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  The Reindeer King
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A family of Reindeer moved to a new home and live with a farmer.

Children's Story: by
Once upon a time there was a King reindeer; he had a wife, a daughter and two sons.
The king was called Neptune, his wife was called Bella, the daughter was Daisy, and the sons were called Venus and Pluto.
One day they had to move to new pastures as the grass had all gone on the one lived on now. They set off on their journey across the miles.
They had to cross a very busy road, but rather than walk across and risk their lives they flew over it.
Next they came to the River Tyne which they decided to swim over.
They kept on walking for miles and miles.
Their legs got really tired, as it was a long way, so they used their magic powers to fly the rest of the way.
Neptune the king, his wife and children, stopped when they reached the new pasture.
The king said everyone needed a bath, because they were dirty after the long journey, so they found a puddle of water and splashed about.
After that they were hungry, luckily a farmer had left some carrots which were left from the harvest, they also found some moss on a rock so they had a nice meal, which was meant for horses, but they didn't mind sharing.
Children's Story: by
By now it was getting dark so they went to the mossy bed that their mother had made and fell into a deep sleep.
The next day the king shouted. "MORNING" then they had breakfast; which the kind farmer had left out along with some water.
They decided to have a nice bath, then a walk to meet new friends and see what farm animals were near.
During their walk they saw a shepherd with a sheep dog called Maddy.
Maddy warned them that there were poachers around, and if they were worried they should grunt twice and he would come back and help.
So they decided to have a walk with their new friend Maddy.
Maddy asked the farmer if the reindeer family could have a sleepover.
He said yes, because he was so kind; he fed them carrots, moss and hay.
The farmer asked them to stay forever, as they were so well behaved.
But once the farmer got too old, he couldn't look after the reindeer.
Luckily he had a son and he took care of Maddy and the reindeer family.
And they were all healthy and made a nice family.
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