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  The Silver Baton
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A little girl wants to win the prize for best baton twirler.

"Oh dear" sighed Elsie," I will not make it to the bus in time!"
She nearly began to cry, she could not miss the bus today, no, no way.
You see, she was to twirl in the town parade today.
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Her costume, made by her mummy, was blue satin decorated with hundreds of sequins.
It took her hours to sew them all on.
Nothing was too special for the occasion since Mrs. Applegate loved her daughter very much.
It was to be an exciting event.
Elsie planned to board the early bus to meet with the other twirlers for instructions and such before the parade.
Her mummy and dad would see her later, and watch her from the benches.
It would be a proud moment for her, all dazzling in her costume throwing her baton in the air and catching it in a daring move.
However, just at the last moment, the threads unravelled and several of the sequins popped off.
Quickly Elsie threaded a needle and got to work sewing. The gap left by the missing sequins would be noticed. Gingerly she sewed while keeping an eye on the road outside.
Then, with a clang and a snort the old yellow school bus pulled up in front of Elsie's house.
The bus driver waited, then honked.
Elsie had just one more sequin to sew on.
'Please,' she thought, 'let Mr Pickwickle, the bus driver, wait one moment longer.'
He did for once.
Elsie let a silent thank you under her breath as she entered the bus dressed in full costume, all the sequins shinning as before.
'Today is going to be my best day ever.' she thought and she smiled.
Best of all, there was to be a contest, and the PRIZE was a real silver baton! Such a treasure!
Elsie sighed, swore an oath; she would win that silver baton and the recognition it brought with it.
Children's Story: by
When she arrived she took her place in line with the other twirlers.
The signal went, to start the parade, and the band began to march.
Elsie led the twirlers and they automatically followed her lead.
She twirled and threw her baton higher than anyone else and caught it again.
Elsie put her whole self into marching and twirling. People recognized Elsie and cheered her on.
Children's Story: by
Again, the worst that could happen did happen.
The thread which kept all the sequins in place snapped and pop went the sequins, spraying out in front of her.
Elsie was horrified and devastated.
How could this happen to her just as she was about to claim that highly sought after prize. Oh heart ache.
Suddenly a woman left her seat in the stands and hurried to Elsie.
It was her mummy!
She had an extra costume just in case something like this would happen; she knew it was possible.
They moved to a place to dress and Elsie changed her costume.
Afterwards, she quickly returned to the front line and picked up the pace as if she had not been out of line for a moment.
She received a standing applause from the parade goers, and the judges.
At the end of the parade she won her silver baton and held it high for all to see.

The End
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