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  The Queens Cat
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Children's Story: by

This is a story about a little girl who lives in a cozy house with her Mummy and Daddy.
Most days, the little girl is happy and helps Mummy and Daddy with the chores.
But one day, the little girl was not happy because Mummy told her to clean up her room while she was playing a game on her computer.
"Your room is very messy, and you need to clean it up!" Mummy said. "You have such a nice room with your own bed, your own closet and lots of nice toys and stuffed animals.
So you need to keep it nice, then when your friends come over you will have lots of room to play.
You should be proud of your nice room."
"I don't want to clean up my room," pouted the little girl. "I want to play 'Itty Bitty Kitty' instead."
Then, with her hands on her hips and using her stinky voice, she told her mother, "When Daddy comes home, I'm going to tell him you are being mean and not fair!"
Her Mummy was surprised because the little girl usually did her chores without pouting or being stinky.
"Well then, you can just have a 'time out' in your messy room until Daddy gets home.
We will all talk about it together then."
Children's Story: by
But Mummy's left eyebrow was arched high over her eye and her head was tilted so that she looked sideways down at the little girl.
We all know what that look means: somebody is in trouble for going too far!
Later that day the little girl's Daddy came home.
She could hear Mummy talking with Daddy downstairs, they did not sound happy!
By now, the little girl had thought about what she said to her Mummy and she was sorry, but it was too late, she couldn't take it back now.
Then she heard Daddy and Mummy walking up the stairs to her room, and the little girl was worried.
Was her Daddy very mad?
Would her Mummy and Daddy punish her for acting stinky and not cleaning up her room?
Would they not let her go to her best friend's birthday party on Saturday?
Children's Story: by
"Oh, no!" the little girl whispered to herself, "I forgot about the birthday party!"
But the little girl's Daddy wasn't mad, he just seemed sad.
"Your Mummy and I help you," her Daddy said, "don't you want to help us?"
The little girl thought to herself, this is a trick question, I should be careful how I answer it.
Then she replied, "I don't 'not' want to help you and Mummy, but sometimes I don't want to help right now."
"What?" said her confused Daddy, as Mummy frowned.
"That's no answer," they both said together.
So it was a trick question, the little girl thought.
But she couldn't think of a good answer, so she just sat there with her hands in her lap looking nervous.
For a few moments, the girl, her Daddy and her Mummy all sat in the room just looking at each other.
Finally, her Daddy said, "Let me explain, here's the way it works.
Children's Story: by
Around here your Mummy is like a queen, and the queen is in charge of the castle, do you understand?"
"Yes," replied the little girl.
(But not really, she just knew from experience that 'yes' is a better answer than 'no' when Daddy starts explaining how she should behave.)
"OK, then," continued her Daddy, "so if Mummy is the queen of this castle, then what does that make you?"
The little girl thought hard, then asked with raised eyebrows: "The Queen's Cat?"
I hope I got it right she thought, because I really want to go to that birthday party on Saturday!
At first, her Mummy and Daddy just looked blankly at the little girl and then at each other. Soon, smiles broke out on their faces and they both began to chuckle and then laugh out loud. But the little girl didn't know why.
Why was that funny?
Then she put both hands on her hips, squinted her eyes, and said, "WHAT are you laughing about?"
Finally her Daddy answered, "Yes, that's exactly what you are, 'The Queen's Cat' so clean up your 'litter box' of a room right now and come downstairs to help fix dinner."
On Saturday 'The Queen's Cat' went to her friend's birthday party, where she played games with the other children and had great fun.
Children's Story: by
When you're a little girl in trouble,maybe the best thing to be is
'The Queen's Cat'!


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