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  The Rabbits Burrow
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Children's Story: by
Once there lived a girl named Sania who was simple, so rather foolish.
One day she went to her father's field to learn about vegetables.
As she moved through the vegetables she saw a rabbit's burrow.
She said to herself, 'Wow, what is this strange vegetable, I want to taste it.'
The rabbits heard her and decided to fool her.
Children's Story: by
They went to her and said,
"Oh you foolish girl, you don't know us, I am the king and she is the queen of vegetables. You have to give us three carrots, two cabbages and one spinach every day, but if your father sees us or if you don't give enough vegetables to us your crops will not grow well and you will have to beg for food at every house."
Sania became scared and every day she fed the rabbits enough vegetables to keep them alive and well.
After a year the clever rabbits said to Sania, "Thank you girl for giving us the vegetables, but we are lords, so we need to go to a different place each year. We will come to you only for two months each year, December and January."
So during the coldest months they came back.
They stayed in the warmth with the vegetables, ate a hearty meal and collected their vegetables and left.
Children's Story: by
They enjoyed this life until one day, when Sania was feeding the rabbits, her father came to collect some vegetables as they needed them to eat that day.
He was surprised and the very next day he asked Sania about the rabbits.
Children's Story: by
Sania shivered as she had believed in the rabbits and feared that her crops would not grow well and she will have to beg for food.
But anyway she told her father the whole story.
He could tell she was scared.
So he brought some carrots made of stone, cabbages of wood and spinach of marble.
The next day when the rabbits came to eat their meal they lost some of their teeth and said "Oh you foolish girl what did you do."
Sania simply said, "Hmm! Oh dear, my father gave these vegetables to me
and said that they were very fresh, so I thought I would give them to you."
Just than Sania's father arrived and he tethered both rabbits to a log.
That same year their harvest grew more and their income increased while the two rabbits were kept hungry.
Moral: We should not trick anybody for our own benefit.

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