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  The Story Of Stars
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We all feel lonely and bored sometimes. But, does the moon ever feel lonely?
Read on to find out.

Children's Story: by
Long ago there was a country called the United Land, in which people of different races, religions and ethnicities existed in harmony.
One night a girl called Elisa called out to her mother.
"Mummy! I can't find the moon. Isn't this supposed to be a full moon night?"
Her mother was puzzled, as it was indeed supposed to be a full moon night.
Elisa did not sleep well that night; neither did many children of the United Land.
Many mothers were in tears, as their infants would not eat their dinners without gazing at the moon. You see, there was no internet or T.V. in those days.
However, the moon appeared in the morning. There was nothing spectacular about the day moon, as its glory was eclipsed by the splendour of the sun.
Nights came and took their leave, but the moon never made an appearance in its crescent, half or full form.
Children were bored, parents were unhappy, night travellers were scared, but the robbers were thrilled by the development.
The head of the United Land called upon his people one day.
With the offerings of flowers and fruits, they prayed to the fairy.
At the end of the day, a most beautiful fairy appeared before them.
She had the face of a child, a sweet smile and a long hair.
"What can I do for you, lovely people of the United Land?" she asked them.
The head proceeded to tell her about the perils of the new moonless nights in his country.
The fairy was deeply concerned.
She said, "I will talk to the moon at once dear people. Do not be worried; he will be here before the night ends."
This thrilled the people of the United Land and they cheered loudly.
The child fairy, now back in heaven, summoned the moon to her presence.
The sullen moon came over, looking annoyed.
"O Moon! Why did you not grace the nights for the past 6 months?" she asked.
The moon looked irritated and remained silent.
"Answer me, you insolent moon, or you will be cursed." bellowed the fairy.
"I hate it in the sky," burst out the moon "I am lonely and bored. The dark sky never entertains or talks to me."
"But you grace the world during the day hours." said the fairy.
The moon smiled, radiantly.
"I love the day; the brilliant sun, the changing colours of the sky and the active life on earth below. Please change my working hours, fairy princess. I want the day shift."
"That is not possible dear moon," she smiled. "We cannot change the law of the Universe."
The fairy thought long and hard.
At last she said. "I will send you not one, but many twinkling new friends. They will keep you company and also entertain the living forms on earth. Are you happy now?"
For the first time, the moon looked excited.
He promised to return to the sky before the night ended.
And what did he find?
The moon saw countless shining stars waiting for him.
He was overjoyed and thanked the fairy.
Children's Story: by
The people of the United Land joined the moon in thanking the imaginative fairy princess.
From that night there was not a hungry or a bored child or a helpless mother.
Even robbers started considering an honest profession and the merchants travelled freely and without fear.
The End
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