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  The Little Girls Bedroom That Waited For A Little Girl
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Children's Story: by
Once there was a poor girl named Rose.
She was small, but with a big weight on her shoulders as she had to take care of her sick mother all by herself.
Her mother could not bear to see her tiny daughter having so many worries.
She told her stories of their life before her father died to make Rose smile.
"We had a big house," she told her daughter, "and a garden with vegetables and there were wonderful fruit trees.
A bedroom all your own was filled with toys.
Your father read to you every evening while he sat you on his lap.
Happy were those days, you must think of them whenever you are tired or sad."
Many years passed and Rose became a woman.
She met a young man named Tom whom she married.
Rose and Tom were very happy together.
One day Tom said to Rose, "Let us find a big house to live in and raise a family."
Rose agreed, so they went out and saw a nice house which was for sale.
Immediately Rose loved this house.
"This will be a perfect home for a family," declared Tom.
Inside was a wonderful kitchen and a large family room.
A hallway upstairs led to the bedrooms.
Children's Story: by
The last bedroom, at the end of the hall, was circular shaped and big windows let in warm sunlight and a scented breeze from the garden.
Rose was very pleased, "This will make a perfect little girl's bedroom," she said.
Time passed and no children came to Rose and Tom.
One day, while Rose was dusting in the little girl's bedroom, she became very tired and lay down on the bed to rest.
She saw the light in the room dim.
A voice from nowhere spoke, loud and demanding, "Where is my little girl?"
Rose, feeling very strange replied, "But who are you?"
She heard the voice fading away as it answered,
"I am the little girl's bedroom, where is my little girl?"
Rose could not believe what she heard and thought she must be dreaming.
Unable to stop herself, she went to the toy box.
She searched through all the toys, looking for one in particular.
She did not know which, but when she uncovered a box of marbles she knew this was it.
She dropped the marbles onto the floor and they scattered everywhere.
She saw one fall into a hole in the wooden floor.
Curious, she inspected the hole and discovered a latch.
Rose fiddled with the latch until a lid popped up, the opened hole revealed a hidden scroll.
Rose woke from her dream-like sleep and took the scroll downstairs to show her husband Tom
He examined it and said, "This is a 'Certificate of Adoption' Rose, and it is for a little girl."
Intrigued, Rose took the certificate to the orphanage.
The people at the orphanage read it and with great surprise said,
"We have this very same little girl here!
Her adoptive parents died in a tragic accident and this girl had to be returned to an orphanage."
Rose knew immediately what she must do.
She and Tom adopted the little girl and took her home.
Rose took the little girl up to her room for the first time and watched as the excited little girl ran hither and thither, touching the corners of her room.
Once more, and never again, Rose heard the voice of the little girl's bedroom.
It whispered in her ear, "Thank you, thank you Rose, you brought home my little girl."
No longer childless, Rose and Tom began raising a family in their home and lived happily ever after.

The End
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