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  The High Notes
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"La,la,la,la,la," sang Henry. "La,la,la,la,la,la."
Children's Story: by
Henry loves to sing and is practising in his bedroom for the upcoming Boy Scouts musical at school.
One of the projects he has to do to earn his Eagle Badge is to put on a musical.
He is playing the lead role and must sing the final song in the play.
'I believe I have most of the song down to perfection,' Henry thought 'but, I am having some trouble with hitting the last high notes in the song.
I want to give the audience something to remember for the finale.'
"La, la, la, la, la," sang Henry. "La, la, la, la. la."
"Baa, Baa, Baa," teased Henry's little brother Gary peeking his head in his bedroom.
"What is all the funny noise coming out of your mouth?"
"Gary, get out of my room!" shouted Henry. "I am trying to sing."
"Is that what you call singing?" teased Gary. "Now you know that I am the best singer in this family."
Henry was a little embarrassed and did not want his parents, and especially his baby brother Gary, to know that he was having trouble with the song and hitting the high notes.
Henry wanted to do his very best for his family, and did not want to let his friends and especially the other Boy scouts down.
He continued to practice at school and on his own in his bedroom.
Several days later Henry was still having some trouble hitting the high notes and realised that he had to do something.
'Maybe I can go and ask Grandfather for some help,' thought Henry. 'He is a professional singer and gives singing lessons.'
Henry loves visiting his Grandfather in the country, and taking time out from his busy schedule of practising. The country is so different from living in the city; less noise from car horns.
The smell of fresh red and yellow roses that surrounded his Grandfather's front porch, being able to pick peaches and pears that grew in the front yard, and the peaceful mornings sitting in my favourite rocking chair. The only sound you could hear is the nearby train wheels hitting the metal tracks, and the whistles blowing about once every six hours.
Early in the morning, Henry and his Grandfather sat out on his front porch talking.
"I am singing in the school play in a few weeks Grandfather," said Henry "and, I am having trouble hitting the high notes in the final song."
"Hitting high notes is easy," said Grandfather "let's go inside and sing a duo together."
Children's Story: by
Henry and Grandfather sat side by side on the piano bench.
"Now, I will take the high notes and you take the tenor part." instructed his Grandfather.
Henry's Grandfather could sing all different voices, tones and notes. His voice is still amazing.
While singing, Henry carefully watched his Grandfather's sweet face relax.
He noticed how he took a deep breath of fresh air like he was swallowing sweet tea.
He noticed how he hit the high notes like reaching for the stars.
After about an hour of signing, Grandfather smiled and looked over at Henry practising.
"I believe it is time for some of my home-made ice-cream." said Henry's Grandfather.
Grandfather brought the ice-cream to the front porch.
"I am a little nervous about singing in front of a crowd Grandfather," said Henry.
"Do not worry about the crowd of people," said Henry's Grandfather. "Just stay relaxed and focus on one person in the crowd.
You can look at me."
Later, while at home, Henry thought about all the things he learned and observed from his Grandfather while singing.
Before long, Henry was singing the low notes, and then...
"La,la,la,la,la" sang Henry. "La,la,la,la,la."
Later, after the musical and at the reception, Henry's Grandfather came over and gave him with a big hug and handshake.
"You did a great job hitting the high notes Henry." said his Grandfather.
As Henry finished the last of his cookies and punch, he thought about how lucky he was to have a Grandfather and family that loved him so very much.
Children's Story: by
"This is my big brother Henry," bragged Gary to his friends. "He is the best singer in the family."

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