, I went to rest hours ago, this shouldn't be."
"Are you lost?" asked Chapman.
"I don't think so, but I can't tell, I've never been here before."
"Hmmm..." thought Chapman.
He looked over to the sun and had an idea. "Let's ask the Sun!"
The moon smiled. "Yes, good idea, let's ask her!"
"Oh, Sun!" Chapman called out, "Can you help us?"
The Sun, busy shining its rays over the land, peered down.
"Good morning young boy, what can I do for you?"
"It's the moon," answered Chapman, "we think he's lost."
The Sun looked across the sky and found the Moon looking very upset.
"Why, what are you doing out today? You should have gone to rest hours ago!"
"I know, I know!" cried the Moon. "I think I lost my way! Can you help me?"
The Sun thought very hard, she had never seen the Moon out during the daytime before.
"I'm afraid I don't understand, I'm usually too busy shining down rather than looking around the sky."
"Me too!" fretted the Moon, "I may never make it home!"
Children's Story: by
The three thought for several moments.
The Moon worried.
The Sun, though busy with her job, seemed confused.
Chapman, standing quietly, waited for the solution to come to him.
Then he had an idea, "Wait right here! I'll get help!"
With that, Chapman rushed down the hill toward his back porch, bursting through the back door into his house.
Several long moments went by as the Moon and the Sun waited patiently.
Then the back door to Chapman's home opened and out stepped the young boy with his mother.
She was carrying a large book.
Chapman pulled and pulled at his mother's arm, trying to get her to hurry to the top of the hill.
"Really, Chap, I don't see the rush!" said his mother.
"C'mon!" he urged.
Finally they made it to the top, where Chapman's mother began flipping through the pages of the large book.
Meanwhile, Chapman gazed up to the Moon and the Sun with a reassuring smile.
"Don't worry," began Chapman, "I remembered Mummy reading a book about the stars and the sky; she will tell us what to do."
His mother focused on each line and every word, reading and flipping pages, until...
"Aha!" she exclaimed.
"It says here, during the Moon's orbit, depending on the angle in the sky, the Moon can be seen during the daytime.
Because of its reflective surface, the Sun's light makes the Moon easier to see. So the Moon can seem like a big mirror."
Chapman, thinking carefully about his mother's discovery asked, "So, it's okay for the Moon to be out during the day?"
"I should say so," replied his mother.
"So, he's not lost?"
"Absolutely not, the Moon is where he is supposed to be."
His mother knelt next to him. "Here, honey, you can see the pictures."
He began to study the different phases and photos of the Moon.
His mother stood up, "I'm going back inside for a moment; call for help if you need me."
As she left, Chapman examined the information in the book.
The Moon and Sun were listening closely.
"So, everything's okay?" asked the Sun.
"Think so," answered Chapman.
The moon looked nervous. "Will I still be out at night?"
"Sure, the book says, because of your..." he peered back to the book, "...orbit, which is your path around the Earth.
Because of your orbit, I may not see you every night, but you will always be there."
"Oh, good," said the Moon, "will I see you when I'm up during the day?"
Chapman read a bit more and frowns.
"Not all the time, sometimes I won't be able to find you."
This deflates the Moon a bit.
"But I will," added the Sun, "I can find you."
The Moon brightens again. "Great!"
Chapman closed the book and everyone seemed satisfied.
"Chapman!" his mother called from the porch, "come down for some juice and crackers!"
Children's Story: by
Chapman stood on the hill, but before he made his way down, he looked up to the Moon.
"If I don't see you later, I'll be sure to come to say good night."
The Moon smiled warmly.
"Thank you, Chapman, I'll be waiting."

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